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  1. I don't pay much attention to what Apple states, they're just re-selling the same product these days :) I had one of Sony Xperias capable of filming at native 4K 4 or 5 years ago already. As for your arguments about 4K being excessive, I remember hearing the same exact arguments about 1080p a couple of years ago. IMHO if you can get a 4K TV today for the same kind of money you paid for a 1080p TV a few years ago, it's a win-win situation. And yes, personally I can see more details at 4K on an 60" screen. Lens matter, of course, but I've heard from video producers that the matrix pixel ration matters no less. 1:1 is ideal. When you're filming at 1080p with a DSLR, what happens is that the camera is filming at 4K or even more, then scaling it down to 1080 and then recording it - inevitably there is a quality loss in form of decreased sharpness, and a risk of artifacts and moire effect. To me, the 4K video image I'm getting from G7 seems noticeably crisper than 1080p - but it may be just more details. Then again, editing a video at 4K quality is a huge pain in the ***. My PC isn't really up to it.
  2. Why do you assume people watch YT videos on mobiles only? 4K laptops and tablets are more and more common. 4K TVs are pretty much a standard and all of them have access to YouTube. I, for one, watched this video on a 60" 4K TV and it was worth it. Also, to turn your question around: why would I NOT want to shoot at 4K if it's possible? Not only it doesn't take away anything from the lower resolutions, it actually improves image quality in case of my camera because at 4K resolution it's using 1:1 matrix pixel ratio. Meaning that the matrix is physically using a 3840 × 2160 pixels area to record the video, so there is no image stretching happening while recording: you record exactly what the matrix "sees". Thus sharper image and better overall quality.
  3. This video was shot mostly with Lumix G7 and a wide-angle lens, but there's also footage from GoPro 4, GoPro 4 Session, and a lot of post-processing.
  4. No. Technic bricks have both the pin holes and studs, so they're they key.
  5. Fixed that, thanks.
  6. I'd say that if the only reason you're building big is to build big, you're doing it wrong. That being said, there are plenty of popular MOCs out there that impress with sheer size and they're pretty great and there's nothing wrong with it. It's good to have some diversity. It's just that at some size level you have to wonder if it's the builder's skill that's impressive, or rather his/her budget.
  7. I have built one model of this coolest APC ever back in 2008 and wanted to improve on it ever since. So finally, 9 years later (gee, I'm old): As usual, photos and some reading:
  8. I applaud this, even if the hamster looks somewhat suspiciously like a goat ;)
  9. 42064 B-model, surprisingly functional and playable:
  10. The problem here is that Lego pieces are quite shiny and the green or blue background will reflect on your model, especially if it has smooth sides. This can be mitigated to some degree by shooting with a polarizing filter on your lens, but I'd still recommend a plain white backdrop over that.
  11. That's because of the doors. I can't think of a way to make the roof rounded and allow the doors to open all the way up.
  12. It's not an SBrick wobbling, it's a stack of PF plugs. Both SBricks are deep in the chassis and not visible, nor wobbly. You can see the model driving with all 4 RC motors here starting 3:43:
  13. It's a friend's film studio. Two. I have also added work in progress photos to the post at my website because I forgot about this before.
  14. Below's the video and you will find complete description and many photos here:
  15. How durable are the tracks? Do they give a smooth ride?