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  1. I picked the Bagpiper, but I also like the Disco Diva.
  2. Librarian, Specter, and Banana Guy are also pretty cool, but the Rogue is my favorite of the lot!
  3. For me, the Yeti just barely edges out the Clockwork Robot.
  4. Tough choice between the Leprechaun and the Paleontologist...
  5. I voted Wizard, as well... Clumsy Guy is pretty cool though. Is there any way we could vote for multiple groups at a time? At least for this first round, considering there are 64 groups we have to get through.
  6. I'm ambivalent on themed series. I typically like the mish-mash of characters you get in a normal series, but we're surely getting a bunch of interesting new parts... It's hard to say what kind of theme it will be to set a precedent. IMO Series 14 didn't reinvent the wheel, so I'm not holding my breath for anything groundbreaking. In any case, we probably won't see anything for another 9 months or so. I need to get my hands on Series 17 first!!
  7. I wish we had a picture of the blind bags. I'm interested to see which 9 figures they picked to go on that packaging...
  8. Thanks for the game, Itaria! I will admit, the "Baker" on my guessing list was, in my mind, very similar to the Gourmet Chef - white chef's hat with female hair, a bakery item... but I imagined her with oven mitts instead of hands... I didn't expect you get all that from a simple name, so a score of zero is fine with me. I just like to guess :)
  9. 1) Cupid 2) Broccoli Man 3) Space Medic 4) Pilgrim 5) Outback Guy 6) Dragon Suit Guy 7) Falconer 8) Jackal Warrior 9) Aztec Maiden 10) Gardener 11) Blacksmith 12) Fashion Designer 13) Video Game Girl 14) Ice Knight 15) Basketball Player 16) Two-headed Ogre
  10. Here's more in-depth thoughts: Connoisseur: The bulldog is cute. The rest of him is stereotypical French, and is overall passable. Butterfly Suit Girl: Different than I expected, in a bad way. I was thinking the wings would resemble butterflies more realistically. Though I do like the new color (?) of stem. Roman Gladiator: Thank you for the reference, Yooha! This figure is definitely a retiarius. Similar to a few "light fighters" in past series (Barbarian), this guy is largely unimpressive because he lacks armor, a helmet, a shield, or a new weapon type. But his hair and printing still make him interesting for me. Corn Cob Suit Guy: Well, the face print is pretty unique. You can only do so many plain smiling faces for these costumes. Retro Spaceman: The helmet and gun are amazing. I'm going to have to get a bunch of these! Dance Instructor: I like her in the same way I like the Disco Diva; she just has so much personality! The hair makes it IMO, but the zebra-print tights and the water bottle make her even better. Battle Dwarf: His hair makes him look like a fire dwarf, which army-building would be pretty nifty for. Rocket Suit Guy: Cute. I feel like he's dressed that way for a science project! I also like the flag print, it would be great for a clubhouse-turned-spaceship... Surfer: He's more-or-less a mix of the previous two Surfers. The red on his shoulder looks printed as opposed to dual-molded arms. The surfboard design is amazing, and IMO makes him worth having. He legs look plain, which is a shame. He could have some side-leg print like the Mariachi, but that seems like wishful thinking,.. Gourmet Chef: I was hoping for a baker/hat with female hair! My only criticism is that I wish the hat wasn't so lopsided, but that's a minor quibble. The whisk is an excellent new accessory. The strawberry cream pie is a nice new variety. Hot Dog Vendor: He's a lot better than I expected. I love the new color of sausage and slushie! Elf Maiden: Different than I expected, but in a good way. Another shield is always welcome. The sword is meh, and may be switched to a longbow when I get her. Circus Strongman: Well within expectations. Though I can't tell - is the barbell one whole part? Yuppie: His outfit is very Don Johnson from Miami Vice. At first I thought the phone was a whole new mold, but now it does look like its made up of multiple parts. Pretty Nifty. Veterinarian: Cute bunny! Nice to get trendsetter hair in a new color. I also like her light aqua outfit. I do wish she came with some sort of medical device, a syringe being perhaps the most obvious and available choice. The Jungle Boy came with a knife and people thought he was going to SKIN the chimp... Highwayman: His shoulders are really broad. What is he wearing? Some sort of trench coat?
  11. OMG! The bunny! The serving tray! The whisk! The phone! The pug dog! The rocket suit! I like the Battle Dwarf's hair and beard combo. The Dance Instructor is hilarious. Who is the guy with the trident meant to be? And why is the mystery figure from the LBM pamphlet still a mystery?
  12. To be honest, Forest Maiden does give off the feel of female Elf. Her color scheme and accessories are closer to the S3 Elf than her intended counterpart, the Forestman. One could argue her ears are concealed in her hair... Speaking of which, I want this upcoming Elf to have her ears exposed, making her unmistakably Elven. I wonder if they will do two colors of plastic in the hairpiece, akin to the Faun and Goblin?
  13. Did you guys miss this post? I might be jumping the gun with everything Catanas has said, but something as specific as this makes me wonder if it's actually real... Another Surfer makes sense given what Itaria has hinted at. It would be a great opportunity to get some board shorts that use dual-molded legs so it doesn't look weird from the back. Chef also makes sense, given Itaria's clues. It was either that or a Doctor...
  14. Yes, please! Been wanting one of those for a while now... I wonder what kind of food and/or utensils she will have. Being a Chef, there are a lot to choose from, but I hope for something new along with the new headgear. And with that, we have a sense of half of the figures in Series 17: Hopefully we'll get a list or pictures by the end of the month. The wait is killing me!