7633 Construction Site review

    By Hinckley,

    member (& new fellow) svelte_corps has posted a review of new CITY set 7633 Construction Site:


    (Image is link)

    Space Police!

    By Hinckley,

    We have new images of the Space Police line:


    Thanks so much to mania3 for the excellent pics!

    Discuss and see more images in this topic

    Pillage the Village Contest - WINNERS - STAFF!

    By SlyOwl,


    And that's the end of Pillage the Village!

    Pictoral Review: 8398 BBQ Stand

    By WhiteFang,

    In less than 24 hours ago, svelte_corps now brought us another fantastic review. This time, it is the 8398 BBQ Stand from the CITY impulse set series. Stay till the end of the review to read through some of his interesting observations pointed in this review.


    Click here to view this review.

    Pillage the Village Contest - WINNERS - CREATIVE CRITIC!

    By SlyOwl,


    Look out for the Staff results tomorrow!

    Pictoral Review: 7685 Bulldozer

    By WhiteFang,

    Our very own Eurobricks Awesome Set Reviewer, svelte_corps has once again done another incredible review. This time, he is doing the new Construction theme from CITY 2009 which is the giant mammoth, 7685 Bulldozer. Be sure to read till the end of the review for some fun LEGO entertainment.


    Click here to view this review.

    The Venator

    By KimT,

    Our member legomilk has found a picture of what could be the upcoming Star Wars set

    8039 Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser

    Edit by Hinckley: picture removed at request of TLG.

    Go here to discuss it - do you think it's real?

    Interview about Eurobricks by Hinckley

    By Bonaparte,

    My fellow admin Hinckley was interviewed by The Brothers Brick and the subject of the interview was (surprise) Eurobricks!

    You can read the interview on TBB and put feedback (if you have any) or additional questions in this thread.

    LEGO.com Pirates Product Page Goes Live

    By Shadows,


    The moment has finally come, LEGO.com has revealed their official product page for the much anticipated 2009 return of Pirates!

    Why don't you take a moment and head on over here. It's loaded with product images, downloads and fun you're sure to want to see for yourself.

    Once you've taken a good look, please return here and let us know what you think!

    It's a grand day to be a Pirate, eh? :jollyroger:

    Radio interview with Steve Witt

    By CopMike,

    For you who hasn´t discovered

    LAMLradio yet, here´s a good start.


    Go here for episod 71 where Steve Witt, LEGO Community Relations Coordinator, is interviewed.

    Eurobricks is mentioned, the future of Harry Potter is told,

    news about LEGO Universe, and how many Castle Advents calenders were actually sold in the US 2008 :oh: ?

    Discuss it here over at the Embassy.


    Pillage the Village Contest - WINNERS - LARGE DIVISION!

    By SlyOwl,


    Look out for the Creative Critic winners soon!

    Pillage the Village Contest - WINNERS - MEDIUM DIVISION!

    By SlyOwl,


    Look out for the Large Category winners tomorrow!

    ARTICLES: Spyrius and Orient Expedition

    By WhiteFang,

    Eurobricks Member, Algernon and Fellow, Sandy has both done an amazing enriching past theme reviews articles which are released in the 1990s,

    Spyrius and Orient Expedition. Check these articles to bring you to memories lane, once again.


    8028 Tie Fighter Reviewed

    By KimT,

    Mutley shocks us all.

    He got his fingers on the 8028 Tie Fighter mini and gave us a fine review.


    Check out the review here

    PTV Winners

    By SlyOwl,

    Speaking of winners...


    Look out for the Medium Category winners tomorrow!

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