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  1. Cyborg gets my vote, but the samurai would've had a chance if she'd included a helmet.
  2. Let's get a Sci-Fi win! GO ALIEN QUEEN!
  3. Shhh, he doesn't know that. Very nice villa phred!
  4. I'm in the same boat. It looks like UK/EU got an update but the US didn't (yet).
  5. I haven't seen an update to the US version yet. Went looking for stone monster parts this morning, none to be found except the one head and torso that were already there.
  6. Not a great round imo, I went for lobster lovin' batman.
  7. Teedo might have won if he had printed short legs, but since he's too big I'm going U-Wing pilot.
  8. I smell a Blacktron inspired trooper in that teaser....
  9. Battle Mech! Another disappointing showing from sci-fi though....
  10. Purple is my absolute favorite lego color, so I think this year's villain colors are awesome. Sand blue is also awesome!
  11. I had to go skeleton guy, his printing is incredible!