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  1. It's not only off topic, it's also against the TOS.
  2. Am I blind or is there no suspension on 42070?
  3. I think you should replace the yellow connectrors used for the suspension to black, it stands out too much in my opinion.
  4. The average price here is €180 new, so perhaps you could find one for €130€ used. I'm not sure about other countries though.
  5. People say perfection doesn't exist, this is the proof it does. Perfect moc... I love the gearbox shifter too, not too exposed, yet very accessible.
  6. Wow.... unbelievable... TLG has to step in.
  7. I'm not expecting them to make the grille black all of a sudden . I'd say the chances are high enough for them to return.
  8. With the rerelease of the #3 connectors, I think it's not a problem to use them. But if you're making those #3 connectors black, I would make the entire spoiler black because it stands out too much. (Though you'd need some black bushes which are quite expensive).
  9. Looks awesome! It's like a mix of several cars, the rear (especially the exhausts and the lights) remind me a lot of Pagani, while the headlights are very similar to a LaFerrari. And as was already said, the overall shape is similar to the GT40.
  10. I think (like others) that there's some sort of 8043 style (though not RC) gearbox for drive and operating the crane, for which a servo motor wouldn't work.
  11. It has been like this for a couple months. Refreshing the page (F5) loads the page, but doesn't fix the issue. Surprisingly, the HOF thread works fine.
  12. One of the best supercars in a very long time. Definitely the best of the year
  13. €250 for a 1800 piece set? That doesn't seem right to me. I think the piece count may be incorrect given its size.
  14. Thanks for your advice . They arrived today and I've rebuilt 8258 already because it was very dusty. 8070 is next. The seller actually needed the M motor and battery box for a MOC he was building, so instead of €250 I paid only €200. So I basically got 42039/8070 for free. All 3 had the extra parts included and the original boxes (exluded 42039's because I didn't have space, but also because the other two are much harder to find ). Edit: @Kmuffin I own both, and both are amazing sets. I prefer 8285 because I like American style trucks more, but 8258 is much more realistic and there's less ugly holes in the body.