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  2. Robert8

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Really?! The very same set that was rejected 4 years ago for mature themes now has been approved? Hmmmm weird things are happening in Billund Who knows, maybe we'll get a Playboy Mansion D2C set in a few years
  3. MonsieurCaron

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    I did a one day expo today, so I went with less stuff than last time. I builded a station for the monorail to stop and take passenger using the PoweredUp (Batmobile) and WeDo 2.0. The monorail did over 600 stops, I had to change batteries once and they died 15 min before closing. Pretty proud of that little ride! Scratch GUI : Batmobile Powered Up:…/La-Batmobile-telecommandee-par-appl… WeDo 2.0:
  4. Jevil

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Even if the theme doesn't fit your particular tastes, on the upside, you'll have more new colors and elements to create something that does, combined with pieces from your collection, and your Builders' Savvy!
  5. WetWired

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Hey guys (Brent Waller, creator of LEGO Ghostbusters Ideas set) Some of you might remember I submitted my X-files moc 4 years ago (nearly to the day) and it was rejected for mature themes. After seeing Stranger Things come to Lego with similar themes I thought I'd submit X-files again and this time it was approved and is now up for voting! LEGO X-Files by Brent Waller, on Flickr
  6. We are one third of the way there! Uh oh, I've been found out! Thank you! Cosplay mafia was my first game on Eurobricks, and I've got fond memories of it, def.
  7. So when can we start to expect the next/2020 wave of dc sets. I’m just curious because I want to see if any JL sets are coming out, I’m sick of Batman sets just with OCCASIONAL JL members and just new outfits.
  8. Took me less than a day! You can even print out a blank template and do it by hand. I would have done that, but this was for an assignment. The A3 Report is not about showing others about how a process is done. It about having a problem and coming up with a solution to remove the root cause of the problem. After I labeled my bins I don't think I could ever go back. It lessened frustration of finding bins and shaved minutes off my storing time. That is the beauty of the A3 Report! Any AFOL unhappy with their sorting or storing process can use a blank template to help them with their unique methods and problems.
  9. WetWired

    LEGO X-Files

    An update to this, after the Stranger Things lego set I thought I'd resubmit my X-files moc and this time it was approved and open for voting!
  10. wesker

    Updating Your Minifigs

    The Geonosians look so much better with the new legs.
  11. [Continued from previous] The team of horses eased into their load at his command and they once again rounded the front circle before turning down the long straight drive. The long line of fountains splashed noisily beside them and numerous songbirds chirped as they flitted and fluttered among the flower gardens that flanked them on both sides. No one spoke, for the view along the drive from atop the wagon seemed too good to waste on idle conversation. As they neared the mouth of the drive he turned to Olivia and broke the silence by saying, "Lovely day for a ride, aye?" She looked at him for a moment and then said thoughtfully, "Jay... every day of freedom is a lovely day." He returned her gaze as they passed under the large gated entryway, nodded and smiled, and said, "Yes, of course. Every single day." After riding a bit farther he looked back over his shoulder and playfully asked Marianne, "So... what are we learning today?" "Spelling," she replied with a smile. "Elise, dear, we probably should be starting with your lessons." "Spelling?!" he exclaimed, wide-eyed. "Oh, no! I might have to jump off!" Elise giggled and both Olivia and Marianne laughed. Jay grinned to himself -- he fancied himself to be a good speller -- and proclaimed, "Before you can learn to spell, you must first know the alphabet. A-B-D, F-M-G, Q-R-P, T-U-Z." To Elise he asked, "Did I miss any?" She giggled again and exclaimed, "That isn't how it goes!" Marianne smiled, shook her head sympathetically and said, "Don't worry, Jay, I won't ask you to spell anything longer than 'cat.'" "Cat, dog, cow, pig, I cannot spell words that big," he immediately countered. Elise giggled gleefully, unaware that he was acting silly just to hear her laugh. He turned again to Marianne. "If I disrupt class, will you make me wear the dunce hat?" She glanced at his tricorne and without as much as a blink immediately said, "You're already wearing it." The four of them burst into laughter. Finally he announced, "I'm going to set in the corner and pout about it," and turned again to face forward. Elise seemed thoroughly tickled and giggled for a bit longer. Jay nudged Olivia with his elbow, tipped his head toward the back, and grinned. She smiled knowingly but said nothing. After a minute Marianne opened one of the books and began the lesson for the day. She asked Elise to spell a set of three-letter words to get started, followed by a longer list of words containing four letters, and then a bunch that contained five letters. She would stop as needed to offer correction, but the child seemed to be doing quite well. Jay and Olivia rode in silence and listened, and occasionally exchanged glances and smiled. Eventually he leaned over and murmured in her ear, "I'm glad she came along." Olivia grinned mischievously and whispered, "Marianne?" "You little devil," he chuckled, and then corrected her by saying, "No, Elise, you silly goose." After a pause he murmured, "Well, both of them, actually." "She's rather cute, don't you think?" Olivia whispered teasingly. "Yes, she is," he played along quietly. "She's the cutest seven-year-old I've ever seen." "Jay!" she murmured, "she's seventeen, not seven!" "And she's just now learning to spell?" he asked in feigned surprise. "Goodness me!" "No, no, she's just now teaching to spell, and to read and write," Olivia whispered. "And I think she likes you." "Yes, I know she does," Jay murmured. "Especially when I read her a bedtime story." "You... you put her to bed at night?" Olivia gasped, wide-eyed. "Yes, of course. Every night," he murmured. "And sometimes her sister, too." He suddenly turned his head to see Marianne and Elise staring at them with amused looks on their faces. "Ahem. Ah... how are the lessons going?" he asked awkwardly. "Don't let us interrupt you two." "If you whisper any louder, we just might hear you," Marianne said with a trace of a smirk on her face. "She started it," he said accusingly and stared at Olivia. "See? Now you've gotten us in trouble." Olivia laughed and shook her head, and after a moment he laughed with her. "Tell her to keep her naughty gossip to herself," he added. Marianne tilted her head to one side, smiled, and said, "Perhaps you should apologize to whomever you were gossiping about." Jay chuckled to himself, winked at Olivia, and said, "Marianne, Elise, I'm sorry Olivia was talking about you." "Perhaps you should speak for yourself!" Olivia laughed. "Just ignore them, Elise, dear," Marianne smiled teasingly at Jay as she spoke. "They'll learn to behave themselves one day." Elise giggled nervously, somewhat confused, and the others finally laughed with her. Once everyone had settled back down, Jay and Olivia turned to face forward, and the lessons reconvened atop the wagon. Marianne would call out a word, and Elise would try to spell it back to her. Back and forth their voices went as the team of horses marched steadily onward toward the plantation. The heavy wagon creaked faintly under the weight of the load and swayed gently over the uneven ground, up and over the hills and through the woods, down through the swells and across the bridges, and they soon found themselves traveling through the fields on the outskirts of the plantation. Marianne closed her books and announced: "Now we'll try spelling some of the things we can see." She paused and looked around. "Spell 'horse.'" "H-o-r-s-e," Elise replied confidently. "Very good," Marianne smiled. " Now spell... 'fence.'" "F-e-n-s-e," Elise replied slowly. "Almost," Marianne smiled again. "F-e-n-c-e." "Nonsense!" Jay exclaimed suddenly. "She spelled it correctly!" Olivia pressed a hand to her mouth to keep from laughing out loud. Marianne looked up at him and grinned. "Perhaps you should let Olivia drive. I believe you need to study with us," she teased. He chuckled and looked at Elise. "No, she was right. 'Fence' is spelled f-e-n-c-e. And I'm sorry to interrupt. Do go on." Marianne smiled at him and said to Elise, "Spell 'wagon.'" "W-a-g-" she paused, unsure, and finished with "o-n?" "Yes! Very good!" Marianne beamed. "Now, spell... " She paused, leaned over, and whispered in Elise's ear. Then she straightened back up and said, "Spell 'turkey.'" "J-a-y," Elise said and immediately begin to giggle. "Hey!" Jay exclaimed in protest and spun to face them, and Olivia and Marianne laughed along with Elise. "Well, if I am a turkey, then all you silly girls are a bunch of... of... peacocks!" he countered. He winked at Elise. "Spell that." "J-a-y," she repeated and giggled all the more. Olivia laughed and stroked his hair. "Jay, you have such beautiful plumage," she teased. "Yes, I know," he chuckled and gently smacked her hand away. "Don't touch, or you might muss my tail feathers." Then he turned to face Marianne. "Somehow I don't remember school being quite this light-hearted." She smiled and said, "Perhaps you just didn't appreciate it like you should have. Most schoolboys don't, you know." His smile rapidly faded. "Oh, I appreciated it, all right, but perhaps a little too much, if I may say so." He turned once more to face forward and abruptly changed the subject before they had a chance to question him. "Ladies, behold the plantation! Feast your eyes upon its fruited splendor!" [To be continued]
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  13. Digger of Bricks

    LEGO® Ideas 21311 Voltron

    With TLG now having partnerships with both Netflix (via Stranger Things) and Dreamworks (via next year's Trolls World Tour theme), would Lego possibly consider following-up Ideas' 21311 Voltron with anything based upon Netflix/Dreamworks' Voltron: Legendary Defender TV show? While I know the show just wrapped-up with its Eighth and Final Season back in December, is it still relevant enough for such if Lego wished to do so?
  14. Digger of Bricks

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    I believe there is no image of the set as of yet, as this is all we have so far: Brickset - 60203 Ski Resort
  15. Bludchylde

    DIGGER Construction Roller Coaster

    I love this. And my four year old will definitely be excited when I show him this tomorrow. I especially love the guy in the porta potty while it is being held up in the air by a crane.
  16. Aanchir

    Happy 30th Anniversary PIRATES!

    I don't think any of us can know for a fact what LEGO is or isn't doing this year when there's still so much that hasn't been announced. That said, I think a lot of times people have unrealistic expectations of how many of their anniversaries LEGO can really justify a big promotional campaign for. They've been around for decades and introduced easily over 100 themes during that time. So they have to be somewhat selective about which anniversaries to focus on. For the most part their major anniversary celebrations seem to meet at least these three criteria: It's an active theme/series/category that will be getting new products that year one way or another It's the anniversary of something that has maintained a fairly stable presence from its launch to the present day ("20 years of X" packs more punch than "20 years since X") Its introduction was a significant "first" even beyond the context of that particular theme. Loosen those criteria and they could quickly wind up with dozens of anniversaries to commemorate each year! I'm not saying LEGO Pirates sets wasn't a big deal — but so were the LEGO brand name (75 years old this year), the Automatic Binding Brick (70 years old this year), LEGO windows and doors (65 years old this year), LEGO sets with instruction manuals (55 years old this year), LEGO 12V trains (50 years old this year), the LEGO "Maxifig" (45 years old this year), LEGO Fabuland (40 years old this year), LEGO Belville (25 years old this year), LEGO watches and buildable action figures (20 years old this year), etc. Celebrating so many anniversaries every year based simply on how long ago they happened (rather than how long they lasted) could end up reducing excitement for the bigger, more extensive milestones LEGO tends to celebrate like when they successfully maintain a single system of parts, a single figure standard, a single theme, a single brand name, or a single brand partnership for however many decades.
  17. Bludchylde

    Quadruple crossing automated by Arduino

    I'm not sure which I enjoyed more, the properly working setup or the fails compilation. Watching it go was just amazing. I've never got much into the trains, but it is really impressive some of the stuff I see. I almost woke the kids laughing at the fails video. I could hear them start to stir upstairs.
  18. -Thank U for liking this work! -These pictures are made by -The pictures for the internals have not been made, I am so sorry for that. -this work must be built in real life. Thank U for liking this work! I will build it in real life as fast as I can
  19. Bludchylde

    DR Wagon

    Am I right in thinking that the door handles are the handles for the buckets (part 95344 I think)? If so, how do you get them in there? I'd be afraid of breaking them.
  20. Seems like a lot of work. Maybe it'd be good for explaining how you sort to others, especially if you wanted to teach someone how to sort your collection, but all of that I have in my head before I begin sorting, so taking the time to organize it in a visual fashion would not be a good use of my time were it just me sorting. However, everyone has their own styles of organizing things, and if this works for you, awesome!
  21. 9v brick master

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    I cant find the leak images of the ski resort can someone tell were I should look thanks
  22. Daedalus304

    10-wide 4-6-0 C&O 377

    I'm very happy to see you finally got the time to build an engine to run on your awesome track - doubly so since it's a very fine piece of work. Your mention of a Christmas train set my expectations for the model perfectly, it looks like an ideal little Christmas time engine and it's got that "familiar" feeling in the scale you chose. Of course, I'd take this in a heartbeat over any of the usual trains they sell around Christmas time.
  23. I just had a thought that it would be cool to see Brickheadz landmarks, like Mount Rushmore and other famous landmarks based on people.
  24. lostdriveway

    DIGGER Construction Roller Coaster

    Hi folks, I would like to share with you my newest Roller Coaster "DIGGER". It was displayed this weekend at the BrisBricks Morayfield Brick Expo and will be displayed later again this year at Chandler. The coaster uses the CDX Blocks track and everything else is LEGO. You can see more on my Instagram page @brickcoaster and @stewbricks Video at the end. Thanks The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr The DIGGER Lego Roller Coaster by Stew Costello, on Flickr
  25. ProvenceTristram

    [MOC] [INSTRUCTIONS] UCS Tantive IV - CR-90 Corvette

    I didn't read the whole thread, so this may have been asked: how fragile is it? Does it have a technic core?
  26. Ankoku

    GBC General Discussion

    You need to align your Universal Joints. e.g. make sure the slots are on the same side as each other.
  27. Brickable LEGO

    LEGO Technic Tutorials, Tips & Tricks - Index

    NEW VIDEO + Building Instructions Enjoy
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