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  1. This is definitely unique, and I like the approach you've taken with it!
  2. Man, this batch really sucks. I vote 3P0 because of the side leg printing.
  3. This is such a sleek rendition!
  4. Can the spooky girl finally go back to whatever dark realm she came from? Please?
  5. War Machine and TDK Batman
  6. Thanks for all your hard work Big Sal! We'll be awaiting your return!
  7. Nice tower, especially the slanted walls!
  8. @npgcole I think it's absolutely this piece. I'm seeing people on other sites claiming that the torso will be perfect for children, but apparently they have no concept of how a second torso attaches to a minifig neck.
  9. Awesome design Bob! New Australia must be a Kawa colony.
  10. Kraven and the member of the village people
  11. Today's are okay, but more for useful parts than being killer figures on their own.