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  2. Legocity2713

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Hey guys, let's make this page active so we have a place to talk about the new Spider-Man! No reason for the negativity. I hope Lego finds a way to self-reference the old Spider-Man 2 sets in the No Way Home sets, I've always loved when they put easter eggs in the sets. As for the movie itself, I'm very interested to see how/why Doc Ock's story is going to pick up from his sacrifice at the river meanwhile Electro will seemingly be a new version of the character. Also hoping that Disney finally mentions/shows Uncle Ben. It would be really annoying to have a whole Spider-Man trilogy without barely making a reference to him. What do you guys think of the leaks we've gotten so far?
  3. Retro Brick Reviews

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Not to my knowledge.
  4. gedren_y

    Marvel Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I have a very long, complicated comics/90s TV show reason for why I think this possible, but I'll refrain. I'll simply hope that a post-movie release NWH set could include Madame Web. She would be an interesting fig to get. Somehow getting her how she looked in the 90s TV show would be the best, but unlikely. The Beyonder would also be an interesting get, if he gets used in the MCU the way he could be (more long, complicated comics reasons). But unless there's a post-movie Eternals set that failed to leak, it is unlikely he'd have anything set worthy for quite some time, if he's used at all. About the Daily Bugle: Joseph "Robbie" Robertson, while he might not have much in the way of visual interest, he is an important Spider-Man character we're unlikely to get any other way. Jameson came with the last Bugle, and I could easily see a reuse of the face print and hair. Betty Brant also makes sense, for many comics reasons, but also for some more normal female representation (agree there). If Lego is willing to give us more Daily Bugle employees, I'd hope for Lee Kirby (look him up). I'm hoping Uatu is in the CMF series, with a proper specially molded head. Not an oversized Lego head, but something more like the alien musicians in the Star Wars Cantina set. I have little current interest in what might be made from the Loki series, even if it's Thor. The confirmed other variations are probably going to be enough for me. I'm also hoping Lego passes on Billy and Tommy. I'd rather get them later as the heroes they actually become. I also don't think I'll be interested in Bucky, Sam, or even Zemo. I enjoy the show, but I'd only really want a Karli fig, especially if Lego can manage a removable Flash Smashers mask.
  5. Per_SW

    Updating Your Minifigs

    AmI the only one thinking the new Hermione cat-head piece would make a good Cathar minifig?
  6. The Pearson

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Do we have a pic of the sets together from the outside yet?
  7. zoth33

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    @Toastie I will look into trying them again. I just didn't like what i had gotten before. The real deterrent for me is the figs. I mean I can easily get parts I need on bricklink or B@P. I'm just not going to buy sets that have useless figs. So it might be awhile until I find something that looks good enough to buy.
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  9. Retro Brick Reviews

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    That's fair, though for all we know they might consider the Advent to be a 20th Anniversary set. Myrtles bathroom, The Three Broomsticks, and the Flying Lesson aren't really remakes of classic sets and they still count, so for the non-D2C sets so far the only qualification for being Anniversary is being minifig-scale. Plus, as mentioned prior, the Advent is said to include DA Harry, Griphook, a cart, and a section of track for it to go down- all clear callbacks to the 2002 Gringotts. It's still unlikely that'll get this to be considered an Anniversary set, but I'll give it 20/80 odds.
  10. Nazgarot

    Alternative builds of 8064

    I took the time to reverse engineer it again to give you a hand. A few parts are replaced with newer parts as they do not exist in LDD. Some others are recreated from other parts and gathered in groups. I only did the crane as the claw is a lot easier and I wanted you to have some fun as well. Reverse engineering others models in LDD is kind of a hobby for me. Hope it helps. Model can be found here as soon as Brickshelf has approved it: Regards _ED_
  11. (Insert Name Here)

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Hmm, the gold figures seem reserved for the anniversary sets, so I think it'd be odd to put one in the Advent Calendar. I approved of the golden statue of the Hogwarts Architect in the first calender, but that was because it's something straight out of the films.
  12. Pirean_Grammaticul

    LEGO Ninjago 2021

    a buildable falcon would be cumbersome to get right: the head shape would be painful, angles and curves on such a smooth model agonizing, and integrating a solid wing function on top of that; it's nearly impossible to get right and look appealing. not to mention that the falcon hasn't appeared since 2018, the falcon proper hasn't appeared since 2015, and the last time anyone gave a damn about it was in 2012 - there's no incentive for a designer to labor on a bird that simply isn't recognizable to the ninjago audience. none of this is from experience btw please don't click my profile (unironically mine is terrible but that's another matter) i'd honestly call that a strength of the show: focusing on the characters, little minifigures who aren't really the major selling point of say a dynamic and interesting mech or a sweet sports car that inevitably ends up ruined on redesign is probably better to entice kids long-term and inspire them to create stories or analyze what are essentially plastic figures. master of the mountain for example is my favorite recent season because the ninja liberate two feuding proletarian factions against an exploitative bourgeious mineral profiteer a lot of time is spent developing the relationships of and engagements between our characters while looking inward, more than taking time to highlight how this mech that gets burned last minute is cool or how these rhinos who just live here ig are worth shelling cash out for; motm integrates the sets in but more as backdrops for our characters to grow, and thus it's a solid piece in spite of the fact that it's a toy commercial that depicts the parasitic nature of capitalistic enterprises and the inherent exploitative nature of profit
  13. This! Looks so good!
  14. BrickFunatic

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I remember there being a fake list leak ages back with a girl's bathroom on it. And I also remember there being a fake build of a flying lessons courtyard set sometime last year. Funny when you look back.
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  16. Childe_Roland

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm dissapointed in this wave. Don't get me wrong, the designs are beautiful, but it feels like a cash grab from loyal fans to have to buy another castle with expansions (kinda familiar, isn't it?) I already have the 2018-20 and the microscale, I don't really want another one taking room on my shelves (I collect other themes than just HP, gotta share the love) . Even when I heard that it was a castle I was planning on buying the wave, but now I'm not sure if I will. After seeing all the sets my excitement has drained. Fluffy looks bad and, I already have a very similar Lockhart (DA) and lots of versions of the rest of the characters (save Sinestra, Justin and Tom, but I probably only really care about Tom out of those). The only set I will get for sure at this point is Hogsmeade. While I would love to have a chamber of secrets, it all annoys me and because of that I'm considering passing on the rest. One way I might alter that is I might sell the 2018-20 sets and get this one instead, as I have the mirco for more display oriented needs. Whatever the case, my excite is gone from HP for now. Hopefully next year we have more interesting sets. All this is just my thoughts, I'm sure I don't reflect everyone's perspective. :)
  17. Bobby Drake

    DC Superheroes 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Hopefully it's Mad Hatter, can't think of any other prominent villains we don't already have.
  18. @ProfessorBrickkeeper This is actually a "feature". My algorithm considers overlapped edges as fused. This is mostly to prevent generating outlines around decorable surface that are coplanar with non-decorable surfaces (e.g. the face of a minifigure head). I plan to add more control over this process in brick studio but currently you will have to use a little trick (found by @Stephan IIRC): Simply pull apart the model in brick studio so each surfaces to outline are separated, then generate the outlines and then put them back to their original positions.
  19. Lawndart

    New LEGO Speed Champions 2021 Rumors, Speculation

    Just read the last two pages thinking the exact some thing... best kept secret in lego history...
  20. Bad batch, clone wars, Mandalorian , Andor. There is your four shows
  21. karrit

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I probably won't skip it entirely but it is the lowest priority of this wave. I always thought the Fluffy build was horrendous from the first leaks but I'm not bothered by the different heads. Each wave one of the Hogwarts sets is the lowest one on my list and Fluffy is it this time around. It has a large footprint but minimal interesting detail. I'll end up getting it eventually just for the walls. I think the Tail Ø 3,2 would have looked better for the Devil's Snare than the fancy DESIGN ELEMENT, W/ 3.2 SHAFT, NO. 1 they used. To me the most interesting bit is the potions stuff in the tower part. I'm going to try to resist like last year & wait for GWP's or deals for this wave so most likely won't get anything day one unless there is a GWP. I haven't bothered with pre-ordering because I want an incentive to buy.
  22. But what exactly? the other Disney+ shows are far from happening anytime soon maybe 2 years from now, does LEGO even do stuff that early?
  23. RaichuKing263

    Jurassic World 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    As much as I would love to talk about camp cretaceous, this is a forum for lego jp and rumors about those sets. So unless we're getting new camp cretaceous sets and you want to know what sets will be represented, we shouldn't talk about that here.
  24. Toastie

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    And that's my point as well : I have to find out. And as said: I don't do minifigs. So far: Mould King: Clutch power better. Colors perfect. What else can I reliably say? Nothing. And: There are about 600+ LEGO sets here - and countless single/multiple items (PaB, PUp, PF, BL, etc pp.) - and >two< sets are from competitors, of which >one< I call not only competitive, but maybe better. My judgement, maybe nothing of value for others. However, when it comes to gauging competition (TLG should do, and maybe some folks around here), don't take the worst or flimsiest as the challengers. Take the best. And then arrange and instruct your defense/mid-field/offense. Best Thorsten @Lord Insanity thank you very much for clarifying that! This is exactly my point (sorry for not being clear enough!): Without that even tighter clutch, you may have a much harder time to assemble the sections. I would be very happy to show these, but I will never do that here. There are for example these one-knob connections (I called wrongly flimsy), with some bricks attached further down the line, particularly in the "mouth region" of the ship. These need clutch power at max. Also ball joints - LEGO uses them to "move" things, MK uses them to fix things at weird angles. It all depends, I guess. Best Thorsten
  25. Retro Brick Reviews

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Considering that this year they're doing a Marvel calendar with seven minifigures, I'd be shocked if the HP calendar actually included only 5. I think the set will likely include a Hagrid, since he would fit well with both the PJs Dudley and with the Gringotts setup (DA Harry, PS Griphook, Minecart). The only question is whether it'll be a Golden Hagrid or a standard variant. Standard is more likely, but gold would both be a very special figure (perfect for the Day 24 gift) and explain why we haven't heard about it yet, since the golden figures are considered separate from the rest of the minifigure selection.
  26. Mpyromaxos

    [MOC] The Hills Patchworks Gallery

    Very clever design! Well done!

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Yeah I know the game board element will be a part of the packaging, but I'm still intrigued by it and I wonder how fresh it will be as an AC. As for the polybag, you really can't buy them in my country. You'd have to search every shop in my city, and you probably still would find it. The only way you can possibly buy those is from Shop@Home itself, and I don't buy my sets there as I can find them much cheaper elsewhere. I absolutely agree! Such a beautiful creature. It's probably because they didn't have to build the whole body, as it was a really simple build. The way they executed it in Fluffy tho... unacceptable.
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