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  1. Interesting that the official images seemingly differ from the actual minifigure...
  2. Funny, you joke, but it could be Spider-Gwen or Spider-Man 2099, and then I'd be (a little more than) furious. Suppose only time can tell at this point...
  3. *by Forbes Magazine, not Delta. Wrongful accreditation of information's a pet peeve of mine.
  4. Could see what I can do about adding a poll to one of the General Discussion threads... Anyone have a preference between the two? EDIT: On second thought, I may be biting off more than I can chew...
  5. Whoever shot first.
  6. Ben "Hello There" Kenobi.
  7. Imperial Officer.
  8. Droopy-faced Stormie.
  9. Meaning, pick one for me
  10. Surprise me.
  11. Hera Syndulla.
  12. Boba can go fall into a sarlacc pit... Vader all the way
  13. What the heel?!? Why's almost the exact same Superman in here again!?! It's too late now, but we should've weeded out the near-duplicate minifigures. Oh well, you live and you learn...
  14. Sebulba Fett and Lord Vader.
  15. Hate to break it to you, but the exclusive Captain America and the Atom minifigures were not officially unveiled until July 12 and 18 respectively.