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First of all, I'm completetly new here and my english isn't perfect.

In the future I will start building an LPE powered car that is inspired by nicjasno and his E30. I'm not sure if I will model an existing car or create a new one, but it will be around the same size of his car.
The gearbox is one thing that I just can't get over. I don't even care about how many gears it has, I mainly need reverse, because that is the only way of going backwards with an LPE car. It has to be RC controlled of course, which is easy to implement in a 1+r, but harder with more gears. The most important thing that it has to feature - smoothness and rigidity. If it isn't compact, then that's not a big deal. It will be powered by an Inline 4 LPE which revs up to 5000 rpm, so downgearing is needed as well.

The other elements of the car aren't built right now because of the lacking parts, but I want to have the blueprints of the main elements of the car before I start building it. I know that I will have enough problems when I will build it, so I try to plan as much as possible before.

If you have seen or have built something like this in the past, please share it with me!

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3 minutes ago, Aventador2004 said:

Use the idea of a reverse / foward gearbox in the Porsche. D. N. R.


What do you exactly mean by D. N. R.?

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Posted (edited)

Also you have topic Gearbox collection tread so you can always scroll through.

Good luck

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