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  1. It only seems proper to paste it here :)
  2. Spendid Tommy, I'm glad my Tiger found some use and welcome, finally, to the world of DBG tanks ;)
  3. Yes, once, and literally nobody liked it. YT closed captions look totally different on different devices, you have no real control over their appearance, and on smaller devices they can easily take half of the screen or more. Maybe you can ask Jang or someone else to review the classic sets, they seem to operate on a much bigger budget. Me, I can usually spend like $100 - $150 on Lego monthly.
  4. Precisely my reason against doing so. I've tried crowdfunding once, for a camera, and there were haters aplenty. Apparently the mere fact that I sometimes get free review copies of Lego sets is enough to hate my guts. I'm not sure about the logic here, maybe someone expects Lego sets to become cheaper if I don't get a copy every now and then ;)
  5. Thanks, I own about a half of these in the sense that they are all taken apart and the pieces are mixed with my other pieces. That makes reviewing them pretty hard as I no longer have boxes nor instructions and would need to find all the pieces somehow. The essential problem is that I lack the budget to buy these sets and the classic sets I've reviewed so far came nowhere close to covering the expenses with YouTube revenue. I've spent about $500 on 8868 and 5571, two really widely recognized sets, and the two resulting videos, which took a lot of work, have less than 70,000 views between them. So I'm losing money here, money I don't have, and borrowing sets from someone seems very challenging logistically. So for the time being, I can't see this happening.
  6. Hi guys. Below is my complete review of the 21306 set, followed by a speed build filmed in 360° where you can look around the table. Or just stare at a wall. Whatever floats your sub, erm, boat ;)
  7. Um, but my book has a "flat" version too, not just the cubic one. And it's very similar to yours:
  8. Thanks, I've counted 22 including my very early and embarrassing attempts at tankness :) I assure you I'm still learning and there are still many things I'd like to try. Like a tank with interchangeable turrets, for instance.
  9. Also, remember that by Lego's logic any military machine, even one that blows up entire planets, is fine as long as you slap Star Wars logo on it ;)
  10. We all know that Lego dislikes tank models. By this logic, they should love tank destroyers, right? ;) Photos & reading:
  11. Nobody's interested in that. The hamsters' life, that's another story ;)
  12. M_longer was created in a lab, I'm afraid. Got it right on his first try.
  13. OK, A and D are right. It should be fairly easy now :)
  14. So far you got D right. But that was easy, Jang is the only guy with a ring on his finger :)