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  1. Good point, we are fast running out of time. I don't like it, but in order to secure a majority, Unvote: Brick Affleck (Actor Builder) Vote: Bob Fosstud (Patrat) Speaking of which, when is lunch?
  2. I really agree with Bob here. This lynch train on Fosstud is just too easy. He really doesn't feel like scum, but I would be willing to change my vote to him if we get to the very end of the day and still lack a majority.
  3. Ah, the 'ol switcheroo!
  4. Fair points, though my intention is not to distract, but rather to inject some humor into what has a been a rather slow Day 1. I also believe Gopher was the first to place a bandwagon vote on Finn following Brickald's accusation. If it wasn't Day 1, yes, my reasoning would be ridiculous. However, especially in the first hours of voting, you read the character fluff, throw out some votes, see what sticks and how they react. Not overly suspicious.
  5. I'm sorry, I had forgotten that not everyone is able to appreciate art as I do. The egg dream sequence has been considered some of the finest screenwriting I've ever done! This only proves that you have been sent by Burpamount to sow suspicion and discontent among our ranks! May 'Mystery on the Monorail 3' be forever immortalized as one of the finest films ever to emerge from Brickywood.
  6. How can you insult one of Brickywood's finest masterpieces? You must be working with Burpamount, denouncing our fantastic filmography and spreading lies! Vote: Brick Affleck (Actor Builder)
  7. We better find the Burpamount traitors soon. I don't know how long those Brikka Hut boxes are going to last.
  8. That's everyone, isn't it? We need to get to the bottom of Mr. Iger's murder.
  9. That's what interns are for, right?
  10. Reverse Flash and Krypto. Rest is underwhelming.
  11. Hmm... I haven't had that problem at all with mine, it only tilts if the X-Wing is leaned very far forward or backward. Perhaps you could post some pictures of what you mean? You could also do what I did and brace the stand in one position with one of these:
  12. Brickywood can be an unforgiving place.
  13. Welcome Brick! Hopefully you'll last longer than your predecessor...
  14. Prime Day triple discount glitch landed me with a $15 TIE Striker. I was in a hurry and saw it listed for $40. When the $15 final price came up, I figured it was auto-applying gift cards or something. Had I realized then, I definitely would not have been able to resist picking up the Firehouse, Slave I, and all the LBM sets I'm missing... maybe it's a good thing I didn't notice!
  15. Woah woah woah... slow down there buddy. I'm the lead writer here. That'll never work, it's been done a million times before! Hmmm... how about we play some dramatic music to go with an early lynch, then throw in some special effects instead? Great idea, glad I thought of it!