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  1. @brunojj1 hence the ''usually'' @Lox Lego I wonder too, because Thorsten did offer him to make instructions in this topic.
  2. Usually, it's best to only reply to the topics you see on the first, maybe second, page. That way you don't have to worry about bumping topics.
  3. You don't need a V2 receiver, but it will work better with one.
  4. I think you misunderstood me. I was trying to say it might not be foolproof for me.
  5. It has been said the Porsche was just something on the side, not part of 2H16.
  6. No, you'll need two reveivers or keep the functions manual.
  7. In that case, I own 3000 less parts and that doesn't even include long pins and axle pins.
  8. I have a bad experience with PF wires... I have 1 XL motor and 2 M motors of which the internal wires broke. Those motors are quite old (8275 and 8297) but it's still disappointing. It was mostly my own fault for not sorting my pieces and just putting it in the huge bin of parts though...
  9. I am pretty sure he keeps a lot (if not all) of his creations built . That means you have to buy new PF motors for each truck (in his case). I do remember seeing a few of his trucks at LEGO World Utrecht last October.
  10. Now I am wondering how much Blakbird has...
  11. In total I have about 34000 parts. I have 3 NMOCs and 2 sets assembled: 1x 8275 (1400 pieces) 1x 8649 (600 pieces) 1x Lamborghini Aventador by Stefan (2600 pieces) 1x Ford Mustang by Sheepo (4000 pieces) 1x Mercedes 300SL by Sheepo (2000 pieces) 34000-1400-600-2600-4000-2000=23400 I am currently working onother NMOC, so remove about 3600 from that, so I currently have more or less 19800 pieces (including system pieces) left. I have all my Technic pieces sorted in ice cream boxes (I saw that in one of Sariel's videos), and 2 big bins of system pieces. I'm guessing I have about 15000-20000 total Technic pieces. Of course, that number consists of mostly pins and axles . My complete parts list can be found on my rebrickable page: (I hope it is visible for other people, not sure if it is) edit: it appears it's not. I'll fix it shortly. (fixed) Edit #2: Here is a zip file with 4x my parts list, for different programs: Still trying to figure out how I can share my rebrickable parts list... Edit #3: Made a custom list on rebrickable, which is shareable:
  12. Also the black panels on the front. it's not a c model - but most of the pieces are from 42039.
  13. 500 pieces? A lot more than I expected. I do plan on building it though, it really is a great tribute model to 8865.
  14. It appears mine is slightly different. I should still work fine though. I think I have all the pieces so I'll do a test build asap. Edit: Ok, so I just finished the chassis and only found one little problem so far. The #1 connector that holds 1x2 technic brick on the side moves a bit, I'll have to find a solution for that. Other than that, everything seems good so far. Another edit: fixed it - new LXF is at the bricksafe.