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  1. I was ok with the red 2L axle and then black for other even lengths and LBG for uneven. Blue 3L pins, ok. Tan/blue axle pins for no friction and with friction, ok. Red and yellow axles? No. I despise the red and yellow axles. We have a 16+ Porsche set, nowhere near complexity of older sets like 8880, which apparently needs colour coding. I built the yellow backhoe 8862 I believe when I was 8 or 9. but I guess we've had this discussion a million times already, though...
  2. I second 42030. It has 4 motors by the way: XL, L, M and servo. It might be a bit hard to find, but it's a great starter set. You could also look for 41999 or 9398 (the former being much more rare), they both come with 2 Ls and a servo and 41999 also has a pair of LEDs and an M motor. @Jim or @Milan maybe you could merge this with the "What technic set should I buy?" topic.
  3. I think it might mean they will stay exclusive to the Porsche.
  4. Very cute model! I'm surprised how many functions you packed into this little truck. ps: nice to see I'm not the only one who puts bushes in the same position
  5. Very nice! I wonder if you can build it in yellow.... just have to substitute the soft axles with pneumatic hoses. Edit: again, those little panels.
  6. TLG has been releasing the 1L pin connector in many different colours now. I didn't even realize they existed in white now too! It seems like a great replacement for the rare coloured bushes, because some colours like black and orange are expensive. (though the latter doesn't exist yet as 1L pin connector)
  7. What a way to introduce yourself... it makes 42055 look like even more of a toy! What I love the most is that even with its huge size, it's minifig scale
  8. If I remember correctly a V2 receiver can use 2Ls on one output at full power. It depend what gearin you put in the drivetrain and how much friction, if it will drive or not.
  9. I have 2 8285s which gave me a lot of long black pins... Already used almost all of them though.
  10. Nice piece to have in black! I saw them at a bricklink store earlier this week. Very nice pieces to have for for example engine detailing. Or people who don't like colour coding (like me ). I'll have to order a bunch of them soon.
  11. I think that was also the reason of the blue 3L pin. Although I do prefer black pins, but theyre about 8cts a piece which is not very cheap. I have 2 8285s which have a lot of them, so I was stocked up on them. For that Two-Face set, I'm disappointed they didn't rerelease 32039 in white, because they're a bit rare.
  12. Uwe also designed the amazing 8258 Crane truck. I wonder if 42070 has some mechanical marvel inside somewhere because Uwe is definitely not a bad designer.
  13. @LXF this is what I meant: Only a few pins hold it together. There's not a liftarm from the left to the right side to hold the parts together. @Lox Lego Thanks! It was only my phone without any editing at all. I do like the background though, kinda has a street feel to it (for the car pics, not the wips). Regarding the proportion; I don't know, it seems about right to me: Length: 458,8/8=57,35 cm, it's 57 cm Width: 196,4/8=24,55 cm, it's 26 cm, so this one is kinda off Height: 118,8/8=14,85 cm, it's 14,2 cm Wheelbase: 268,0/8=33,5 cm, it's 33 cm The doors look big though, I agree.
  14. "Back panels" The back left/right are one piece and connected with only a few axles and to the hoses over the wheels. I'll post a pic when there's more light. (tomorrow, probably)