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  2. arijitdas

    Nico71's Creations

    @nico71 both models looks fantastic. Looking forward to the videos.
  3. All scum need to be lynched - we're in agreement on that. But that was not the reason I questioned you. Rather, it was the logic you used to point to Braxton as potential scum that I though was flawed.
  4. Lego-Freak

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Exactly. Of course WW was not in the top five, a theme with less than 10 sets released in July simply cannot outperform themes with 20-30+ sets released throughout the year Well, in overall sales that is, which seems to be the metric they‘re going with. If you take the amount of sets into account (or the success of individual sets), the results would probably look quite different Nonetheless, it makes more sense to publicly report the overall gross since if they reported the relative success of sets within themes, a single set may suddenly enter the top five (e.g. a popular D2C like the Ghostbusters HQ), which would be a weird thing to report. Internally, this information is very useful though
  5. nunofilipe72

    [WIP] Transparent yellow turmeric dyed Lego windshield

    With a little fear, I went to experience ..... Well..... Ran much better than I expected on the right the original trans-yellow part
  6. Because, Hellion or monster, they are all scum, they all need to be lynched, they will all kill town. I do not care which group a scum comes from and I highly doubt that we will find out the allegiance of a scum before we lynch them. Can you tell me why it would matter which team a scum comes from?
  7. Daddy_Stardust

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Stick a life jacket on a ROTJ Luke?
  8. Bregir

    [PA CUP - Cat B - Class 2] Orion

    Cargo allows you to make many trading. A ship with no cargo would in game terms only function as a warship, as there is no in game purpose of a ship that can't trade or can't fight. A little vessel like this would probably be for trading, and should hence have a cargo stat. For a short trip, it could probably jam on some soldiers (if the cargo stat is used for that), but its primary purpose would likely be inshore trade between nearby settlements, I should think. :)
  9. No, I read it right. I don't understand why you think town would not view the two scum teams as separate groups. Or asked differently, why would only scum treat the two scum teams as different groups? They are both scum, but two different teams.
  10. Hod Carrier

    [MOC] D800 Class "Warship"

    @baard Thank you. I'm always happy to share with you all. About the bogies; yes I could make them a little shorter to help with curves, but that would not be quite to scale. I'm happy enough with the performance that I don't think I need to ban R40s completely, even though they do slow the loco down a bit. I shall just have to try some slightly larger curves until I find some that the loco is happy with.
  11. Scarilian

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Considering the Lego art print for Captain Marvel is supposedly 'one of three' does this imply additional sets this year - especially given the QRS/ATS polybag of Tony Stark has not been released officially via Lego. How else would Lego distribute the remaining two art prints? In addition, vaderfan_2187 has posted images of the promotional 'Avengers Compound' - images have been spoiler tagged for size but they contain no spoilers :) Personally i think this is a better version of the Avengers Compound than the retail version. Looks rather amazing and is a nice place to display the team.
  12. Accio Lego

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Yes, exactly, were Star Wars, City and Friends not among the five top selling themes last year? Star Wars and the in house themes do better than themes like Harry Potter overall in part because of the sheer volume of sets available compared to smaller licensed themes. What I’m trying to point out is that ‘how many advent calendars from each theme were sold’ might be a better show of each theme’s relative popularity as opposed to ‘how many sets were sold from a theme with just a dozen sets vs. how many sets were sold from a theme with nearly a hundred sets’
  13. You will need to read that again. I am saying the exact opposite! Only scum would view the two scum factions as different groups!
  14. Thanks . Yes I plan to make a small scene with 3-4 buildings. My main focus is on the buildings themselves, I neglected the ground for the purposes of the photo (as the 'ground detailing' is not part of the planned instructions really beyond the bin) Thanks Thanks . Its from the latest Cantina (75205) set so probably translates into something unrelated to the building, but I thought it gave it more of a SW feel. I realised I didn't include a photo of the dark orange door. Now edited the main post to include it. Also - I didn't take a photo of the dome piece removed (I did describe it). Under it is a black 4285 piece sitting on a tan 6143 piece - making the roof customisable giving it a 'big vent' feel.
  15. This logic seems flawed to me - as far as I can see, there are three or four factions at play here - (1) villagers, (2) monsters, (3) hellions and (possibly) (4) third party. I don't see how you jump to the conclusion that scum would view the two scum factions as a single group, unless you have information that the rest of us aren't privy to? Furthermore, any certainty from Braxton about there being a fourth group would suggest that Braxton is the third party, not one of the scum factions. As pointed out already, scum would not know with any certainty that a third party was in play. Either way, there is enough I think to suggest that Braxton is not necessarily aligned to the villagers, therefore: Vote Braxton Bear
  16. chrisb2012

    Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'll be honest i'm beginning to wonder if there will be a fair ground ride this year, the creator 3 in 1 seems to have taken on a lot of smaller rides, also very little info on the new one about...
  17. MajklSpajkl

    Nico71's Creations

    Wow, fantastic work on both - the forklift and the Honda!
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  19. Chocolate Frog

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    I feel like we're getting plenty of sets, I'd like them to keep going at this rate. Too many sets might overdo it.
  20. These weren't available in lbg back then and I am not sure if they are available now. Structural reasons are most important reason for which I did not use more inverted tiles though; I could - even with standard inverted 2x2's - but it was just too fragile. Even now plenty of people complain about low structural integrity of the model and I cannot blame them...
  21. Stormfury

    Custom CMF Drafts by Me

    Awesome job!
  22. keymaker

    Nico71's Creations

    I am esspecially interested in D model of 42082. It looks great. I see 4 levers, so I assume therea are 4 automatic functions. What is the fourth one (lowering/uprising of the fork, tilting the fork, expansion/narrowing the fork and ....)? P.S Honda also looks terrific.
  23. JoeChu1980

    [N10 - Commenor - TCR] Dukoolar's Reassignment

    Yes, exactly, to measure and cut the transparent bar. As you see, suitcase can pack tile, means inner height = 1h =3.2mm, it's one bar diameter; and the case can fit 1x2 tile, means inner width = 5h, there're 5 bars space :) More fun is, to filter those air bubble end, keeps it within, will pretty looks like the core inside :p
  24. The differential should look something like this (ignore the different colours) once all three half-bevel gears have been slotted in:
  25. en_zoo

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Congrats @de Gothia and a big thanks to @Henjin_Quilones for organising. Also well done to all those who participated! The sun finally shines here and Berlin turns green again, which is why I tend to go out, forgetting my bricks.. I can't blame myself, really I'll be off my bricks for the whole of June and then again at some point in the summer, but curious to see the next challenge. Keep it on, Avalonians! May the dragon long fly!
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