8637 Volcano Base reviewed!

    By Hinckley,

    Member svelte_corps has reviewed the awesome new Agents set 8637 Volcano base. Check it out here:


    TLG wants your ideas & suggestions for City themes

    By Bonaparte,

    News brought to us by our Lego Ambassador CopMike - Discuss here

    The LEGO Group (TLG) wants your ideas and suggestions for new themes WITHIN the city_logo.jpg-line :sweet:.

    This is a unique chance for you to give input for the City team! This is for the years following 2010.

    This is the way it´s going to work:

    • Use the document in this link
    • Download it, save it, write your suggestions, save it
    • ONE theme per document please
    • Max. 3 set ideas per theme
    • You can have more than one theme suggestion - just fill in another document
    • You can attach ONE picture per document - max. 250 kb!!
    • That picture can be a MOC or a photo etc - it´s for inspiration/explanation only
    • The age range for the theme should be 5-10 years old
    • Send your documents to me at legomike@spray.se - deadline 21st of July!!!
    • There is no guarantee that any of the submitted themes will make it into sets
    • By submitting this to TLG through me, you refuse your rights on the idea and give TLG the right to exploit the suggestions and submissions in any way TLG may want now and in the future!

    So take this chance to possible change the future of the City line :thumbup:!


    LEGO Universe

    By Hinckley,


    Copmike and I were fortunate enough to meet one of the game designers from LEGO Universe at BrickWorld this year. She's very excited to see a discussion forum dedicated to the game, here on Eurobricks! To welcome her to the site (she's just lurking for now :wink: ) I've designed a new skin for the Universe Forum and started a new thread where you can discuss your thoughts and feelings about the game and what you know about it at this point.

    Thanks and have fun! Universe On!

    Eurobricks has an Ambassador!

    By Hinckley,

    Hello everyone!

    Meet Copmike:


    He is Eurobricks's first Ambassador! Want to know more about the Ambassador program? Well, CopMike has remodeled The Embassy, so check it out! You can see all the exciting info about this year's Ambassador cycle in this thread. Plus, there's much more new information in there, so check out all of the new topics and info! Thanks CopMike for taking the time to re-structure our Ambassador Forum!

    New Embassy On! :sweet:

    Congratulations ImperialShadows and KimT

    By Bonaparte,

    Eurobricks has 2 new moderators...

    ImperialShadows has done a great job as "Global Regulator" these past 2 months, so now it's time for him to become "Global Moderator".

    KimT proved to be a standout "Star Wars Regulator". As of today, he's the new man in charge of our Star Wars forum. He's been promoted to the rank "Star Wars Moderator".

    I invite you all to congratulate them here.

    New pics of 7678-7681

    By sam89,

    There's pics of four new Star Wars sets in the latest retail catalogue. Discuss here. Thanks to hollisbrick for the news!





    10188: Death Star

    By Siegfried,

    EDIT: Now available for pre-order in the US, with a shipping date of September 16th: Shop@Home direct link

    svelte corps has found pictures of the new Death Star playset!



    Discuss here.

    Indiana Jones Month Contests

    By Siegfried,

    As part of Indiana Jones Month we have two contests;

    Design your own Indy Movie! Think up a possible movie for Indy and make a and make a scene or set from it.

    Caption Contest We have an interesting Indy related picture; think of an interesting caption to go with it!

    Pics of New Agent & Coast Guard Sets

    By Hinckley,

    Thanks again to svelte_corps:

    8637-Volcano Base




    See more pics and discuss here

    and thank also to whung for posting this new Coast Guard set



    See more pics and discuss here

    New Star Wars pic

    By sam89,

    Thanks to courleciel in the forums for these new pics of Homing Spider Droid and Twilight! Discuss them here.



    Eurobricks Clone Wars Building Contest

    By Bonaparte,

    The Eurobricks Clone Wars Building Contest is launched by our member Clonecommando007.

    Quickly, click here and find out more about the amazing prizes you can win!

    Indiana Jones Month

    By Hinckley,

    Welcome to Indiana Jones Month! Look for exciting Indy events throughout the month of June. Discuss here.

    New Coast Guard and Agents Reviews and VW Beetle pics!

    By Hinckley,

    Check out Coast Guard sets 7726 & 7737 reviewed by metalandi:


    Coast Guard set 7738 reviewed by 5150 LEGO:


    and Agents set 8634 reviewed by Deinonychus:


    EDIT: and a new review of Agents set 8635 by svelte_corps:


    And thanks to legoman who found images of the new VW Beetle in whung's folder:


    Discuss here.

    Announcement: LEGO Theater forum will soon be restructured

    By Bonaparte,

    We have decided to rename the "LEGO Theater" forum to "LEGO Licensed". The content of this forum still contains licensed theme discussion, but now includes Ferrari and VW sets. All non licensed topics (which aren't many) will be moved to the most relevant forum.

    Also, "The Tie Army" Forum will become a fully fledged forum named "LEGO Star Wars".

    The announcement can be found here.

    The Eurobricks Staff

    New Agents set found and Impulse sets available!

    By Siegfried,

    Lego-Freak has found a picture of a new Agent set. Discuss it



    Also, I Scream Clone tells us that the new Impulse sets are on S@H for a few countries. Read more here



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