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Let me introduce my Mobile Crane.


I had no intention to build scale model of any real vehicle, though I think some elements has their source in Liebherr cranes


The main objective was to build fully motorized mobile crane and keep the scale as small as possible.


There are 6 motors in the crane. 1 XL motor is used for driving (3-rd axle) and 1 M motor is used for steering (1,2 and 4-th axles, each axle has it's own angle like in the real multi-axle vehicles).


The rest of the motors (4 M-motors) are used to control the rotation of the turntable, the arm's elevation, telescoping and the hook's operations.

Three M-motors are located inside the rotating structure.
















Tower's insides.


More photos

Watch the crane in action

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Your crane is amazing. I have no idea how you hide all this motors inside and make a full MT/creator body. When I looking at your MOC I'd like to sell all my black bricks and buy yellow-it looks great on your photos (black background are just amazing).

Your video are crazy-all this photos, different angles-you must have a lot of patience but final effect are great.


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Very nice and functional crane. I'm impressed how you managed to put all those motors inside such a small vehicle. Also the design of the crane and the details are amazing!

Very well done!

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Ok, finally a mobile crane here!

I am another mobile crane builder, and I working on one myself right now, so I am happy to see fellow crane builder!

Mobile cranes are one of the trickiest machines to build in lego when it comes to functionality and look.

Crane itself looks good, and in that scale, I am very pleased with functions, I am struggling in bigger scale crane to fit suspension, AWD and AW steering, if you want, check my gallery to see it. I know what challenges you experienced.

Pictures are great, so is the video!

If I had to give a suggestion, I would only put bigger wheels, but that is only me...

Overall, I like it very much, and I hope this is not the last of you regarding cranes!

Keep up!

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Very good work mate, i think for me the most impressive part of this is you fitted so much PF stuff in to such a small place!

Love the video to

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Let me introduce my Mobile Crane.

What an amazing first post. Let me start by saying that this is one of the most impressive MOCs I have ever seen. Firstly, your ability to combine Model Team type looks with full technical functionality is very impressive. Next, it is astounding that you managed to pack so many powered features into a model at this scale. I would never guess by looking at it that there were 6 motors, 3 receivers, and a battery box hidden away inside. As if that wasn't all good enough, your photos with the black background look spectacular and your video synchronized with the music is just perfect.

This is the type of model I would gladly buy if it was available for sale. If you ever decide to post detailed photos of the build, I'd be happy to make an LDraw file for you which you could use for instructions.

Great job and welcome to Eurobricks!!

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I'd like to say thank you to everyone replied in the topic, I'm very pleased that the MOC has impessed you.


Yes, I hav encountered a lot of difficulties during the building process, however I've tried to put as much efforts as I could.

I'm not sure I'm going to build more Mobile Cranes right now, I have plans to start a tow-truck in 1/22 scale and this is going to be a very interesting project - these vehicles have something in common.

I've seen your BS gallery - a very promising project, good luck in completing the crane.


Actually I don't think this is my first post here at EB - I've posted this Renault Magnum 1/22 truck MOC - thank you!

I'm very pleased with the offer - I'll make detailed photos when I'll decide to disassemle the crane. I'll let you know

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Nice one!

If creator sets were like that, I'd buy more of them!

How many hours did it take?


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As a mobile crane builder as well, I am quite impressed with this. It definately looks great and I was very surprised you managed to put so many motors in that small space. Also the cabin is very nicely done with tiles. Also the combination of yellow with dark gray works very well :)

I too would be very interested in what's inside :sweet:

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