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  1. Looks like the new expert vehicle is 10258 London Bus.
  2. It's not hard to believe. The wording simply implies it will be produced during 2018, not that it will be produced for the entirety of the year. That's only 6 months from now. Even sets with relatively short production runs are around for 6 months.
  3. I assumed as much, but wanted to try and let people know ASAP before we all spend 5 pages discussing whether or not we believe the new picture.
  4. The other thing that makes it super obviously fake is when CM4Sci said "hey guys, I faked a box to show how easy it can be. Please don't believe them all"
  5. This is the image CM4Sci posted on Reddit with the title "This is how you fake a box.". It is not real
  6. It isn't "fake", it's a MOC that somebody created boxart for. It has the set number "2016". You can't find the flickr images of it from 2016.
  7. But the image has the MF with the classic radar dish, so Jakku wouldn't make sense.
  8. It's been said by fairly reputable people that it is coming. We just don't have any official images or details yet.
  9. I've had a look at quite a few images, and I can't tell the difference between the old version and the new, looking at details like smooth plates and greebling. Plus, you can buy a Force Awakens radar dish with what appears to be an identical build on eBay. To me this seems to just be someone taking an old image of the UCS Falcon, putting it on a box design and taking a blurry picture.
  10. Another "leaked" image of the Falcon is over on Reddit. Personally I don't see it being real, but who knows... It claims 6274 pieces
  11. I really hope not. That just opens up to even more ridiculous over-pricing from people who just buy sets to sell on eBay. Lego is a toy, it's designed to be opened and built so a "special limited first run" will just encourage people to keep it in a box, locked away.
  12. I'm pretty sure someone just said "wouldn't it be cool if they announced it on Thursday". It was never a proper rumour as far as I recall.
  13. Apparently I am one of very few people who don't see the issue. It's a totally different colour scheme, which gives it a completely new look. Plus, unlike Obi Wan, Luke looks good because the colour is consistent between the torso and legs. It looks awful on the Obi Wan figure.
  14. I saw someone with a Lego bag in London today. It looked like he had the Arrowhead set. It's possible the Leicester Square store has it early. I haven't seen it in any stores myself, though.