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  1. Thanks! Looks accurate to the movie look of Jyn. Now I'll have to BL another pair of Han's legs.
  2. I have MF but I don't want to use Han's legs until I get a replacement.
  3. Does anyone has a suggestion for updating Jyn Erso from U-Wing set? Mainly the legs to replace plain black leg she has. The minifigure with full gear looks like Eadu Jyn, but without cloth and with hair she has her normal clothes. The most noticeable feature on her legs is gun holster. So maybe old Han's legs from MF and upcoming Rathtar Escape?
  4. Obvious answer- Lego is greedy and decided 3 Guavians in 1 set is way too much ; not obvious answer - Lego couldn't make enough of that minifigure in time, so to not halt production process they decided to put 2 in a set instead of 3 .
  5. Since JL trailer debutes today, is it safe to assume we will see some leaked minifigures from the sets? As it seems when new info is revealed from upcoming movie we get some leaks.
  6. Thanks but the colors on this rebel are inverted from Rex's. But thanks anyway!
  7. After watching Zero Hour Rebels episode it seems Maul's personal Gauntlet starfighter is now being used by Ezra. So does it mean we will finally get it as a set in 2018 since S4 of Rebels is coming? The "Nightbrother" could make a great set for 50$ and give us much needed updated characters like Ezra, Zeb and Sabine. And since the ship is now staying in the show making it as a set would make a lot of sense!
  8. Actually plain white helmet from 2016 Advent Calendar is more accurate! On another topic has anyone found a good legs to make Rex from AT-TE set more accurate? In the show he has dark grey pants and white boots, but as far as I know there's no double molded dark grey/white legs to give him. Any ideas for replacement?
  9. Well rumors about no leg print sound bad tbh. I really don't understand why Lego decides to save a few $ but make under detailed and subpar minifigure.
  10. So right now we still have no idea what Shocker and Valkyrie minifigure look like. So maybe in a few weeks we can expect those 2 minifigures revealed?
  11. Well , this Battlepack is way better than good guys one! Definitely a must buy!
  12. Any news on May 4th minifigure? It's about a month till May 4th and we still have no idea what minifigure we will get. Last year we already knew which minifigure we were getting, but his year for some reason we still have no idea. Is Lego getting better at controlling leaks?
  13. I understand why they don't do too many printed parts like consoles or symbols(Empire, Separatist) nowadays, but they are really pushing it with reusing heads! Same face for all Stormtroopers even though they aren't clones and are different people got old after 3 years of Lego using them. And those lame smiley face pilot heads are getting are horrible especially for UCS set! And designers said that those pilots are supposed to be 2 different people even though they have the same face. And that's for a 200$ set!
  14. So since we won't get any Rebels sets this year, but since series will continue in season 4 we will probably get sets in 2018. So maybe a set based on "Twin Suns" episode is possible? Campfire with dewback and Season 3 Ezra, Maul and Obi Wan would be a good choice for a 30-40$ set.
  15. So does anyone think Lego will make new blaster molds? Old ones are still good, but more movie accurate blaster would be great - maybe painted blaster handle and double molded black-white blasters for FO Stormtroopers. Any chance Lego will do this?