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  1. While I love new Season 8 Lloyd looking more like movie version, what's with green eyes? He had black eyes for 7 season and now all of a sudden his eyes are green... Hope other ninjas don this get such drastic changes as well, especially Zane whose Movie version is the worst redesign of all ninjas! Hopefully Zane will stay titanium like he's now.
  2. Lego really nailed Thor minifigures for Ragnarok! After watching second trailer I love that lightning face Thor is so accurate to the movie, but Bruce Banner isn't very accurate to the movie...
  3. Other than Starlord the rest of new MM sound uninspired to me! Why remake Spider-Man every year? I hope at least Loki comes with another new head for variety reasons.
  4. Well Kylo's Tie now has a name- TIE Silencer!
  5. No, my local store had most of Movie sets and all CMF.
  6. Bought Aquaman and Knightcrawler sets today mixed feelings on both. Aquaman set is just same pillars in cool colors and great minifigures, Aquaman is amazing and so are yellow parademon and guards! Knightcrawler is meh, build is boring and very repetitive, ad play functions are lacking all you can do is shoot studs and bend legs! Minifigures are good: best Flash Lego will probably ever give us and slightly different Batman from BvS sets. He has printing on front of the legs, which is cool but no double molded legs, why? Batman Movie showed how much Lego can do with minifigures if they want and have them in cheaper sets! Why could they give us perfect Batman with double molded legs and leg print at the same time?! Well at least they gave us Batfleck face...
  7. So I bought 10 CMF today and Green Ninja Mech Dragon and I love those sets! Dragon is so posabale and new Lord Garmadon is the best minifigure in Ninjago history! CMF wise got all fish soldiers their head masks are hard rubber sadly and aren't connected to air tanks. Volcano and Flashback Garmadons are great ridiculous versions! Street clothes Jay, Lloyd and Zane are cool and so is Misako! Hopefully I'll get Warlord Garmadon version and Kendo Kai on my next try!
  8. Well, while Krennic's Shuttle is a nice set, I wish they made it instead. It had more presence in the movie and looked great too.
  9. Cool Vixen minifigure! But I don't really care about that character so I don't need that minifigure.
  10. It's not Palpatine hologram it's just a hologram piece of hoded figure. It's probably Kylo's hologram.
  11. Also I wonder if there's going to be 2 versions of Thanos bigfig- armored one and the one seen on statue at D23?
  12. So movie version of Iron Spider(from Homecoming finale) will be Spideys costume in IW! And btw Black Order looks awesome can't wait to see their minifigures, hope Lego will go full in on IW sets like they did with Batman Movie.
  13. To all people complaining about blue suit Loki being inaccurate stop it! New promo art shows Loki in blue suit just like Lego version! So Lego didn't screw up the colors this time!
  14. Did anyone noticed that new Batman uses Batfleck JL head? I'm surprised they are sticking to this head instead of older one, not that I'm complaining.
  15. So the build are pretty bad in all new sets, but Lobo bike is at least somewhat decent. Lobo is the best minifigure of the lineup, the rest look plain with no printed or double molded legs on any minifigure( except for WW). I'm especially dissapointed that both Flash and Reverse Flash don't have dual molded legs, why?! Batman looks alright, slightly updated New 52 design, same classic WW, Lex looks like Juniors version. New characters Cheetah, Killer Frost look very plain. It seems like Lego just decided not to put any effort in these sets for some reason...