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  1. Glad to see your videos getting better and better. Going pro now :)
  2. Fair enough, it's a matter of personal preferences, but that's exactly my point: a proper hardware will get you results that don't really need photoshopping. FYI with a dark background there are always little motes of dust here and there and they inevitably show on photo when the photo is taken from so close, so I clean the background up in Photoshop. And the vignette effect which I assume is what you don't like, looks much more subtle in full size:
  3. It's all about the hardware and learning how to use it. Photoshop can only take you so far.
  4. I have taken a close look at how real sway bars work, but I just get the impression that they have some backlash and in the end adding a sway bar to a Lego suspension would work the same as simply making the suspension harder.
  5. I've assumed that crashes will be inevitable so I built it so that the body splits into panels but chassis stays together.
  6. I hope this is the right place to share a new tool I've created for you to make things easier: The goal of this tool is to help you share any Bricksafe gallery to your EB post with just a few clicks. The tool is available directly at and also at along with a number of other free helpful tools: Gear Ratio Calculator - Calculates final ratio of multiple pairs of gears, shows theoretical output for selected motor and lists available gears combinations for a given spacing. Model Scaler - Allows to calculate dimensions of your model from a blueprint of the original object. Bricksafe Thumbnail Helper - Generates easy-to-use code to include in your post to create a thumbnail gallery from a selected Bricksafe page. You can choose from several thumbnail and image sizes. Brickshelf Thumbnail Helper - Generates easy-to-use code to include in your post to create a thumbnail gallery from a selected Brickshelf / Majhost folder. Wheels Chart - Lists LEGO wheels with their dimensions, weights, subparts, available rim/tire combinations and Bricklink links. Unit Converter - Allows easy conversion between multiple units, including studs, milimeters, inches, bricks, stacked plates and track links. Perhaps the admins will be kind enough to pin this post somewhere or include the links at EB frontpage, as they are of general public use.
  7. I bless every thick instructions book. I've been wishing Lego would make nice, thick, premium-feeling instructions book for years instead of crappy thin stapled booklets that belong in $10 sets - and now they finally do that. I agree that the 42056 set in number one - opening this book feels so great! I certainly hope they will not backtrack just because someone has a somewhat odd fetish about plastic binders. FYI, thick instructions book work great with shelves, just like regular books.
  8. It's lime, mean and fast. It can also go 12 km/h which corresponds to 234 km/h in a full-size truck (scale is 19.5:1). Description and more:
  9. Best and funniest build I've seen in a long time :D
  10. I bought the music from PremiumBeats and it was pretty expensive.
  11. Of course. The power-to-weight ratio is one of the crucial factors, to the point that I don't think anyone has more than 2 PF XL motors. A truck with 8 XLs would be an instant loser. As for the rules, they change all the time and I don't think they're available in English at the moment. Not the current version anyway.
  12. None of the trucks were controlled by SBricks. The Mindstorms and RC truck had the obvious advantage of range. The custom covers are allowed to make trucks look more realistic without drastically increasing the weight.
  13. We've just finished up the 2016 season today, resulting in what is very likely my best Truck Trial video ever (out of many), so I thought I'll share it with you. Plus, if there are any questions about the trucks or the competition (and there usually are), post them here and I'll try to answer.
  14. I don't know the costs of making the chromed pieces and none of the pieces I own ever got chipped. I imagine it's always a trade-off: perhaps the Caterham set with chromed pieces would be forced to use stickers rather than printed pieces to keep the price down.
  15. Release date is October 1st.