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  1. Thank Zeus It's Wednsdaeigh - Soup Kitchen Medioum Artisan licensed
  2. Thank you. I forgot to mention he was hit by a cannonball. I hope the pale rider will go into the mythic folklore of BoBs, free to be used by others in their builds. The creek came naturally as I tried to make sense of the shoreline, and was quite happy with the result myself. The reflection in the creek on the pale rider picture was also luck. I thought about changing the white underneath with tan, but it was at a late stage and the SNOT made it to much work. I will try variations on the theme later on. More luck than skill, but thank you for pointing it out. It worked out better than expected, since the angle and position was different than the painting. Yeah, I like all "weathered" torsoes on the battlefield and action shots in general. A dark red leg messed up the pattern, but since the left leg was brown it made into a smooth transition that looks like mud. If I had planned it better I would elaborate the story more. The timeframe fitted very good, and I like to learn some history along the way. I love to see others historical references, and see how they get translated into brick. I also steal borrow a lot from literature, and mix parts of lyrics into my sentences (to make my english sound more fluent).
  3. Great diorama. Love the vegetation, the waves(!), minifig posing, the rolling and the stranded boats. Fluent language and inspired writing. The story... I can only say: Don't believe the hype. Could not help noticing that the Mardier forces were awfully blue. Who's the warmonger now?
  4. More of portuguese, dutch and other trading nations influences. Often mistaken for being greedy, just because they know how to make money multiply. Right.
  5. Challenge a entry Sir Stig | Eslandola Challenge b entry Sir Stig | Eslandola Wednsdaeigh | Sir Stig | Eslandola
  6. I hear you on the downside. It is a great hobby, but my time does not allow me to do both atm, so I am sticking to Lego. It allows me to go small or big, depending on the amount of inspiration I have. As to the uniform: I think it is a great design, and cred for a steady hand. The only critique is, off point, that in my opinion flesh heads and hands look better with yellow fabric.
  7. Cool Sin City-ish effect. I think you could maybe take it further replacing more into black/white/grey to make it even more dramatic, with fewer focus points. That is a sweet (cost effective) way to make builds with a good selection of black/white/greys btw. Good way to start a Lego collection if one like to build scenes.
  8. I... I just don't know what to say. A flying swimming walking beast of burden is among us. Save yourselves! Cool entry. This hilariously funny idea translated well into Lego.
  9. Great story, posing and composition! My favorite build in this category.
  10. The war effort brought not only military activity to Fuerte Unido. It brought business opportunities. All those soldiers and hired men needed places to spend their blood earned salaries. In one of the mountain cavities where the growing settlement got their rocks from, Wednsdaeigh and Orbinson had opened their first restaurant. They had great expectations and dreams for their new venture. Who knew, maybe Wednsdaeigh would be a known name throughout the Brick Seas one day... Their secret ingredient to their delicious Mumbo Jumbo Soup was not only the chillies. They were easy enough to notice. It was all down to which kind of fond you used. Which kind you say? Not telling, but you could always bring the bones out back to The Royal Society of Natural Philosophy and see if they find out. Medium Artisan
  11. Cat B build for Eslandola: Death of Henri La Brickwall
  12. The third wave of soldiers were approaching shore, to keep up the pressure against the Mardier threat. The defenses were set up good, even the nature seemed to work against us. Only a small clearing amid thorns and cliffs offered any offensive action. The commotion on the beach filled up the pauses between cries for help and blasts from the cannons. Oh no! One of the fallen ones was the famed Henri La Brickwall, the famed commander that had become a symbol of justice and retribution throughout his lifetime. Which now had come to a sudden halt. Few seemed to notice the pale rider. The ones that did never lived to tell the tale. But nothing could break the Eslandolan spirit. Not even spirits. One Eslandolan Marine made his way through murky waters to flank the sniggering Mardierianers. Overview: For Eslandola! I based my character on'Auvergne,_Vicomte_de_Turenne C&C welcome :)
  13. It worked out fine. Nice land entry area (or whatever it is called). The black curve blends somewhat with the slopes, and fool the eye so it looks like she got more curve. Nice executed forecastle. And I find area where the black assembly in the stern (is it a rudder?) meets the hull pieces very aesthetically appealing. I wish the Argo good luck on the voyages ahead.
  14. Flashy decor on the back . I think this color scheme fits for the next official Lego pirate ship (licensed material exempted). Cool effect an technique on the grate (? - on the deck front part of the ship. Picture 4, 5 an 8).