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  1. I was thinking the same thing! This makes a lot of sense and gives us more characters overall.
  2. You mean Shoretrooper Squad Leader? He's been floating around for a few day now. Cool minifigure, finally Lego will release all Shoretrooper variations!
  3. I think Rey's hair in black would be perfect for Valkyrie, but unfortunately Lego only made that piece in dark brown!
  4. Aquaman looks really good: new hair, cool prints and new face. Battle for Atlantis is going to be the only JL set I'll be buying just for his minifigure.
  5. As much as I'd like to get Mysterio in 2018, I think next year will be all about MCU based sets. We will probably get a big 5-7 sets wave for IW, 1 set for Black Panther movie and 1 set for Ant Man and the Wasp. Maybe 1-2 small comic based sets in summer wave at best.
  6. 2014 Groot had a lot of problems with hands, they were really badly made. But I think Lego has figured out good hands for buildable figures with Nexo Knights monsters. Btw top mold is the sameness before.
  7. Maybe you are right, but if this isn't final version of Luke, why would they release the image then?
  8. Here's some pics of new Groot and Mysterio:,B5Q7pPR,gLwPZi6
  9. Now that you mentioned it , it really looks like a recolor of Ben. Not sure if I like it.
  10. Did Lego just revealed Ep 8 Luke minifigure? He looks cool, but not great.
  11. Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 trailer revealed a lot of minifigures that haven't been seen before, like Mysterio, Enchantress, a ton of Spider verse minifigures. But new and updated buildable big Groot is the most interesting one. Does it mean Lego will use this design for Groot in IW sets? It happened in the past, usually games reveal new looks for characters that usually come out next year. Thoughts?
  12. Lets just accept the fact that Marvel isn't interested in promoting X-men characters anymore. We've had 2 normal sets and 1 MM set, but unless Marvels relationship with Fox improves we won't be seeing any sets in foreseeable future. Plus that 2014 set didn't sell well. And FF isn't that known or popular anymore and that 2015 movie didn't do it any good. I can't see any sets based on FF ever happening!
  13. So is Goliath this "Giant Man Hank Pym"? Or are we getting another minifigure like this? I have nothing against Ant-Man , but Ego would have been much more relevant minifigure.
  14. The more I look at armored Garmadon,the more I love this minifigure! Such an improvement over previous versions: great new helmet and upper torso and good prints! I think this version of Garmadon will be one of the best, if not the best Ninjago minifigure ever!
  15. TLBM CMF vacation Batman has mask with googles on it could work for Tactical batsuit, but googles are blue.