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  1. Please transfer my 256 credits to Epsilon Eta. Thank you!
  2. Thank you all for the kind words, this was fun experience for building my first SHIP. mediumsnowman I do agree that in the final result the wings did turn out smaller than I envisioned
  3. Tags: Science, SpaceshipMission Log Recording - "This is Dr. Steven Quin Livingston with my twentieth weekly mission in Andromeda. I have been asked to perform a scientific study on one of the outer system (which one is top secret at the moment). I have been given control of the science labs aboard the new scientific cruiser, Kagaku (Science in Japanese)" Bridge: Main Deck: Secondary Science Lab:
  4. Tags: Science, Spaceship Mission Log Recording - "This is Dr. Steven Quin Livingston with my nineteenth weekly mission in Andromeda. Suddenly someone in my chain of command has decided that the Onix system is potentially unstable. I taking a "Viper" scout ship to give my scientific opinion. My mission is to provide new information to help us determine how, when and where this planet formed which will lead to better models on the systems stability." Comments and criticism are welcome This is ship is strongly based on a Vic Viper model from the Lego Adventure Book #2
  5. This build is for Challenge 5 - The Space Olympic Games (Category E) Since this was my first attempt at an Olympic venue, I wanted to include the AG Olympic Rings. This event is Zero -Gravity table tennis it is played with two tables (one on the "floor" and one on the "ceiling". The table tennis paddle is now a handle and a ring with a force field for the hitting surface. This particular round of competition is Dr. Steven Quin Livingston (in the black with blue gloves) representing Kawashita vs. Peter Davids (in the grey and green) representing Mantis. Additional images can be found here. Comments and criticism are welcome.
  6. Thank you for the feedback Umbra-Manis. I had thought about red, but was trying to have a big scanner and thought the green was better at the time.
  7. Dr. Steven Quin Livingston in the GARC ship "Duality" Comments and criticism welcome.
  8. The five stud with was so that I could have the dark bley stripe down the middle and no issues with the minifig arms on the interior. Thank you for you compliments!
  9. Dr. Steven Quin Livingston at the start of the Space Olympic Games Boat Race and racing
  10. Please transfer 70 credits to EpsilonEta, thank you.
  11. While most people live in the growing towns Dr. Livingston prefers a little more nature. He lives in a home that is suspended above a canyon with a running creek below. The creek is bubbling with life and he often loves to fall asleep to the sounds of the creek. Above his home, he maintains a small garden, with plants from various systems within Andromeda. He has a small landing pad which he stores his classic '69 Mustang (3769 Mustang Hover-car) Comments and criticism are welcome.
  12. Please transfer 60 credits to EpsilonEta, thank you.
  13. Thank you for the feedback. I often try to remove all the studs and left more than usual. I think that you are right and from the top shot this did not work well. Thanks again.
  14. Location: Arium Minor Tags: Exploration, Prospecting Mission Log Recording - "This is Dr. Steven Quin Livingston with my eighteenth weekly mission in Andromeda. After receiving my new droid. Q-9d last week, I am taking him out to check out a possible new Awesomium source on Arium Minor. The possible source, is just over the ridge . . ." Comments and criticism are welcome.
  15. Location: Arium Minor Tags: None Mission Log Recording - "This is Dr. Steven Quin Livingston with my seventeenth weekly mission in Andromeda. I have come to one of the secret factories that was set-up below one of the mountain ranges on Arium Minor. This factory creates custom droids. I have put together a droid that will be able to help me with my exploration and scientific missions. " Comments and criticism are welcome. How the lighting was accomplished