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Mini Tirith

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First things first, guys. Hopefully, some of you remember my Helm's Deep Expanded. (That is, if any of you saw it on BrickShelf when I posted it over the summer.) Granted, it still remains to be my favorite model I've built, but as much as it pained me to do away with it, it wasn't serving any useful purpose. Therefore, on Tuesday morning of December 21, 2004, I deconstructed Helm's Deep and held a brief funeral ceremony for it:

The funeral.

The flower-covered grave.

Minifig KX delivers the eulogy.

The crowd remains in solemn silence.

A box full of every single piece that went into the construction of Helm's Deep.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is it safe to say I'm one of the first people to hold a funeral for their favorite MOC and take pictures of it?

With that out of the way, let's continue..

Shortly after deconstruction, I whipped out the huge green baseplate and made a 1-brick-high plan for the wall formation. Didn't get much further that day (other than the outer wall). The next day was totally spent on an 11-hour Lord of the Rings Extended DVD marathon. Thursday was when the bulk of construction got done; I tell ya, I can't remember another situation where I've slightly repositioned pillars and walls so many times. Late the next morning (Christmas Eve) I put the finishing touches on the city and finished up the mountain. So yes, my Mini Tirith has been sitting on display atop a shelf for nearly three months now and I've never taken pictures until tonight. Why? I procrastonated it, forgot about it, was busy, was lazy... A slew of factors. But I always intended to get it done, and by jove it is done. So enough chatter -- on with the pics.

Introduction with my Knight pals. *thanks to BZPower member Groucho Marx for making an animation outta my photography*

The whole thing.

The gate.

The courtyard.

View of the cliff from a courtyard building.

The Citadel.

The bridge leading to Denethor's pyre.

City from the front...

...the side...

...the back...

...and for the heck of it, the top.

End of the Knights' lil' journey.

So, why did I decide the build this knowing that I wouldn't compare to the Helm's Deep that would have to come down to make way? Few reasons, actually. First, I've never gotten over disappointment in myself for that terrible excuse for a minifig-scale Minas Tirith that I made up over Christmas break the previous year. I soon saw that the city looks at its best when you see the whole thing. Armed with the knowledge that it would take a lot of time and even more bricks to do a proper-scale city, I went with a mini version (which, in the end, turned out a lot less 'mini' than I thought it would). Much inspiration was drawn from the little model of Minas Tirith that comes with the boxed edition of the Return of the King Extended DVD.

I'm pretty sure that's all I wanna say. If I think of anything else, I'll add it in. But anyways, comments? Complaints? Any criticism at all? I'm open for anything.

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Very nice! I really like how you got the right shape of the town in your model! Impressive thing :)

One point of critics though: You should add some mini buildings to the different rings to give a bit more life to this thing, and maybe also some military machines like the trebuchets and so on.

Nonetheless great work!

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Nice work! I was planning to build a small scaled version of Minas Tirith in white, but I think your is just great! I really like how you have done each layer of the city, the outer wall looks the best.

I would recommend making the wall face, which goes right through the city, a bit more rockish, as it currently looks to straight. Also as Apo said, maybe a few houses inside.

But great stuff none-the-less! :)


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