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  1. @psqidexslizer248 Wink-wink, nudge-nudge to your heart's content: @Quicksilver838
  2. 99.98% just the Goliath minifigure mislabeled as Giant-Man.
  3. SDCC-exclusive minifigures don't leak out.
  4. Well-played, my friend
  5. @SpiderJazz Knew it wasn't just me.
  6. The image posted by Delta is the same one uploaded to Reddit two nights ago.
  7. Penkid linked to the thread prior to the user uploading the image, hence the discrepancy.
  8. Many LEGO Store Employees died to bring us this information: 75192 CONFIDENTIAL_Direct $799.00
  9. The Falcon... in dark bluish grey?
  10. Admiral Raddus is modeled after Winston Churchill, hence the girth.
  11. Friendly neighborhood reminder of the (understandably forgotten) Future Marvel Superheroes Rumors & Speculation thread:
  12. @J3D1-T The DC Superheroes General Discussion is (at the time of replying) the last thread listed on the first page of the forum... "Do or do not, there is no try."
  13. Resurrecting this thread for posterity's sake, in an effort to spring clean the community... Feel free to share your displays and dioramas, or debate the logistics of a third LEGO Batman Movie wave, all while simultaneously analyzing alternate villain designs!