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  1. ATAT and Star Destroyer reskins don't do anything for me. I like the look of the Resistance Bomber, will definitely be picking that one up and converting it to a capital ship.
  2. I was almost done with mine too... looks like I have more time to make revisions! Thanks MkJoshA!
  3. 75175 A-Wing Starfighter. Had to pay the TRU tax... but Lando was worth it!
  4. The Republic Tank looks amazing. Definitely getting at least 2.
  5. Amazing scene! All it's missing is Yoda and a gunship swooping in...
  6. My store was cleaned out of Y-wings, A-wings, Snowspeeders, Turbo Tanks, and Scarif sets. Ended up with U-Wing microfighter and a plan to order the Y-Wing tonight to get R2.
  7. Yeah... typed that out, hit post, thought it was weird that I didn't see it in the rules to begin with... decided to reread the rules just in case and edited my post accordingly.
  8. Wow, great contest! I'll be sure to enter this one. Kind of surprised The Phantom isn't one of the prizes.
  9. Dang, Corvette MOC's seem to be really popular right now. Might as well throw mine into the mix. Once again, built for the contest over at FBTB. C&C welcome!
  10. "I need you to come back. We were... this close to greatness."
  11. Built for FBTB's Star Wars Microfighters contest, which is running from now to about the end of May. Enjoy!
  12. I would like to sign up! Do these guys work for Black Sun gangsters?
  13. Amazing looking build, lackluster figures and awful price. Is that Boba the same as the advent calendar?
  14. Excellent, thank you. If I remember correctly, Lucas told me he was working on a Black Sun PM thread that should be up in the next few days.
  15. Excellent, can't wait to get started! I was invited to participate as a Black Sun member- do I need to sign up with a Black Sun sigfig or do I just post and build whenever as a non-member? This is important if I choose to join one of the main factions after this episode is complete.