New SW keychains

    By sam89, has new SW keychains of Dath Vader's TIE Fighter, a Y-wing and the Millennium Falcon, all offered in one pack. Hopefully they'll release them separately as well. They're available in November.


    10190 Market Street

    By sam89,

    10190 Market Street is now on S@H.


    Golden 3po contest

    By Jipay,

    The European LEGO Community Development will give all European AFOLs the chance to get their hands on an US SW promotion exclusive chrome-gold C-3PO minifigure and raffles a big bunch of them off!

    To join this raffle you have to do the following:

    Build a scene where the golden C-3PO fits in. The scenery must consist at least of 30 parts and must base on 8x8 (parts may overlap).

    Each participant must be a member of any European Fan community

    Send your photo (maximum file size is 100KB) to "" with the following information


    The golden 3po madness

    By Jipay,

    Well it was forseen. Ebay auctions started to pop up with golden 3po models. The last one was set up at 250 US $.

    You can comment this issue here.

    Hogwarts Castle Set 5378

    By DoubleT,


    Our member Legocastlegirl have made a review of the new Harry Potter Hogwarts set.

    Click Here to read and see more pictures

    And Click Here to buy the set on ShopAtHome

    Many Thanks to Legocastlegirl *sweet*

    Grave Stone

    By Jipay,


    TheBrickster has created a personal web site for his Grave Stone and Legends of the Wild West collection. You may find the site here: Grave Stone *skull*

    Lego MMORG

    By Jipay,


    thanks to legomilk :

    LEGO Universe

    Hi all, yesterday evening we announced the official name for the LEGO Online MMOG (= Massively Multiplayer Online Game) which is LEGO Universe. We had also some press coverage in Danish Television. So I want to give you some sketches, links and information and ask you to distribute these information if you like.

    You can find some sketches here:

    You can find the TV report (in Danish) here:

    then click "nyheder" in the top right, then click on "18.30" under "I g

    K3-PO IS in the Hoth Base set (7666)

    By xwingyoda,

    Guys and Gals,

    TRU's online catalog confirmed the presence of K3-PO 8-

    Brickminer lastest MOC

    By Jipay,

    Brickminer once again decided that TLC wild west line should continue to live. So he made a brand new MOC :


    Yes, it looks more real than the real things :-D

    Discuss it here

    Golden Tower and Aero Booster review

    By DoubleT,


    There are now new reviews the Exo-Force sets, the Golden Tower, and the Aero Booster

    Click Here to see, read and discuss

    Thanks to Hayatoson

    The Irish LUG wants you

    By Jipay,

    If you're Irish, that is.

    Our fellow Norro is trying to create a Lug for this part of the world. If you're Irish, and willing to help him, try to drop by this thread !

    7990 cement mixer review

    By Jipay,

    Our member Cabby got his hands on the new city cement mixer set


    Find the complete review of the set here.

    7092 Skeleton

    Mister Phes
    By Mister Phes,

    Tearing himself away from his Eiffel Tower review Yoda bring us:

    7092 Skeleton

    Market Street

    By Jipay,

    From Jan Beyer (Lego Group) :

    I can see that there are some discussions in the forum about the price of the market street:

    The right price is 89,99 USD or 89,99 Eur.

    Piece count 1248

    Measurements are 33cm High x 25.4cm Wide x 25.4cm Deep

    Market Street was designed by Eric Brok, an adult LEGO fan from the Netherlands.

    Eric Brok, the LEGO fan:

    Eric Brok has been a LEGO enthusiast for 10 years. He designed Market Street after

    he was inspired by another LEGO modular building set, "Caf

    Eiffel Tower (10181) Box Art

    By xwingyoda,

    Guys and Gals,

    I managed to buy the much anticipated Eiffel Tower today and I really think its just *wub* There are no proper words to describe that set, so


    You can view that beauty and comment on the pictures here !!

    French Pride On !!


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