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  1. I've started to build this beauty last weekend, and so far I didn't found any real problems, but I do have some minor comments about the instructions: (note: the pagenumbers correspond to the numbers printed on the page, not the actual pagenumbers from de pdf-file): page 29 steps 19,20: why is the axle in an angle? When you build it, it is straight. Only if you press the springs the axle turns. page 35, callout step 2: I think there's a (3L?) pin missing here, the (o+) connector is floating. page 40, step 7: callouts are switched page 59 step 57: took me a while to find the part, an arrow would have been nice page 60 step 58: the 3L pin overlaps with another pin, so it can't be placed there page 99 step 4: the black pin is out of position, I think it can be left out completely Most of the hoses are a bit long, but I have no real problems tucking them away so far Currently I'm at page 109. I took some photo's while building, but they are still on my camera... I'll post some later
  2. Yes I did, and no I won't mind, but I don't think it's possible to make public profiles right now, with the current beta version. Or maybe I'm missing something? But you can easily make a profile yourself, this was the first profile I ever made, and it took me about 3 minutes.
  3. Awesome model! More pics here
  4. My orderstatus is still 'in warehouse', allthough I also ordered it on june 1st
  5. Great work on the instructions Alex! I'm planning on building the Terex again using your instructions, somewhere in the next few months.
  6. Are you sure? I'm currently building this, and I have 4 L-motors connected to a single V2 receiver (2 per channel), and the servo to a second receiver and it works fine.
  7. I would like to see a new 3D building program with all available parts, combining the best functions from LDD, MLCAD, LPUB etc.
  8. I had this problem too. I solved it by replacing one of the thin 1x3 liftarms with a 1x2 liftarm (on both sides of the car).
  9. I've made quite a few as well: Nathanael Kuipers 8458C Silver sportscar 8458D Silver street sensation 8458+8466 Convertible supercar 8458+8466 GT-car Pony car Madoca Corvette C3 Stingray 6x6 Monster truck Rock Crawler Supercar Tatra 813 jurgen krooshoop: Ultimate 42009 Backhoe Little Devil sportscar Zorex Excavator Crowkillers Lamborghini Gallardo Lamborghini Murcielago Porsche 997 GT3 Vampire GT Erik Leppen 8285C Dump truck 8285D Fire Truck 8421C Towtruck Han67 8421 XXL Dumptruck Bart Olszewski 42038C Crawler crane Jovel 9398C Buggy Stefan Birkefeld Lamborghini Aventador Sky-liner Lamborthini Countach Tech-Nick Crane Truck Gerger Grove GMK6400 mobile crane Lipko Red Coupe Nico71 Roadster D3K Swingloader Sheo Terex RH400 JaapTechnic Scania Towtruck Dikkie Klijn Tow Truck XL Plus there's a bunch of starwars nmocs I've build, but I won't bother posting them here And much more to come!!
  10. Towball-pins in combination with technic links work very well too:
  11. Yeah, the roof is a bit flimsy... I used 2 rigid hoses inside it to correct it, but it still shows a bit
  12. Just finished it last weekend. I think yellow rims look a little better
  13. Finished! Kudos to Sheo! I can't imagine how difficult it must have been designing this beast. Despite it's size and weight, all functions work seemingly without effort. Good luck to everyone who is trying to build this! It's a real challenge but it's definately worth it. More pictures here.
  14. Made some good progress last weekend! ;-) I decided to break down the superstructure to the point where I could adjust most of the electric wires. Knowing beforehand where they had to go was really helpful. One problem I encounterd was de routing of the cables from the receivers (see page 1600). At this time it seemed there was plenty of room, but later on when installing the m-motor for the fake engines and fans it became clear that this wasn’t so… (see page 1647). So I had to reroute one of the receivers (#1) to the left. This also meant that the placing of the receivers was different than stated in the manual. Because I had to place receiver #1 all the way to the left, I couldn’t connect it to the right batterybox, because it was too far away, so I connected it to the left one. Luckily The extension wire for the lights was long enough to reach the right battery-box (see pages 1810-1813), so everything worked out ok. I connected all the motors randomly to the receivers btw, because of the available length of some wires were just too short to reach the receiver where it supposed to go. Anyway, I tested all functions, and everything works ok! Except for maybe the tracks are not really running smoothly for some reason, they seem to stutter a bit. Getting the rear cover on also was a challenge (page 1989) btw… I’m at page 2062 at the moment, 400 to go. So I guess next weekend it will be finished. edit: just noticed I made a mistake with the axle sticking out of the back. I used a 8L axle with stop instead of a 4L one... More pictures here (when public)
  15. Some more progress: This time I ran into some problems... At the point where you have to insert the first white 16L axle, it got really stuck at about 2/3, because of too much friction. I had to take apart almost the whole thing to get it back out. I replaced the axle with 2 8L ones, which I could insert from both sides. Second problem is the wiring, it's a nightmare... There's almost no space to guide them, and it's very hard to tell home much length you need at the connector end. So one of the pf-lights is now too short to reach the appropiate connector... I'm not sure if I want to fix this or not... I think you really should build this model two times... second time will be so much easier More pictures here