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  1. Aaaand the last thing to review in this half of the year: the combined 42057 / 42061 / 42063 fusion set:
  2. There have been a few that hit 10,000 votes, Sheepo's Land Rover being one - and Lego has killed every single one of them. Hey, who needs complex Technic sets when you can just milk Minecraft fans by selling them basic bricks and plates?
  3. This was supposed to be my new Lego Ideas project, but Lego in its wisdom has added a rule back in April stating that it will no longer accept any submissions that fall under the licenses in the TLG's current portfolio. So nothing from the Guardians of the Galaxy is allowed because Lego is already making GotG sets. It's a great move, making the Lego Ideas all the more useful, because you can now forget any SW, Disney, Marvel or DC projects, and probably many vehicular projects too. Thank you Lego! Anyway, the least I could do in this situation was to make free building instructions for this figurine, which are available here: The figurine itself could surely be more polished in terms of looks and operation (I suspect the movements would be smoother if it was driven using a chain instead of a rubber band), but as you can imagine I was severely disheartened after learning that I can stick my idea where the sun doesn't shine, and I just wanted this creation to be done.
  4. I don't know how you know this, but if it's true then I was wrong, obviously.
  5. Not really. I can only see small part of one wheel's inside from afar and with poor lighting. Are you saying all Flat Silver pieces are painted over? That's news to me.
  6. You're forgetting I'll bring hamsters with me ;)
  7. Makes perfect sense. How do you store your wheels, upright, or down on one side? Now imagine someone storing a wheel lying down on its side near a window somewhere for a longer period of time. And since you're so hellbent on disproving me, I already told you the best way to do so.
  8. And I already told you the most likely cause: age, exposure to sun, perhaps an attempt at cleaning chemically. In any case, you can disprove me quite easily: buy a MINT, unopened set with these wheels and check the color.
  9. Yeah, you even showed me a 11 years old piece of plastic that may have been bleached or peed on by a dog for all we know. But when I show you the same exact part in Bricklink's catalog, you won't even comment on that, because who would bother with facts, right?
  10. That's exactly what makes it likely. These wheels probably spent some time in the sun placed front down, so only the back got exposed to the sun. It's being yellowed from both sides equally that's unlikely. Then again, don't take my word for it: here's the photo of these rims from Bricklink itself:
  11. Again, Mr. Conspiracy Theory, let me help you with a link: They may be printed or painted, I don't know, but my bet would be on printing. Some Lego wheel covers have colored edges too, same technology, I'm guessing printing is cheaper - but I may be wrong. Are you running out of arguments and we're now going to discuss every Lego piece that has more than 1 color on it? The point being?
  12. It looks like one side of these wheels got yellowed from exposure to sun, or maybe bleached when being cleaned? This is 11 years old plastic you're talking about, you know. My 8880 wheels, which were originally pure white, are quite yellow today. You can even see it in the Bricklink's catalog photo that new tires from 8674 are same color all over:
  13. What are you talking about? I'm looking at these rims right now and they ARE ALL THE SAME, from all sides. Here, look:
  14. Perhaps because there are several variants of the Lego silver colors, as you can check using the link I provided. I own a set of 4 of these wheels and I'm sure the rims are not painted. I've been used them for years and nicked them many times, if there was a paint to come off, it would do so already. Not to mention their color matches other Lego silver metallic pieces perfectly. I don't know how many more rumors are there that you want other people to verify for you, the essential question is: why on Earth would Lego paint a piece risking the paint coming off after a while, when they can simply cast it whole in the color of their choosing?
  15. They're cast in metallic silver plastic, here, go check yourself: With all due respect folks, are we now going to argue about every unusual Lego color you find (metallic silver comes in over various Lego 400 sets, by the way)? LEGO DOES NOT PAINT PIECES. When in doubt, consult the Lego colors: