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Post your entries here for Castle Month's The Elfland's Contest.



  • You have until May 6 (the end of Castle Month) to complete your entry. There will be no extension for this contest and no late entires will be accepted.
  • Use only LEGO brand elements and customs, imitation brands will burn in hell.
  • You can use custom pieces (including Brickforge and Brickarms products, etc...) and decals.
  • You can use sculpey or clay, play-doh, etc... to make hair pieces only.
  • You are not allowed to photoshop in new elements, weapons, hairpieces, etc...
  • Only one entry per member.
  • Post no more that three pictures per entry.
  • Use no more than 100 pieces.
  • a minifig (with torso, legs, hat and head) counts as three pieces. This does not include weapons, capes or accessories.
  • I'll be nice and say that a giant troll counts for one piece.
  • There is no minifig limit (army builders ;-) )

Please post entries only here. Discuss the contest here.

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Since I missed the Impulse contest, I made one for this.

Elf BlackSmith.

Pieces: 24

Price: $3.99$


"What good is an elf army without the weapons?


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Here we go:

Elven Wagon

(exactly 100 pieces! *skull* )

The elf uses his wagon, pulled by a captive troll, to navigate the haunted, mythical forest. There are monsters and creatures lurking everywhere. And the troll's buddy is watching from behind the tree (look at the tree closely ;-) ) and is ready to attack! Who will win?! YOU decide! Comes with Elf, two trolls, landscape, and wagon! *skull*




Thanks, and good luck to everyone! *sweet*

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Hi, I made an Elven creation a long time ago, after some modifications (to fit the contest criteria), I decided to post it.

First time I entered a contest.

Elven Prisoner Transport with Battle Troll

Exactly 100 pieces

The elves are transporting their orc prisoner. A fellow orc and his giant battle troll have come to his rescue.

Includes: 2 Elves, 2 Orcs, 1 Prison Wagon, 2 Horses, and 1 Giant Battle Troll




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Hello Everyone,

For this wonderful forum, i decided to enter into this upcoming anticpatied Elves theme in the exciting Castle Month.

I love the impulse set contest, and i finally built an impulse set for this contest conducted by Hinckley. *tongue*

Name: Elven Weapon Supply Cart

Total pieces: 22 pieces

Every Kingdom will defintely need a weapon cart to transport your weapons! Defend Elven kingdom againest the evil orcs and undead! Don't hesistate, get it now! *sweet*

Overall Artwork




Bits and Pieces


Hope you like this simple creation of mine! *blush*

Edited by WhiteFang

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Here's my entry

Name: elf wizard's secret refudge

price:$15 Aud

Peices 98

Description: The dwarf wizard has taken refuge in a castle's ruins that has been devoured by forest. But not for long as two skellie soldiers have found his hideout! Will the wizard defeat him and be left in peice or will his magic days be over?!

Includes two skellie, a wizard lot of weapons and magical things!





Back (as you can see the i've used the wizard impulse)


This was a bit of a challenge being that I didn't really have the suitible peices but I managed to do it. It took me a couple of ideas using the wizard which gave me inspiration, but I decided to go with this one being it suited the them the best.

The whole idea is that he is taking refudge inside what I tryed to build is the ruins of an old castle that has been eaten up by under growth and nature over the years. I hope you enjoy it! Don't be scared to leave comments!


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My entry:

War Elephant Attack

Shamelessly based off LOTR...

The Crown soldiers are on the war-path with their war elephant! Can the elf, armed with his bow and twin knifes, stop it? Only you can decide! Contains elf, 2 soldiers, war elephant and much more! 77 pieces.





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Cool Contest! Here's my entry! :tongue:

The elves' secret cave is under attack by the evil ghost! Includes 2 elves, ghost, cave and much more. The tree closes over the cave to keep it hidden. The elf warrior has a backwards beard so that it looks like he has long hair from the back.


Edited by LegoJoe

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Awesome contest, heres mine:

Elf Hut Attack

Can the Elf warrior protect the crystals that give the forest life? Or will the trolls burn it down with their torches and functioning catapult? You decide!


Elf Hut Attack comes with two trolls and an elf mini figure, as well as elf forest hut with forest crystals and vine ladder. Also includes troll torches and a real working catapult!

Set include exactly 100 pieces.


I tried to make it as much like a real set as I could, so no illegal techniques, and a realistic minifig number. There needed to be some sort of "playability", so the catapult was included. The 100 piece limit was incredibly hard, it looked a lot better before, even now it contains exactly 100 pieces. Hope you like it, I had a grat time building it :classic:


Batbrick Away! :devil:

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Set Name: Ancient Temple Ruins

Pieces: 97

Deep in the Elflands Forest the mystic ancient temple ruins are hidden. The Elf Prince and Princess have travelled there to gain wisdom from the ancient elven spirits that reside there. Assembly required.




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Hi folks - I've long been skulking around this site, but this contest has really got me going so here it is - my first ever post! I've dusted off the Lego and built my first MOCs in about 5 years, and I was really happy with what I came up with - until I did a brick count :sad: Curse you and your 100 brick limit! :tongue: So after some radical reductions in height, figures, accessories and scenery here's what I'm left with...

Set Name: Elf Queen's Throne

Pieces: 100

The Elvish Queen surveys her Forest Realm from the (recently reduced) heights of her tree-top throne room. You will notice that Elvish architecture is very organic, and forms more of a sculptural structure (integrated with the native flora) than a regular 'building' does. The throne too is natural and simple in style reflecting the Elves' rejection of material wealth in favour of a symbiosis with their surroundings.

P.S. I'll see if I can post a picture of the pre-reduction version somewhere just in case anybody is interested, because it captures my original concept better and includes my versions of some male Elves preparing for battle.

OK - here is the link to the original creation that I had to reduce for the contest:


I'm now going nuts and working on a much bigger version - I'll keep you posted!

Edited by James Markham

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Set Name: Elves' Sacred Rock

Pieces: 86

The guardian of the rock tries to defend it from the evil Trolls that are trying to steal it. Will the Trolls succeed, or will the elf keep them at bay... You decide!



Sacred crystals


Hope you like it! :laugh:

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Set Name: Troll Tree Chopper

Pieces: 100

The Trolls are trying to destroy the Elf forest. Can the Elf scout stop them? You decide!




Enjoy! Good luck to everyone, and thanks to Hinckley for making this great contest :sweet:

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Elf Queen's Flying Griffin Carriage


Price: 8.99 USD

Pieces: 82

This the Elf Queen's griffin-pulled flying carriage! It's being escorted by a brave elf guard. That's good because there is an undead skeleton warrior preparing for an ambush!

Here is a side view of the carriage and a minifig line-up:


And here is a back view of it:


Here, Legolas and skellie are having a battle while Queenie is securing her treasure! :laugh:

Edited by Oky Wan Kenobi

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Elven Border Post

63 pieces

Protect the border of the Elven Kingdom from intruders!



view from the rear:


and another photo:


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Lego Elflands: Naiad Attack

Piece count: 100

There have always been rumours about the Dark Forest among the elven-folk... rumours that something even they cannot fight hidden in the depths of the dark dark trees... Innocently gathering mushrooms, an elf scout stumbles across a sparkling stream. Upon closer examination, the elf spots golden treasures lying seemingly abandoned in the crystal waters. Excitement at this amazing discovery mounting, he reaches out to grab a golden goblet...


But as his hand closes around the goblet, the elf recoils in horror as the calm waters of the stream, now frothing violently, rise up and suck him below the suddenly murky waters. He cries in horror as he sees what is hidden below...


Beneath the waters rises up the evil form of a naiad, or water nymph, to drag the elf to his death. Quickly he releases the goblet and tries to swim to the surface - but it is too late, and he has already seen the skeletal remains of one of his brethren who has met a similar fate. The naiad smiles as she lets loose a water lightning spell to kill the elf. Her golden mermaid's tail glints in the dark waters - it is covered with golden scales made from the treasures of the fools she lures to her doom. Sadly this elf had no valuables to adorn her underwater lair. But the naiad is patient. She knows that all too soon another traveller will stumble across the stream... and she will wield her dark magics again!


Design Notes:

I wanted a small set with some good parts (gold pieces, new dark brown slopes, dark green leaves and bricks) and simple play value (the rising waters are hinged with a technic pin and when fully raised sit against the trees.) I also wanted the figs not to be soldiers so I chose a civilian elf and as an enemy, a water nymph. The nymph is attached to the underside of the water and is only visible when the plate is raised.

Edited by svelte_corps

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Here is my entry

(Sorry but my photography isn't that great)

Elven Parade

Pcs. 51

The royal elves are parading their king, but will the camouflaged troll warrior be able to carry out the assassination? You decide! Includes 3 Royal Elves, 1 Troll Warrior, and 1 Elven King!



But who is this?


The Troll Warrior! Armed with only his light weaponry on his back.

The nimble Troll Warrior ready to take out the Elven King!


The rest of the gallery here!

Vote for me!

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Hey guys!

Here's my entry -Dark Elves Hide Out

87 pieces

4 Figures




More pics when public in my gallery: CLICKY!

Hope you guys like it! :classic:

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Elven Woods set: Tricksy Elves Can Hide In Nasty Woods.

A little slice of life from the viewpoint of the trolls and why they fear even a pieceful looking stump.

I really liked the thought of a brickbuilt version of the stump that was in the wild west sets for people to hide in. I hope you like it too.




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Here I am!

Title: Fight for the Treasure Tree

Pieces: 99 (1 for sticker sheet)




Gallery and pieces count (when public): here.


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Ogre Attack

Pieces: 100


USD $9.99

While searching for a Spying Skull that the Evil Wizard hid in their woodlands an elf scouting party comes across an angry ogre and his treasure trove. The elves need to defeat the evil creature or end up as its dinner. Includes 3 elves, 1 ogre, and a secret opening rock with treasure inside.

Look out!


All lined up.




Edited by Zechariah Legio

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