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  1. @Anio I apologize if this is a sore subject or if these questions are too prying, but I'd be really interested in hearing more from you about the Chinese company that must not be named. Did they make any effort to reach out to you before using your designs? Are you at all flattered by the copying? Is it going to cause any financial hardship for you?
  2. Nah, the piece count just adds up really quickly, I guess >.< In certain places, the 10030 might use a single 6x12 plate to get the job done--if I were to cover that with 2x4 tiles, it's 9 more pieces. But then it'll be heavier, so I'll have to use an additional plate on the back of the panel. Then exchange the simple support structure for a convoluted one that doesn't intrude on usable interior space while also supporting more weight...then add the interior...and some greebles...and suddenly you've got 5x the pieces! Ah well. Hope so!
  3. Sounds good, I look forward to seeing it. Sharp looking snowspeeder, too. A lot of builders seem to be finding the AT-AT instructions useful when making larger dioramas, which is great -- just saw that three AT-ACT-modded versions will be appearing in another huge Scarif MOC:
  4. @lostcarpark Ireland now too, how about that? It certainly gets around. Thanks for the pics, and give my compliments to the stormtrooper should you ever have the chance. His getup looks every bit as good as the official movie costumes. @Schneeds I'll admit, my eye is more drawn to the interesting design of the wall behind it--must be a great place to watch movies. In all seriousness, where can I get an apartment that has walls with some futuristic greebling, rather than just being flat and beige? I think what I'd really like is Rick Deckard's apartment in Blade Runner, complete with ambient humming noises. On to off-topic stuff! Honestly, it's mostly just because I like the name. In Star Wars canon, Tyrant is a not-very-well-known ship in Death Squadron that was temporarily disabled by the Ion Cannon at Hoth. It's not settled in my own mind whether mine is intended to be THAT ship in a different time and place, or just a random Star Destroyer that's off doing typical Star Destroyer things. Since I'm drawn more to "regular" Imperials going about the day-to-day business of the Empire, I didn't want to pick a more well known ship. Also, you may know that Lucasfilm had two Star Destroyer studio models (the Devastator and then a new, larger one for Empire Strikes Back), which the books later explained as being two different ISD classes. Amusingly, the ISD Tyrant is portrayed by both studio models in ESB--so its an ISD I when shown from the back and an ISD II in the close-ups when rebels fly past it. It's a good little reminder not to take the details in the movies too seriously. Anyway, my Tyrant and the mini-Tyrant are loosely based on the ISD II studio model, but modding wouldn't be difficult.
  5. Right, it's about 2/3 of the length of the Tyrant. It's basically as close to it and as big as I realistically thought I could go. I mean, there really is a huge difference in volume between a ~20-inch Star Destroyer (75055), a ~37-inch one (UCS), and a ~56-inch one (Tyrant), since volume goes up by a power of three with each increase in length. In other words, if a Star Destroyer is 2x as long as another one, it's got literally 8x the volume (and 8x the parts, if the building style is similar). So, three 75055s in a row are longer than the Tyrant, but the total mass/parts wouldn't even be close. This pic (of the Tyrant, not the new one) might illustrate the difficulties that going bigger would pose.
  6. It's roughly the same size as the 10030, I think, but it's not based on the set and has a very different design. The much higher part count basically comes from the tiles, greebles, support structure, and interior (which includes two cute little TIEs). Like other things I build, it's intended to mix aesthetics with a bit of playability -- we'll see if that appeals to anyone in the "adults with $1000 to blow on Lego" demo lol. Anyway, I haven't taken any pics of the final exterior yet, and it's in a state of partial disassembly for the purposes of making instructions. So uh, hang tight for a month or so--I dunno exactly--and we'll show everything off all at once. But since we're now working on legolijntje's side of things, it's definitely on its way.
  7. Looking great so far! Excellent work on that diorama! Azrielsc just displayed his AT-AT in Singapore, too, so it has become quite the world traveler. We're working on the pdf instructions now. For good or for ill, though, it's a ~9k-piece monstrosity. I.e., it lacks the AT-AT's attempts to be economical in favor of a fully detailed approach. But who knows, someone with a custom Death Star room might be able to build one :)
  8. I'll admit, I saw your pics on instagram already :) But it's always fun to read the write-up. I like your choices regarding the size of the bridge and the use of clean, round engines--it's nice to have that contrast with the densely greebled sections. Well done. The added weight must require a strengthened internal structure. Since the UCS is notoriously fragile, how much does the frame differ? Also, are the bottom panels still held by magnets?
  9. There should be a button to send a message if you click on my name. But I think I remember hearing that you need 10 posts and you only have 9 (not %100 sure about this, though), so go ahead and post some feedback on someone's MOC and try again.
  10. Thanks lomis! And caperica, sure, I'd be happy to help. Just send me a private message, preferably with pics of whatever you're having issues with. TheGeneralMoe's 6211 mod also is very good, did you see that? Ah, ok, that does ring a bell. I did read those books back in the day, but I mostly just picked the name because I liked it. ISDAvenger also named his after a specific Star Destroyer (and so did Jerac) and I kind of followed that. I wouldn't have wanted a more well-known ship name, though, since it's not settled in my own mind whether this is REALLY supposed to be the canonical ISD Tyrant or not.
  11. It's been a long time since I read those, but Wookiepedia says that it's the Virulence that became the Errant Venture. Is the Tyrant in there somewhere that I'm forgetting? Canon-wise, I think the Tyrant is just the Death Squadron ship that got shot by the Ion Cannon over Hoth.
  12. At the time that I posted (and built) this Interdictor, I don't believe I had ever used LDD. I did a ctrl + f search for "LDD" in this thread, and it looks like I only mentioned it when discussing plans for a new ISD. So to clear up any confusion, I have no digital files/plans of any kind for the Interdictor, sorry! My guess is 3,000, but that's not based on anything other than looking at it like a jar of jelly beans.
  13. Yeah, I'd be interested in seeing you build it as well, Veynom, since OP said he's not planning on building it with bricks. It's the first Interdictor that I know of that attempts to recreate the difficult angles on the ventral side of the Rebels ship, so I'd definitely love to see that in brick form.
  14. Haha, I've said that from the get-go. I definitely didn't set out to build an AT-AT, since other people have already done that really well. I just had two AT-AT sets and thought I could "embiggen" them without too much work (it ended up being more work than I thought it would be, but isn't it always?). As for how the instructions are made, I think Legolijntje (who made the pdf) answered that somewhere in this thread. No problem, hope you enjoy building it! I'm definitely looking forward to that. It has also been used in two big Scarif MOCs that I know of (one with AT-ACT mods finished--the other still has those mods on the to-do list, I think). But I haven't see it in a Hoth setup yet, apart from my own attempt to get some Hoth pictures. It turns out that setting up a cool-looking Hoth battle is harder than it looks. It just takes up a huge amount of space if you try to cram everything in. I tried to take some pics of my two walkers attacking my modded Assault on Hoth playset, but none of them turned out well. I think I only shared that one closer-up pic with snowspeeders. So I think your decision to focus on an Imperial attack force probably makes a lot of sense.
  15. It's not out of the question for someday. But it'd be a ways off in the future -- I have a lot going on at the moment, and when I've gotten free time lately I've been dumping it into the new Zelda game, sorry!