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  1. The tires are solid rubber. The set comes from Creator line, not Ideas line, so it probably had nothing to do whatsoever with the project you've mentioned.
  2. I guess this belongs here, since we don't have a specific forum section for Creator cars and it looks Model Team-ish enough. I present you the bus that suffers from subpar accuracy (the front end looks atrocious) and marketing bull...t (no, it's NOT built at the same scale as other Creator cars), and yet manages to look really, really good on a shelf:
  3. Yes, I think it's a good starter set - plenty of wheels and even transmission pieces. I was just disappointed that there are no new pieces nor pieces in new colors whatsoever.
  4. No, it's a perfectly regular 24t gear. You're forgetting that the yellow connector is less than 1 full stud thick around the axle hole. I've used it with 24t gear myself many times, it's a fairly standard combination of pieces.
  5. The smallest of the 2H2017 Technic set is, in most aspects, a pleasant surprise. I was expecting something dead simple, but got something ambitious and complex instead, with a brilliant steering system and 2 boom functions that can be easily motorized. Additionally, I like how normal and realistic it looks compared to 42070 and 42069. It's a pretty, functional, well-designed set and it's delightful to steer. On the underside, 42068 contains literally zero new pieces or pieces in new colors, leaving you little reason to buy it - chances are, you can build it with the pieces you already own. And some parts feel like a few corners have been cut.
  6. Stickers these days often refer to the set's designer. 67 may simply be Uwe Wabra's year of birth. Consider the 42040 Fire Plane set with "1980" on a sticker.
  7. 1. Sure 2. No, I highly doubt it.
  8. No Panhard rod. There are three 5L suspension arms with towballs connecting it to the chassis: two on the sides, one on top. That's sufficient to eliminate the sway.
  9. I'm happy to report that this thing is a delightful change from the awful 42070, especially in terms of suspension and details. It's like these two sets were designed on separate planets.
  10. Haha, I love it!
  11. Sorry, medium blue looks like old pants, medium azure looks like neon pants ;) I fully agree with Jim that dark azure looks great. Too bad there is actually not that much variety in dark azure pieces that come with 42070. Also, as a person trying to build something with medium blue, I was severely disappointed that 42070 offers zero help in that regard.
  12. And I already told what is this year's promotion: get 42070, get a free slap in the face ;)
  13. These are indeed live axles, not pendular ones. Pendulars can only oscillate left/right, the 42069's axles can also go up and down.
  14. Your magnificent photos make anything hard to dislike ;)
  15. I expect my 42069 review around Tuesday/Wednesday. I'll make sure to test which wheels fit on it.