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  1. The combination of white and striped sails, and general color scheme is very aesthetically pleasing. Great to see some more of the native fleet.
  2. Happy birthday! Very funny story, and well written. Good to see that the people of Corrington are also just humans (Legoans?).
  3. Photos updated.
  4. Colonel Oystridge: 3d Victor Servadac: 3d Marquis Alkurda: 3b
  5. Glad to see that you take notice of the island description. What?! Are you catnapping Isla de Victorias wildlife? What's next? (Sea) Rats? Funny angling on how events can contribute to shape edgy fashion styles Nice water
  6. Marquis Alkurda, the newly appointed mayor of Puerto Desafio, reacted and objected strongly when he heard what was going on in Nova Malto, and let his views be known with a letter. This was sent prior to Eslandola's receipt of Corringtons most recent letter. To Don Isaac Montoya, consul and representative of Queen Annetta, it saddens me to see Corringtons disregard for our superiority on Isla de Victoria. When news arrived of your humanitarian effort, we were baffled Trifold. First, we appreciated the help, and were talking about ways to give you access to study the rich flora and fauna on the island, whilst respecting the native territories. Secondly, because you think we would prosecute those Mardier left behind, without housing or crops to sustain themselves. Mardier did that to their own citizens, not Eslandola. They have more to fear from their former and other foreign empires than us. Eslandola have always cared for the natives, the poor and the unfortunate. And we have been merchants for centuries, with diplomatic experience from trading with all kinds. Our trade companies know that they have to adhere to the laws of whatever land they are operating in. So should yours. Secondly, you demanded a demilitarized neutral zone, then disregard that designation by taking the fort, moving your troops and claiming territorial control as a protectorate. Third and foremost, using the humanitarian crisis as a decoy for your own gains were not what I had expected from gentlefigs of Corrington. Your self-proclaimed role as judges of high morale, and especially your practice of it, are not only condescending towards the diverse population of Eslandolan, but to all citizens of the world. Eslandolans are tired of war, and this time, when we more than ever need a time of peace and stability, you decide to act under false pretenses. It is slightly flattering that Corrington see Eslandola as such a threat, but your contrasting follow up off your words, and aggressive, stubborn approach, forces us into a corner. There is still time to turn, and find a peaceful solution, with an act of humility. If you choose to keep your minds closed, let it be known that although we are tired, the fire of Eslandola burns within our hearts, and we will not let our prosperity be hindered by an empire that would rather see the wealth in their Queens pockets than empower the peoples freedom and possibillties to create something of their own. We are sending in a WGO doctor, escorted by two WGO-ESL assistants to assess the situation, at dawn tomorrow. They will be unarmed. Marquis Alkurda, Mayor of Puerto Desafio OOC: This was prepared in the heat of the moment, but it reflects (IC) the Eslandolan reaction to being denied access to their own land, and to being downplayed by an established empire. I put some work and though into it, and want it to be part in the lore, whichever way this goes. Since the actions so far are part of the lore, I am onboard for playing it out.
  7. Name: Puerto Desafio Ownership: Eslandola Location: Isla de Victoria, Prio Seas Mayor: To be determined. Who can own property at Puerto Desafio: As in most Eslandolan settlements, people of all cultures are welcome to live in Puerto Desafio. Who can freebuild in Puerto Desafio: Anyone
  8. Great display of effects in the optional endings. An epic fate(s) (or is it?) for an epic Captain.
  9. Maybe he is just a clown in disguise
  10. Good to hear your responses. You are acting in character, and I will do so shortly with a letter in response to @Bregir and the initial move you made as a nation. I agree we should play this out IC. Please keep in mind that it is part of the game, and I admit that real feelings came out in the heat of things. Mostly because the timing was exploiting Eslandolan players, in the aftermath of Ch V, but also because some communication should occur with those that quite possibly get their own plans affected. Be patient and rest assured, that I am doing my best to attribute to a solution that benefits both nations (Deep inside I am a hopeless egalitarian, although my Alter Ego does not concur). I think you have some good points. That's why I suggest future challenges are have a bigger span in judging criterias. Some favor story more, some technical, some humor. It is still a new game, and a lot of game mechanics needs to be tested and tweaked. I think this airing was healthy, for us to understand more of the IC and OOC different perspectives. I will go IC with an IC response to Montoya that addresses the need a new non-royal empire have to establish themselves as a legitimate state, and be treated as one. Our responses IC have not been out of proportion, from our point of view, nor had an aggressive form. We have been mild, but firm. A good rule is to try and visualize how you would respond if you were on the opposite side. As I mentioned in reply to Ayrlego, it is the timing I take issue with. Play along and let us get this resolved, without much further ado. I have an idea that hopefully benefits both factions and the community.
  11. The Master Fish Catcher Throne of Mehit Small Art&Culture
  12. Major Oupsey-Daysington smells something fishy Major Oupsey-Daisington had taken a place in the sun, obviously a warrior tribe chair. He was enjoying his afternoon cocktail when he suddenly smelled something fishy. A group of natives fishers came walking in line towards his chair. They were part of the Mehuãtajir tribe. in Eslandola they were known for their fishing and trading skills. Major Oupsey-Daysington It seemed a girl was trying to explain that they offered him fish in subservience. But that was not the case. She was trying to explain that he sat upon the sacred ceremonial master fishers chair. The chair that was only to be sat in by the best fisher in the village. Natives trying to explain their culture to the Corlanders Major Oupsey-Daysington didn't understand a thing and conferred with his lieutenant, who tried to explain the situation, "She seems to be annoyed by our presence, we must go back and get reinforcements stat. Mind you, she is wearing a crown. The only kind of authority we respect, remember". Counting the score While the Mehuãtajir tribe determined who had gotten the biggest fish the Corlanders left silently. As you can see the Mehuãtajir tribe uses a wide array of fishing tools, and know all the different fish types are around the island. Major Oupsey-Daysington could swear something still smelled funny after they left to regroup. And his hat was soaked after laying on the wet beach. Feliz Natividad And lastly, a Mehuãtajir family painting, with the cather of the biggest fish on her rightful throne. Small culture build.
  13. That goes both ways. Let's keep it fun, shall we.
  14. As soon as the Battle hardened White Glove Order veterans heard about the disaster in Malto, they set pace towards Malto. Attention! Forward! March! They had been hold up because of Mardiers scorched earth tactic. It was a horrible sight throughout the island. Whatever damage Mardier had done to Eslandola, they had done worse against their poorest. And now to hear that someone have sabotaged humanitarian aid. They arrived at Malto at dawn, to assist and relieve the humanitarian effort, and appreciate the help in these dire times.
  15. You were lucky she did not get stranded. That is surely the biggest ship that have been so close to the northern shores shallow waters. Are you sure you have not invaded the tiny island on the top of the map? It is a perilous journey. Let us all hope it makes it back home again. OOC: Nice quay, tower, and use of the baseplate.