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  1. Tbh recently I noticed a lot more misprints on minifigures . That's a bad sign.
  2. I've got it as well, but one of angry faces had no teeth printed.
  3. Just got 75153 AT-ST, and love it! Much bigger than I expected.
  4. Tatooine Luke, is it even a question?
  5. Wow, that's a great looking set! Finally something from Ep2 the most forgotten movie. Jango in a new set, kid Boba, astromech and Obi-Wan -nice choice of minifigures. And the builds both look nice as well. Not sure I'll buy this set though, maybe with a discount.
  6. Any ideas on making a better gun for Baze from Rogue One? The brick build one from the AT-ST just looks weird to say the least...
  7. Finally bought Ayesha's Revenge set (already at 20$!), to complete my GoTG 2 collection. It's a great set with good main and side builds and cool minifigures! And I have to say it's the best of 3 sets, with Ravager Attack being second best. Milano 2.0 is the biggest dissapointment and tbh this wave feels weaker overall compared to 2014 sets! Why would Lego make weaker sets?
  8. Finally a reliable price list! The last 4 sets are buildable figures, right?
  9. Isn't it time to rename this s thread Cars 2017 pictures and rumors? We've already seen the sets.
  10. We'll definitely see something leaked before that.
  11. Shoretrooper Captain is the best one!
  12. Shocktrooper is the best one!