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  2. hjxbf

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    Yes, I happen to have access to TLG board decisions, lawyer letters and emails between the parties...🙄 I could have spent an hour typing out several markers of why this can be perceived as a hostile takeover, I chose to post my own summary. The key point being that this transaction is definitely good from TLG's point of view, but is most likely to the disadvantage of the end user (us). You are at liberty to classify that as speculation, analysis, opinion or downright garbage 😊 The proof lies in the future. What will TLG do? 1) Will they develop Bricklink further, use the data within the platform to make available a greater variety of products and pieces, at an average lower cost and better availability, by e.g. actively tailoring their own production to alleviate scarcity in brick availability? This would be VERY good news for the end user, and increase TLG's revenue. 2) Or, will they impose limitations on how Bricklink is used, by restricting flexibility, availability etc. in order to steer demand towards the point of highest revenue. Such as disallow new sets to be resold while they are still in production, to curtail resellers buying bulk while discounted and then undercutting TLG's standard price later? Or disallow reselling exclusive pieces which they want us to buy an expensive set to obtain, such as Porsche rims, Powered Up components, rare colours, etc? This would be VERY bad for the end user, and increase TLG's revenue. Alternative 1 is nearly unprecedented in business, hence I find that very unlikely. Alternative 2 is very common, and is what I expect to happen. In which case it bears all marks of a hostile takeover. I would be delighted to be surprised in this matter!
  3. I wish everybody Merry Christmas with the final pictures of the loco.
  4. Aurore

    Ideas for a CMF Advent Calendar

    She looks great! Very nice scarf and beanie. Side note : if only TLG would make as many bird recolors as you do…
  5. jalemac34

    [MOC] Santa's Home

    So reallistic I really like the color Very good job....
  6. Aurore

    [MOC] Mitgardia Advent Calendar

    Day 16 : Ice Hole Fishing is much more than just catching fish for dinner. It's also a peaceful moment when a man can meditate, think about the great things in life, and question his place in the universe. At least, that's what Mitgardian husbands say. Previous | Next
  7. 51'' Ocean Eleven had the kickoff for the second half, and while they have lost the ball now, they made a better impression to me in these first six minutes. What do you say, Tiny? Same here, Jim. The ball is now with Baracca, but Caldwell and Catton had played a good series of passes previously. 57'' And again, this might look like a repetition from the first half, but the Eleven give a much harder fight. Slegers and Montoya try their best, but they can not overcome the defense this time. Fangio has been taken out of the game entirely, closely guarded by Tishkoff and Yen! 61'' La Mer is showing her brilliance, taking the ball and control of the game! A quick pass to Robin, then back to Ryan, who does one of his famous kicks far into the midfield. 63'' Catton takes it, and for once Weelonds midfield is overcome! 64'' True that, Tiny. Only three minutes since they have taken it, and Ocean Eleven has moved the ball all over the field, taking the fight close to the Regimentals' goal. 67'' Luis Fernandez is the last stop on this trip. Stopping the Elevens offensive dead on its track, he is passing to the „Boy Wonder“, Robino Grijszon. Also called „Nino“ he is looking for somebody to pass to, while calmly defending the ball against the Malloy brothers. 70'' Apparently Nino made a misstep, for Casey Malloy could just sneak the ball from his feet. With his brother Scott Ocean Eleven is close to striking back! 76'' Half the stadium is a sea of white and blue – Ocean Eleven made it! The Malloys kept the ball between them, only for Don Tarr to sweep in from the side. Taking a pass from Scott, the „Basher“ finally scored! After a pretty onesided first half Ocean Eleven is back into the game, and keeping it pretty tense! Time is running out though I fear. 78'' The Regimentals don't risk anything: instead of playing it safe they go for another push to the goal. 79'' Yen is stopping this advance, „amazing“ indeed. Passing it to Tishkoff, who in turn forwards it to Caldwell. 84'' Six minutes left, and Ocean Eleven has the ball in midfield, Caldwell and Catton keep control of the ball, looking for an open man in offense. With some luck and overtime they might score again. 90'' No overtime for the second half, and the game ends where it started: with the ball on the foot of Baracca. The Weelond Regimentals have earned this 3:1 victory, and I don't dare think what their coach is doing to the poor players from Ocean Eleven. True that, Tiny. Their coach Abbé François is known for many things, but forgiveness is not among them! It's late, Jim. See you tomorrow, and no more horsemeat for you!
  8. Jaromir

    LEGO Speed Champions 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Hi guys, there is a video on YT with new Audi Quattro lego model. At the end of video, where we can see the whole box content assembled from distance, the drivers helmet looks much different than the usual one. Is it because of the camera angle and game of light & shadows, or is it some new mold, or old which I have not seen before? Check the link below, time 11:25.
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  10. Day 16 : Sweet Fairy Previous | Next
  11. pantelis

    Castle Birlinghoven

    very well done this creation..i like the colors and the main building!!!
  12. Oh yes - I will be there. Together with my trusty old camper all the best Henning M.
  13. steph77

    Steph77's Moc corner

    Back on this project Take 02 I spend last days to work on different fronts for this moc. I prior worked on the design aspect, trying to ensure to keep a real inner space for this one, wich is the real deal when building functional helicopter. And I am still not satisfied actually. In order to make this goal I had to find some routing for the rotors commands. I first tried to locate them on front nex on the underside and I finaly get this conclusion that the only good position is on the rear tail (the orange joystick). Note that actually both of collective cyclic and tail rotor are driven and connected to a command somewhere. But not where it is supposed to finally be. So next step will be to put all those tricky thing in the right order. Easy to say, harder to do. Here are some picture of that thing actually. As us military used to say about the Huey : 'What you see is what you get' First: size comparison. The huey is a very lightweight model compared to the 169 Rear engine housing (fake) and final joystick position. note that I am trying to realise the sliding door and for this reason I had to work with smaller panels size. The general skyline is slowly taking form Sorry for the pictures quality... New noze already done view of the interior. Still trying to empty this area. compared with my previous huey, this one is about 3/4 smaller... Final overview for today. Uncontestably a huey. So much work to do... Steph.
  14. Interesting setup. It sure spin much better. I think this finding is more suited for RC vehicle but it is also its limitations because the torque transmitted relies on friction between the 3mm diam. axle and the bearing... I like it anyway
  15. Hold0511

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    Exciting and can't wait to see the next iteration, I love seeing the magic of people's WIP and thinking, especially when the end models are so awesome.
  16. Hold0511

    Maintenance of UCS sets

    Yup agree with KevinMD on both his points, a decent make up brush works wonders (buy new though...may seem obvious but just in case), I've a mix of sets with and without stickers (I've never been able to bring myself to attempt the x-wing canopy sticker) but where I can I've tried to either bricklink a spare set of genuine stickers for those sets I have out permanently for any potential replacement need or as KevinMD comments bought replacements from other sellers (or where I have BL'd an older UCS I've had to use those anyway). I rotate all my sets in terms of placement and any impact of light - I try to keep sets out of direct sunlight but even so I move them around every few months - some of the older sets stickers are now starting to look a bit aged, but I prefer to leave them be - if they get that bad then Ill probably break the set down, give the bricks a gentle wash and then use the replacement stickers on the rebuild (I've done the same process on BL'ing older UCS sets).
  17. Group A, Game 3: Ocean Eleven vs. Weelond Regimentals With the kickoff going to the Weelond Regimentals, and a short whistleblow, the game is a go! 4'' Paul Baracca to Alberto Verde to Gijs Reyngout – the Regimentals' midfield is wasting no time, moving forward in an initial attack that supposedly should leave the Eleven no time to get into the game. It seems to work, Jim. Fangio has taken the ball, playing around Shaobo Yen from the Eleven, whose yellow card seems to make him somewhat less amazing. 7'' Danielé „Danny“ La Mer, captain of the Eleven, tries to stop Fangio, who is rushing to the goal on his own... ... but she can not stop him. Another early goal, seven minutes into the match! Weelond leads 1:0. 10'' To me it looks like the Regimentals are on a roll. Taking the ball off Ocean Eleven, who really stand no chance against them in midfield, the team from Weelond is heading towards their opponents goal once again. Matt Caldwell and Bernie Catton from the Elevens midfield are playing particularly poorly today. They better get their act together, or coach François sends them back to prison in halftime already! 15'' Jan Slegers is leading the charge, with Fangio close behind him. „Cabin Boy“ Robin and La Mer are in their way, and for now the defense seems to hold. 21'' Not for long, Jim. Mauricio Montoya appeared out of nowhere right in front of keeper „Rusty“ Ryan, taking a pass from Slegers and finishing the attack with a shot that Ryan had no chance in holding! Weelond Regimentals are leading 2:0. 24'' I see a repetitive pattern here, Tiny. Ocean Eleven has lost the ball again, this time to Gijs Reyngout, one of the most versatile players in the Regimentals' team. Passing to Victor Rey, the direction is clear: another offensive action, another goal for Eslandola! 28'' I see what you mean, Jim. Fangio was falling back to midfield again... ... he likes to play an offensive midfield... ... and is now forcing his way through the Elevens defense. 31'' This time they are up to the challenge! Elliot Tishkoff stopped the attack with one quick tackle, then passing to Yen, who shows no signs of restraint anymore. 36'' Just in time to initiate an offensive of Ocean Eleven, at last! 42'' Well, Tiny. Maybe this offensive was meant as a wave by Ocean Eleven, to swoosh over the field. Alberto Verde, Weelonds dependable defensive center back, is the bulwark it broke against. Taking the ball off Caldwells foot, Verde turns the flow of the game around! 44'' Weelond has the ball in the penalty area already, they can only hope for enough time to score once more before the time is up in the first half! 49'' And score they did, Tiny. With plenty of overtime we have just seen another goal, for a 3:0 lead of the Weelond Regimentals right before the halftime break.
  18. Well, I'd say the old extension ring is compatible, because it can still serve as a proxy between the old driving ring and the new clutch gears. In fact, when you want to engage the clutch side of a 4L differential with a 20T clutch gear, using a 2L driving ring with an old extension ring is the better option over using the 3L driving ring, because of its extra length. Using the 3L driving ring will give you so much slack that it will slip (image courtesy of @Attika). I used this myself in a centered heavy-duty manual 4-speed AWD gearbox recently and it works perfectly ( file here, see the spoiler for the non-AWD version).
  19. Robert8

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    Hmm Interesting take, but what about the SDCC exclusives? Or the promo polybags? Those doesn't have anything removed. The figure is the whole product It will be interesting to see if HASBRO takes action on this
  20. Will_Heredia

    Greetings from a mexican AFOL

    @Reaper Thank you! I'm glad to know that they are shareworthy :) @Robert8 How kind of you to use spanish :) See you guys around!
  21. No it isn't quite, its too long to fit inside the new style gears which have clutch holes on both sides. Old extension ring+new style gear=more than 2 studs in length
  22. Try inserting a frictionless pin into an older, dark Grey 16 tooth gear and a newer red 16 tooth gear, and you will see.
  23. cehnot

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    I finished the wings and engines. Worked on the gearbox and rear body. The side panels need reworked. I realize now I need to fix things. At some point I deleted critical parts to attach the plates that fit in the panels. These plates had 2 connection points before I built an internal frame and I must have hid them to work on other areas. The frame inside the front side panels may need to go away in order to properly connect them. My file has been updated, but I am not going to release it until I am quite happy with the updates. The new wing structure works better than my original. I modified the gearbox to use a thicker gear because of loose parts shifting inside I only had to raise it 1 brick to get a fatter gear to fit. This did not affect the size or shape. I had plenty of space to make adjustments. I will share photos of the WIP later this week if I solve the side panels. still waiting for parts to complete the side panels. Made 9 different orders and missing 4. Fortunately I ordered things based on sections so I could build each area and modify it as I need. The file does contain new changes and solutions such as a more detailed internal engine area below and behind the r2 unit seen in the cutaway drawings.
  24. Welcome everybody, I hope you have a relaxed 3rd Advent. Merrynight is fast approaching, and so is the end of the first round of the BTSC 619. I am Jim Napier... ... and this is „Tiny“ McCoy. We will be your commentators for tonights game. The contrast between both teams could not be bigger! On the one side we have Ocean Eleven, a bunch of prisoners coached by a pious man of the Order. On the other side the Weelond Regimentals, respected football veterans, led by a known drunkard and pineapple addict. Ocean Eleven started with a crushing defeat into this years tournament, while the Weelond Regimentals could not get more than a draw out of their first match. Both teams should be eager for a victory today. Let's have a look at the teams player rosters: Ocean Eleven – A3 M1 D5 Weelond Regimentals – A3 M5 D4 Brad „Rusty“ Ryan (Keeper) Danielé „Danny“ La Mer (D) „Cabin Boy“ Robin (D) Elliot Tishkoff (D) Shaobo „The Amazing“ Yen (D) [YC] Carl Bloom (D) Matt Caldwell (M) Bernie Catton (M) Don „Basher“ Tarr (A) Casey Malloy (A) Scott Malloy (A) Abbé François (Coach) Cuju Tsu-Chu (Keeper) Luis Fernandez (D) Robino „Nino“ Grijszon (D) „Pegleg“ Pedro Piccio (D) Raul Baracca (M) Alberto Verde (M) Gijs Reyngout (M) Victor Rey (M) Fangio (just Fangio) (A) Jan Slegers (A) Mauricio Montoya (A) Patch Verlander (Coach) I am very curious for todays strategy of Ocean Eleven, Tiny. They suffered a yellow card in the last game – will this affect their approach to the game? We will see, Jim. So far this means nothing, as long as their defense is careful to not get another card. Coach François has preached them quite a sermon on the topic I guess. I wonder if prayers alone can do anything for them. Ocean Eleven is hopelessly outmatched in the midfield, they can only hope for their defense saving them whenever Weelond is attacking them. As you like to say: it is not all about statistics, Tiny. You have a point though, on paper it looks grim for them. Well, we will see how it turns out on the field. Speaking of which: both teams are on the field, the game is about to start!
  25. Robert8

    Ideas for a CMF Advent Calendar

    16. Snow Woman Part assortment (7 pieces): New beanie piece. Broom piece. Recolor of the bird mold. Ninjago Movie Jay's scarf. Molded head and bottom "legs" piece introduced with the Series Ñ Snow Man. Regular torso.
  26. rm8

    [TCM1] 8081 110 Pickup

    That's what I like. Your model is the most conservative redeisgn among all others. So, how many projects we have now except your and @HorcikDesigns, @johnnym, @sirslayer?
  27. Gray Gear

    DNR Shifter Issue

    Instead of asking how to do the most basic things work you should be trying things yourself like almost everyone else here. I dont want to offend you, we all start somewhere, but the way you built that that shifter housing makes you seem really inexperienced.
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