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  1. If you attach them at a 71-72 degree angle, they'll fit in there.
  2. Very smooth! Probably the closest I've seen to the in-movie model.
  3. Gotta get back... back to the past... SAMURAI JACK Genndy Tartakovsky's cartoon series Samurai Jack is one of the most mature, rich, and complex cartoon series of the 21st century. Its unique art style and story have earned it a cult following. The show ran from 2001 to 2004 on Cartoon Network, being revived in 2017 on Adult Swim and finally concluding in May of the same year. It is one of my favorite series of all time, and I figured it would translate well to the world of LEGO, at least in the stylized, cube-like form of the Brickheadz series. Here we have Samurai Jack, who was sent into the future by the extra thick shape-shifting Master of Darkness, Aku. Jack needs to get back to the past to defeat Aku and prevent his evil from terrorizing the land. This is also on LEGO Ideas. Please support it here! Project Link
  4. I'm torn between Yularen and the Tusken Raider, but I'm going to vote for Yularen.
  5. Was looking back over the leaked Snoke figure, and noticed how similar his facial printing was to Tarkin. I'm guessing it's just an odd coincidence.
  6. I vote #11 and #13
  7. The Falcon's cockpit is generally small in relevance to the rest of the ship. I think using this new piece would result in a similar size to 10179. Of course we have no actual reason to believe this piece will actually be used on the new set. It's just speculation, and i think we should wait for more info before we get too far into this.
  8. Does that piece go from an 8x8 stud area to a 6x6? The currently-used cockpit goes from 8x8 to 4x4.
  9. It's official Ron Howard is coming on to finish the anthology film. Personally, I think he's a fantastic choice (I also love Arrested Development to death).
  10. This was unexpected. Definitely a fantastic surprise. The detail and scale of this thing is superb. Definitely one of the best LEGO sets produced, easily the best of the Ninjago Movie wave.
  11. Great looking figure. Also appears alongside more pics of Snoke and Rose. Snoke still has weird facial printing and an off skin tone, but the rest of him is perfect. Rose's hair isn't as appealing from this angle. I feel like it shouldn't stick out like it does.
  12. Finn's dressed in black. That's likely his rumored "undercover" disguise. One of the teased plot points is Finn and Rose going on some sort of mission together. (officially teased, not leaked, so i don't think it warrants a spoiler tag)