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  2. adwind

    [MOC] Ambulance and Fire Truck

    Beautiful design! I wish I had one of these when I was a kid :)
  3. What the Kyle are you talking about?
  4. TeriXeri

    Ideas for new City sets

    Shops and Restaurants (and vehicles) overall seem to be fairly complicated subject as they are divided between many themes right now, and I don't think they can simply put it all under 1 theme. I think the main advantage of putting some shops under 3-in-1 still are the alternate builds, in the last 5 or so years, there's been multiple shops that turned into entirely different shops with the alternate builds. Recent examples are the 2017 Corner Deli into a Flower Shop , 2018 Sweet Surprises Shop turning into a Swimming Pool, 2019 Petshop/Cafe turning into a Barber+Dentist or Bank, and 2020 again Toy Shop into Flower Shop or another Cake Shop. I'm not saying City buildings can't be repurposed or MOCed into different shops, LEGO used to have basicly 2-3 alternate builds on the back of boxes, now it's up to the builders themselves. 3-in-1 just acts as a little extra guideline.
  5. Alpine Builder

    [MOC] Secret of the Castle

    Thank you all for your nice comments and support! @The_Cook Thanks for your useful feedback. - You are right about the constraints of a real Lego set and its box. But this is a just a first phase, where each author pitches the product idea to the public and to the Lego Group in the best way he can. If the idea gathers enough votes and gets chosen by the Lego, their designers and marketing department will take over the product development. So they will choose the best way to communicate the idea to the buyers, they will probably modify some features of the set and the story behind it (based on their market research), and they will choose what will appear on the box. Many Lego sets have a number of play features, but they always find a good way to show all that on a box. - Since castle sets are in many ways oriented toward boys, I thought it would be interesting to add some elements to this set that are appealing to the girls also. In my view, that can be an advantage of this product idea. - I also agree with what you wrote about medieval conflict - it often involves storming the castle. Since many other Lego castles and fortifications have some kind of gate, I intentionally designed this set to represent the part of the castle away from the gate - the place where the princess would have her room. One can certainly use the secret door as a way for the attackers to enter the castle. Also, this set can be seamlessly connected to many classic modular castle sets, so it's easy to add a set with a gate, if someone wishes to. Of course, if this project gets enough votes and gets chosen, maybe Lego designers will decide to add some kind of gate to it before it is released. - About the stairs and available space in the rooms: I designed this set not just for the kids, but also for the AFOLs who have so many nice memories about playing with classic castle sets in their childhood, and also for the collectors who will maybe see this set as a good addition to their castle collections. Therefore I placed stairs inside, because many AFOLs (like myself) appreciate a higher level of realism. I think there is enough space for the little hands inside, but as you said it is hard to judge without the built model. Making a tower with a larger space inside would result in too wide and too tall tower, which would not look good (because my goal was to make a retro set which looks good when placed next to any classic castle set). As I mentioned previously, all chosen projects will be built by the Lego designers in order to test everything, and anything that needs to be modified will be fixed in that phase of development. Thanks once again for your comments! @Petric_G Now I am really curious to hear your idea :)
  6. pooda

    Ideas for new City sets

    @TeriXeri I can attest to the last statement. Though I do think that as far as shops and restaurants are concerned, they should leave that to City. Creator can stay with houses.
  7. TeriXeri

    Ideas for new City sets

    City/Creator does have some representation of sports in it's sets, it's just not as directly focused as they do with Friends, which have actual sports location sets like gyms and competitions (as MAB posted above pictures) City seems to mainly have focused on winter sports recently with sets like 2018 Ambulance Helicopter, 2019 Snow Groomer and Ski Resort , and advent calendars have some snow/ice sport usually. Beside People Packs (Park/Beach/Outdoor) and the occasional sailing/surfing/diving set, there's not many other sports represented regularly. Creator has had skiing/snowboarding in 1 recent set, a basketball ring on 2 houses, and skateboards/surfboards in various sets but also no major "Sports" locations unlike friends. I also would love to see more minifig horses again, it's been a long time since there's been any regular minifig horses in a non-licensed set. (unlike the Friends-style horses). I think LEGO can easily put things like houses, shops, sports into City if they wanted to, but ever since Friends appeared, some types of sets stopped appearing very little to none at all in City. 3-in-1 could be seen as an extension to City in some ways as it has had actual minifig houses and shops in recent times, but Friends is where the majority of such subjects seem to go (Sports/Activities/Houses/Furniture/Cooking/Jobs/Talent related sets)
  8. Digger of Bricks

    LEGO Collectible Minifigures Dream Series Game.

  9. Digger of Bricks

    Jon Hall's Airplane

    Ah, yes, I remember you mentioning that awhile ago back on @danth's Inspirational MOC topic! Is he a Eurobricks member though?
  10. pooda

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    I'm definately not prejudice. At least we have the option of changing the minifigures.
  11. pooda

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    I mean with characters that haven't been released yet.
  12. Guyon2002

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    I love it when lego does these little crossovers! The Gamers Market is pretty much a people pack
  13. Hod Carrier

    Misadventures in Tilt

    Oh dear, this is starting to get a lot more complicated than I imagined. I appreciate the suggestion to use the EV3 to control the propulsion and can see the benefits to doing so, but I'm not sure that it's necessarily the best option to suit the parameters of this project. What I'd like is to be able to "drive" the train in the conventional manner using either a remote or an app which will require some means of communication between the operator and the EV3 brick, even with a converter cable or the PF Mate. The obvious solution to this is to use the EV3 IR beacon and receiver but, as I mentioned already, it's not very train-friendly. As I mentioned above, the ideal set-up would be for the EV3 brick to "eavesdrop" on the commands sent via Bluetooth from the SBrick app and to interpret these for the purposes of the tilt program. This keeps the control hierarchy in the shape I would like it to be and allow simple user operation. However, this is going to be a rather large task. Some reading reveals that simply to get the EV3 brick to use Bluetooth 4 BLE to enable this level of communication would require an external dongle and the use of ev3dev, which does not support LEGO's EV3 programming language. While I know that this spec allows the EV3 brick to control the SBrick I don't yet know if this means that it can receive and interpret commands from the SBrick app. It would also mean learning how to code using Python or similar; something that I have never previously done. While @Cosmik42's excellent software does allow cross-platform communication, it's not clear to me how it could be implemented into my project. The main thrust seems to be automation and it appears also to require knowledge of at least some sort of programming language. As a consequence, this is something that will have to go onto the back burner as a long-term project and for the time being I will concentrate on the colour tile controlled proportional tilt to give a facsimile of active tilt operation.
  14. pooda

    Ideas for new City sets

    Lack of desire? You mean they don't ask the consumer what they want? They don't even ask children what they want? They just put what they see fit to put out there? No wonder people often criticize them! Well everyone needs a little advice sometimes and Lego doesn't always know what they're doing. If all they need to do is change colors, I wonder why they just don't do that. Not really the same if it isn't City.
  15. Bob De Quatre

    Jon Hall's Airplane

    He's one of my close friends . But I've stopped asking him to post his creations on EB as I knew he won't...
  16. Today
  17. linhhhinl

    The blue brothers

    @Jeroen Ottens I see. Thanks a lot for replying. Dark Blue it is then
  18. lightningtiger

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Street sweeper and ice cream van are totally awesome.......the bulldozer set is another 4+ set......pass. Where's though automotive theme city sets.......I wonder what the service station will look like. It will be our luck we'll need to wait to a toy fair early next year to see......I hope not.
  19. Itaria No Shintaku


    The Piano would be the last, they have to understand wheter they want it to play or not. So, no Piano in the near future. On the other hand, it's quite difficult they chose to make a Pirate Bay in the 30 years of Pirates anniversary and they don't plan to release it in 2019.
  20. K_Tiger

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Was it actually cancelled? I just thought it was a rumor that didn't pan out.
  21. Itaria No Shintaku

    LEGO Collectible Minifigures Dream Series Game.

    Yes you are right, I will asap!
  22. Itaria No Shintaku

    LEGO Collectable Minifigures Future Series Rumours

    I wouldn't be too harsh. Nor I think that weighing them on personal income should be a good move. If that was the case, people who go out of the boundaries of their States to buy in a State where they are cheaper.
  23. Dominic

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Well, those babies are pretty sweet! Street Sweeper: Nice that we have a cheap one (The others were is like 40-60 sets recently, right?) Might get it Mail Plane: Really like it, one of my favorites so far. Nice vintage vibe Monster Truck: Not as obnoxious as the one from last year Ice Cream Truck: Very similar to the Pizza Van from 17. Very nice for a summer town setup Racing Boat Transport: Boats nice, truck looks a little weird with that technic assembly Safari Off-Roader: Really nice, but I guess it means we're not getting a whole safari theme Overall nothing to really complain about with these. Still aren't huge friends with the semi-juniors thing on some of them, that's it. And for those of you who are prejudiced against LCA, they're totally name-free. So now we start looking for summer leaks... EDIT: There's another set (Juniors bulldozer w/ a small crane) on IG.
  24. Terrasher

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'd also like something other than a police station. Unless TLG can make a really original or special police station... idk, it seems a little.... Uninspired.
  25. Bugbot20082

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    Hi everyone I have finally got round to putting up my Hogwarts castle sets concepts that I showed a preview of earlier. It’s a lot of words at the beginning I’m afraid (a bit of an essay actually, sorry), so be warned, you will be reading the thought train of a young engineer having fun solving a puzzle. I’m submitting it in chunks, hope you enjoy seeing the new set ideas when they get added. :) Cheers
  26. The same quality as all the other sets
  27. MAB

    Ideas for new City sets

    For the City sets, I thought they gave advice but have not actually partnered with them, in that the NASA logo is not on the City sets. Whereas the Creator sets are more genuine product partnerships, where they are NASA designs done in LEGO form. I expect the latter to be the case for the Man Utd deal - that they will want LEGO products with Man Utd branding on, to sell to Man Utd fans especially in the expanding Asian market (Man Utd's poor form over the past few years has lost the loads of floating fans in the UK). I would also prefer to see City stay as brand free as possible, outside of made up brands like Octan. I don't think LEGO need advice on how to make sports sets for City, after all they have done a lot of sports sets across various sizes from polybags to larger sets in a City style recently, just in the Friends range. With a change of colours and using minfiigures instead of minidolls, these could all make decent City sets (and this is ignoring the pool and horse riding ones). I don't think it is the knowledge that is lacking here, I think it is the (lack of) desire to make City sports themed sets that stops them.
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