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  1. There's only 2 major villains : the big bad - Vulture and Shocker. There's really nothing else to make, so I'm happy that we are getting just 2 sets, thus finally giving us a Thor movie sets.
  2. Steve Trevor minifigure is alright I guess. Torso is going to be useful , but that face and hair aren't accurate to Chris Pine. Oh well Lego loves reusing heads to save a few $.
  3. Well tbh, they only corrected Infinity Stone on Vision's head but the rest of the body is still not movie accurate.
  4. Actually Doctor Strange minifigures torso and legs are pretty accurate to the movie. The head and hairpiece are not accurate to Cumberbatch's portrayal of the character though. Hope we will get new head and hair for Infinity War sets next year.
  5. Isn't it a statue that Jestro's architect made for a king a was exiled after?
  6. I know I'm 2,5 years late to the game, but since new Milano is so bad, I decided to get 2014 one. Found it with 15% discount so a great deal! I love this version of Milano so much , it just has so much more to offer than new one. Glad I got it, going to get 2017 Guardians sets soon and put minifigures in old Milano!
  7. New version of Skylor is from Skybound season, while Ash & Shade are from ToE season.
  8. It doesn't matter, they always release SDCC exclusive minifigures for both Marvel and DC. So they will release one and Ego would be a good choice since in 2014 they released Collector as SDCC exclusive.
  9. After watching video of that set , it looks like both Vader and Anakin have exactly the same head! And it makes sense, since they are the same person. So new scared face for both.
  10. In 2016 we had Kanans Speeder bike and Spider droid in winter wave and Rebel Combat cruiser in summer wave as exclusive sets.
  11. I meant summer exclusive sets which are usually pretty big.
  12. New battlepack is kinda lame! It only has somewhat different Kings Guards minifigures which usually appear in cheap 10$ sets, so nothing exciting about them. But last time both guards and monsters had Battlepacks , and monsters are the ones I'm excited about. If anything monsters are what makes Nexo Knights theme interesting for me.
  13. While I didn't like BvS movie that Batmobile is great design, definitely my favorite.
  14. Personally, I don't want third Batman Movie wave, there's nothing major left to make into sets, other than King Kong figure or Eye of Sauron. So I hope we will see DC Superheroes line return and not focus on Batman sets, more Justice League comic based sets maybe?
  15. Only one that was heavily hinted at as being confirmed is Kylo Ren's TIE Advanced.