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  2. BlueBillCanada

    Microsoft's MakeCode for the EV3

    Hello Michiel On my Windows 10 Pro PC (Intel NUC) with all the latest updates 1809 the brick shows up as an external drive. But on my Microsoft Surface GO it does not. I don't see why any Ethernet over USB would be required but something is amiss. I'll see what I can find and post here. I've never had to install an RNDIS driver (nor does RNDIS show up in my networking section) Agreed, MakeCode is an excellent alternative to LEGO's LabView for people getting started with EV3 programming. It appears to be lacking brick to brick communications but perhaps that can be fixed with an extension. Hardcore programmers will more likely be interested in the official LEGO Python that was recently released. PS: Dear LEGO. Please update your OSX EV3 software to x64 else OSX won't run it in the near future.
  3. Captain Dee

    I feel like Eurobricks is something of an old boys club

    @Mylenium By "lifelike" I meant making digital designs within the realistic limitations of real bricks and renders as close to photography as possible. I agree that a good digital design is one that can be replicated in physical bricks. Whether digital or physical bricks, I get the most viewing enjoyment from designs/builds that encourage me to spend some time studying what I'm looking at.
  4. Markalus

    LEGO 2019 Stranger Things Rumours Discussion

    Curious that the leak has spawned from downunder...or ‘upside down’ to those in the northern hemisphere. And a Toyworld in Perth of all places.
  5. Hi Again, I can not find an unopened boxed set of 42030 in perfect condition. I of course will pay as long as the price is not "over the clouds". I live in Istanbul. Can anyone help me in this? Many thanks in advance, Idris PS: The admins can lead me to a "buying-selling" topic, if any, because I couldn't find one as a newbie.
  6. TomSkippy

    Clipper Bow?

    Haven’t thought much about it, but here are three quick ideas: Brick built with snot (use different slopes to change the angle: A combination of curved 6x1 inverted slopes and 6x2 inverted wedges. shrinking the size and using the 10x12x1 bow. The clipper has a more modern bow shape, you’d be copying TLC’s take on it. You might want to do this anyway... she’s SUPER thin, even with a 12 stud beam the length would still be at least 80 studs (which is pretty huge) PS we’re talking about this HMS Warrior right?
  7. Very likeable hull - though I'm personally not into brick built sails.
  8. Hive

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Some pretty cool new pieces in those sets, thanks for mentioning them.
  9. I see LEGO Technic sets being "stunt racers", they are RC and of course with motors but even the new set can not really go straight, if not going backwards. Well? Why? Yes, in those sets, the line between a LEGO Technic set, being a "toy" or a clever set of assembly and patience becomes very thin, but, Why not make some of these "stunt racers" go incredibly fast with a coomplex differential system? Again, if LEGO is paying millions for car/super car brands like Porsche and Bugatti, why is there not the RC XL motor or an even better "option", created by LEGO? Think about the Crawler, for example. Why does LEGO not produce a powered set for crawler but there are MOCs for it? Don't get me wrong, I applaud people creating MOCs, giving extreme effort on modding the actual sets, and I applaud LEGO for giving way to modders, but, In my opinion, if LEGO creates a powered and RC version of a set, I am sure the MOC experts would work for even better moddings. For example, the 42070 has its flaws. Being a 6*6 Truck, the differential system is beautiful, but even the XL Motor, in my opinion, is not enough. Also the "legs" of 42070 (simply put) create obstacles for a real off-road "experience", while the truck's system is capable. If you take out the "side legs", the truck becomes a real off-roader. But there may be an option to raise the legs fully-up, for example. The 42009 is a gorgeous giant, but it moves by hand. I think this is a real lack. And the crane "ropes"... Why is it fabric? Why not, say a steel-based thread? I am sure the static engineers would make a system that would not break the teeth of the cogwheels, and make, for example 42009, able to lift approx. 25-30 kgs. or more. Those above are only a few examples. What do you kindly think? Many thanks in advance, Idris
  10. So I had to look up what GWP meant....duh. I was expecting a better May the 4th Exclusive. It is not terribly bad, but seem to me it could have been designed better. They could have come up with something an exclusive mini-figure. Regardless I will be getting a Tantive IV for sure. A buddy of mine picked up a signed copy of the Tantive IV at SWC for me, but that will be staying sealed. If they offer double VIP on all Lego Star Wars....I may pull the trigger on the UCS Falcon...maybe...depends on the what I can sneak past the wife.....
  11. soccerkid6

    I'm not afraid of wolves...

    It's cool seeing people start to use the new beehive element in their builds Nice work capturing a rickety look for the old tower
  12. Mylenium

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Have a gander at the back side images on the box here: There is a small insert that shows the red light brick next to the skeleton on the ship, which is in turn placed behind the borded off window in teh aft section of the ship. so it stands to reason that it is meant as some sort of spooky house effect with the window lighting up red as well as settting the mood for the skeleton. Mylenium I'm pretty sure we'll see more colors of both. The coral piece seems to be designed in such a manner that it could also double as a cactus when the holes are plugged or multiple of these elements plugged together act as remnants of trees and bushes. Likewise I expect the fish set to come out at least in yellow and white at some point, as that would make perfect sense e.g. for the Butterfly Fish. There also should be Tan clam shells... Mylenium
  13. This. It takes a lot more for me to enjoy a digital build compared to a similar brick-built build because the actual physical bricks is a really big part of the LEGO hobby for me. That said, people not commenting on mocs does not necessarily mean that they aren't enjoying them. I enjoy many pictures of LEGO every day that I don't necessarily comment on. As others have mentioned, you shouldn't post pictures here with the sole purpose to get fantastic comments. If so, you're doing it for the wrong reasons. And if comments and praise is what you're after, there's other places more suitable/likely to gather such attention - like LEGO groups on facebook, where people can like and/or comment much easier/faster, on the fly on their phones.
  14. Mylenium

    Is crowdfunding the future?

    There's a million arguments pro and contra, of course, but suffice it to say that from my POV the main hinderance always will be how LEGO are actually involved. This makes or breaks everything, regardless of distribution model. Point in case: Even a crowdfunding model needs to be economically feasible in the long run and that simply cannot be achieved if you have to use expensive rare parts off Bricklink or put up with weird pre-order procedures and other shenanigans just because it's not officially tied to LEGO. You can see some of this in the MOC market already. Many times it's really complicated to get from digital instructions to actual models. Yes, someone packing up nice boxes would eliminate some of the worry, but I just can't see it working on a mass level. Also, if you check Kickstarter's statistics, you can see that the majority of projects never make it beyond a certain point and don't come to fruition. Similarly, the games industry is already moving away from early access/ crowdfunding because in the end when everyone does it, the pressures of having to compete for funds kills any advantages and benefits this approach may have had. Same for many more specialized crowd-funded projects like the Raspberry Pi community, where people seem to design new boards every week and ask to fund production. It all only works under certain conditions up to a specific points, but not as a generalized standard business model. For those reasons I think crowdfunding LEGO sets will and should remain an occasional thing that people consider a fun diversion from the norm. If someone did it in a reliable, financially sane fashion, I could totally get behind buying a nice model once a year in this manner, perhaps one that I supported on LEGO Ideas, but that didn't make the cut. I wouldn't want it to be another race where you chase sets for collectibility value, however, or are flooded with too many choices one can't keep up with. Mylenium
  15. It's a beautiful ship. Wish I'd built it.
  16. Nothing major here, just a small build. I'm slowly expanding my little fleet to accompany my nearly complete Venator by Kristof. Pelta Class Frigate Length: 14 studs (~282m in universe) Some additional angles Made a last minute modification to include the turret emplacements on the wings. Once the Venator and accompanying fleet is built IRL, I'll update here with photos.
  17. Servertijd

    [MOC] Persian Drylands

    Hi all, This will be my last MOC for a while Persian Drylands by jesse van den Oetelaar, on Flickr and one alternative, Persian Drylands alternative by jesse van den Oetelaar, on Flickr Thanks!
  18. I've started tinkering with the simple basics.. This is something i'd go for: (The yellow bushings are at the front end and the gear rack is at the back end.) I like having the springs go trough in the middle like that.. I wonder if i can fit a steering servo in the middle somehow.. If somebody wants to help me out a little, here's the Link for the LXF! I might give up on the whole motor in the middle idea because i don't want this moc to be too massive. This is already the max width i'd go for on this front axle.
  19. Lyichir

    Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Personally, I don't mind an off year for Creator Expert fairground sets... I still haven't gotten the roller coaster, so I don't mind not having to decide between it and another brand-new fairground set. To be honest if they are taking a year off, I wonder if the high price of the roller coaster is part of why. The more expensive a set is, the longer people who want it might have to save up for it, so it wouldn't surprise me if the roller coaster has a lot of potential sales that haven't yet been actualized.
  20. Very sincerely, I can only say a big “THANK YOU”, dear allanp. Your huge but most informative comment is incredibly informative like a “newbie-in-the-forum” like me :) The thing I saw and wanted to emphasize in Technic Sets, is that, for example, why not make the 42009, moving with XL motors by RC, like you perfectly showed an example of how real-life giants can be remotely controlled. In that case, yes, there may be up to 4 RC units and a lot of XL motors and other connections, and the complexity would go “haywire”, AND it will be much more expensive, but wouldn’t it be a thrill? And LEGO Technic sets have always been expensive, but so is the Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle.. In that sense, I found the 42030 Volvo, very well thought, even being a 2017 set. In the light of the above, do you think we should look for MOCs or create our owns? Why does LEGO do not get into such sets? Are 3-4 RC sets enough for 2019? Finally, please think about the new Leibherr Giant to be released this August and I will buy it immediately, because this was what I’m talking about and even one of the reasons of this topic. What do you kindly think? Many thanks for your contribution again and, Best Regards, Idris I totally agree.
  21. SuRrEaLNJ

    [MOC] Speed Champs Mustang

    I know this is/was all the rage, but its been a while since i MOCd so i jumped on the bandwagon with a MOD of the SC mustang. I built it while waiting for the creator set to come out, but pictures until now. More pics HERE on flickr
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  23. allanp

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    True true. It's great to he him browsing the site
  24. Apparently I can only speak for myself, but my issue with many digital builds is that they haven't proven that they can work in reality and therefore I'm always skeptical, even more so since my line of work as a 3D artist doing engineering visualizations has taught me a thing or two about how you can a) make a totally rubbish piece of machinery still look good and b) how in reverse you can concoct the nicest machines in a CAD program and in practice they still don't work as expected. That's the reason why engineers still build prototypes. I guess it's that ambiguity that makes me wary about pure digital creations. I don't mean to use it against the OP or anyone who's doing it, but it's just how I feel about the matter. I don't think making them even more "lifelike" would help in any way, as in my opinion it doesn't mitigate the deeper underlying issue. And it would be a pain to actually make digital models look slightly crooked, add subtle variations in color and placement to each brick like they would have when built physically. The effort required to do so could easily rival a full commercial production. Mylenium
  25. jus1973

    Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I agree, since there is a lot of extra fairground style stuff, I think we might be looking at a skip year. Probably just as well, as I don’t think my bank balance can handle the treehouse (when the final model is released) and a fairground plus the other lower priced sets I want for my city scape.
  26. TemjinStrife

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor - FREE INSTRUCTION

    Looks great! Sort of like a "set plus" model.
  27. Bob De Quatre

    Flickr Tutorial

    You jsut have to copy the BBCode from Flickr and paste it directly in the message here on EB.
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