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  1. I went with Bistan. The head mold is pretty good, and Baze's hair didn't work for me.
  2. Mecabricks doesn't support importing decorated parts. It has a large selection of decorated parts though, which can be found by clicking the "+" on a basic brick or tile.
  3. I don't own any of the figs from this round, but I went with the crash test dummy for unique subject matter.
  4. That roof is beautiful!
  5. Bagpiper for me! I like the viking, and the rocker Frankenstein has a great head, but the bagpiper's uniqueness won out.
  6. @Master_Data, @woofmcmoose, @Mr Greeble, @LordDan, @Andrew JN You guys all have enough credits to purchase your own MANTIS corp tag prior to the end of AG1, if you so desire.
  7. Damn that's a nice BP! I'm gonna need some of those.
  8. If you simply need a 360 rotation, bluerender has a built in feature for that. You will need to sequence the images into a video yourself, though. Here's an example (With a fast speed) If you need something more advanced, I recommend importing the lxf to Mecabricks, which exports to .obj, .dae, and .stl without any installing.
  9. Nice use of the crutches!
  10. Now this is a round with some strong figs! I got to go Rogue.
  11. Cool design zenn! Especially the wings up front
  12. Thanks! Although they come at a price, if I were to buy the parts for this, the paint rollers would set me back $7 (For 2 pieces!) Thanks, Blacktron coming soon! Thank you! Thanks! Moo!
  13. Balia Kaner, Rahzian Ambassador to the Brick of Nations "Ladies and Gentlemen, Tonight I speak to you briefly, out of respect for the swiftness which actions must be taken in this time of unrest and turbulence caused by the COAC. My nation's leader have reached a decision that I am here to inform you of: The Isle of Rahz hereby supports the proposition to induct Toohati as a full member of our alliance. As I am the final confirming vote, I will now return the stand to those who must speak now."