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  1. I meant physically released in a set. But yeah, that gameplay looks cool.
  2. Not to mention all the characters in the first game (Fantastic Four, X-Men, etc) that we're still waiting for. Hopefully, this time it's been better planned, and most characters will appear in sets. (Although I could do without Cowboy Captain America, to be honest...) So long as we get Spider-Gwen, I'll be happy. She's apparently in the new Spidey cartoon, so I'm sure it will happen.
  3. Here you go. Front: https://www.flickr.com/photos/129377930@N07/35231164451/in/photostream/ Back: https://www.flickr.com/photos/129377930@N07/34550978673/in/photostream/ I actually prefer the original hairpiece for Agent 13, but I thought of another minifig who would benefit from it: Black Widow, especially her look in "Winter Soldier". https://www.flickr.com/photos/129377930@N07/34550981023/in/photostream/
  4. This was discussed a few months ago. Nothing has been confirmed, but this comment from trusted source Sir von Lego got me excited at the time: I assume it's an idea Lego is considering. I so hope it happens! But without any new Potter films to spark interest (Fantastic Beasts has completely different characters, so I'm not counting them), I don't know if sets would sell well enough.
  5. I've seen someone use the torso of Glam Metal Batman from the CMF for Zod, it looks surprisingly good. https://www.flickr.com/photos/68920439@N04/33479379646/
  6. Hopefully, it'll just turn out that somebody in Lego's IT updated or changed something (or unplugged the wrong thing), and everybody had gone home for the weekend before they realised that anything was wrong. It'll be interesting if this problem gets fixed tomorrow, when (presumably) everyone will be back at work.
  7. I emailed yesterday, and just got a reply from them: I’m sorry that you’re having problems with LEGO® Digital Designer (LDD). No matter what the specific problem is, usually it helps if you update your QuickTime program to the latest version. If LDD gives you an error message saying you’re not connected to the Internet – even when you are – this may be caused by a firewall blocking LEGO Digital Designer from accessing the Internet. Try changing your firewall settings, or turn off the firewall and try again. The following things can help: •Check http://ldd.lego.com in a web browser •Allow HTTP protocol on port 80 through firewall settings •Make sure the following sites are added to “Allowed Sites” in firewall settings: ◦ldd.lego.com ◦ ◦assets.lego.com ◦cache.lego.com If you’ve tried that and it didn’t work, please uninstall the LDD program and install again from LEGO.com/LDD So if they are bringing out a new version of LDD, they're not saying so yet. And no mention of why so many people are suddenly affected by it. Hmm....
  8. The Twelfth Doctor / Grand Moff Tarkin hairpiece.
  9. That hairpiece is perfect! It might be better in the darker grey, but the shape is a much better fit regardless.
  10. Does anyone else think we might be getting two waves of Infinity Wars sets, ala Star Wars? With TFA and RO, there was an initial wave tied to the film's release which didn't have any real spoilers, and then a later wave. Might Marvel be doing the same thing, to avoid any Giant-Man-esque spoilers? Four sets for a winter/spring 2018 release, and then more sets for the summer? It would explain Delta's "At least four" comment...
  11. Doctor Strange: Great print which captures his movie and comic look brilliantly, his cool cape, and that hairpiece with white streaks. Also (although not pictured) those transparent dish pieces for his magic: outstanding. Dick Grayson: despite being something of a joke ever since the '66 TV show, TLBM made him fun and sincere, and his minifig sums him up perfectly. I actually prefer the CMF Dick (with the robins on his jumper) rather than the tuxedo, but, as the Eleventh Doctor would say, "bowties are cool".
  12. Delta isn't saying "This is every set in 2018". The very fact that there (may) be less Avengers sets than expected might mean we can expect a BP set (and Ant-Man 2 in summer, hopefully), with most of the Avengers and Guardians in the Infinity Wars sets, but BP (and maybe Ant-Man) NOT in IW sets but in their own sets. If it frees up minifig slots for as many new or improved IW characters as possible, I'm all for it. And for all we know, there may well be a retailer exclusive, or (fingers crossed) a D2C. Infinity War is a big deal for Marvel. I'm sure they will want to cash in on all their popular characters.
  13. Wow, that looks amazing! The gauntlets are a nice touch. I don't know if it's based on any particular version of Solomon (I mostly remember him from Justice League Unlimited), but he looks very recognisable! I think maybe the skin should have been a lighter shade of gray, but the hair and face are very well done!
  14. Storm: iconic Marvel character, that unique cape that just works perfectly for her, and an African female face for custom figures which was way, way overdue. Armoured Batman: Because what DC fan doesn't love "The Dark Knight Returns"? Which reminds me, I must get the Mutant Leader fig in a diorama with this guy...
  15. I'm sure the Doctor Strange set last year had the same issue: it was supposed to be out around Sept / Oct, closer to the movie's release, but shops had the set in stock with the rest of the summer wave around June, but weren't supposed to sell it yet. Some shops didn't know (or care), and sold it early. So I'm guessing the Ragnarok sets were made with the rest of the summer wave, but August is the release date.