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  1. This definitely qualifies as one of the best LEGO sets of all time. It's perfect, and with a reasonable price too.
  2. The UCS version is the best by far, but nostalgia-wise, my favorite is 4504.
  3. A user in the LEGO Star Wars Builders Gather Facebook group has gotten his hands on the summer 2017 Freemaker sets somehow.
  4. Unkar, even though the U-wing pilot already won
  5. Another new mini-model for the June edition of the French LEGO Star Wars magazine.
  6. R4 is the same as the previous ones as far as I can tell.
  7. I like how one of the detail points for this set is- Relive exciting scenes in space from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. -When you can't really do that without the Slave I.
  8. Who said there was gonna be a place to store those?
  9. The problem with the ring, as @Magmafrost said, is that it really doesn't innovate over the last one made a decade ago. It fails to mesh with the starfighter, leaving those flaps in an awkward position. The whole "thinned" and "tall" appearance of the starfighter makes it look worse than it needs to be. The framing technique is identical. This one also has some very unnecessary spring missiles. The hyperdrive rings in both legends and in canon were not armed. On another note, I'm assuming that ugly transparent technic mass is supposed to be a grip for kids to swoosh the set around. I also wonder if by any miracle of nature the old 2002 starfighter would be compatible with this set.
  10. I just finished Rogue One for the third time, only to come back and see the long-awaited pics for the Hyperdrive and Starfighter! In the words of Director Krennic, "Oh, it's beautiful." What's not beautiful? The price. Ouch. This also means we likely won't get an AOTC Slave 1 anytime soon now. The reason the ship's cockpit looks too far up is likely because the connecting points for the hyperdrive rest underneath it, raising the whole assembly up a bit.
  11. K-3PO, although my main man Ben Solo is a close 2nd.
  12. Probably shouldn't have those up as they're marked confidential. Doesn't EB have a rule against that?