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  2. nerdsforprez

    [WIP] 1968 Dodge Charger

    Indeed this looks like a great project. However, I am afraid this might do to the black seat/panel parts that Sheepo's Mustang did to red connectors #3...
  3. Sir E Fullner

    [MOC] Chilean "Gondola Carril T-1024" in 1:22.5 scale

    All of a sudden, I'm reminded of the opening to Secret of the Andes, and Charlton Heston trying to shoo some alpacas away from his Gondola Carril.
  4. Hello, I am very new to this, so please bare with me. I was working on an MOC in Studio 2.0 when my computer froze. I restarted it and when I went to open studio back up, I opened my file and it loaded all parts, shows 6,058 parts at the bottom, but nothing is showing up. It is not just this file, it is anything, including a new file. I drag a brick over, and it doesn't show up. I'm assuming it has to be something I have done. Any suggestions?
  5. Nice scene, @CapOnBOBS, the pathways look quite excellent, and the theme is good as well.
  6. JintaiZ

    Lego LNER A4 "Silver Link"

    Everything is the same except the colors.
  7. BigGuy4U

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Probably not, since that would mean Lego somehow managed to produce enough of a set they were expecting to be a limited edition for a full release in a very short amount of time.
  8. neonic

    [MOC] Severed Foot

    That's a bit ... strange / weird build Never seen such like that, nice job. Like the bonesaw too
  9. Leewan

    General Part Discussion

    To me it seems to be the same plastic. Indeed,and the problem is that it's maybe too smooth, which is why this happens :
  10. legonerd54321

    More LEGO Ghostbusters in 2020?

    I think LEGO finally said "screw it" and is releasing it when it originally was going to (November/December) whenever they pushed Afterlife back to July instead of March. Probably too much in their pipeline for next year. One of the more recent photos show a whole bunch of them stocked with different sets, maybe in the back of a LEGO shop.
  11. Oh you are talking about real historical figures Like Shakespeare and Lincoln. We do have a figure that resembles Julius Caesar in one of CMF series. And we have Hollywood Star taht looks like Marilyn Monroe (not exactly historical but she is part of Hollywood history, anyways).
  12. Actually we can vote for our TOTY of 2021. Here is the link: The deadline is 1/5/2021.
  13. Terrasher

    More LEGO Ghostbusters in 2020?

    Huh, Promobricks says that (translated): "The start of sales of the LEGO 10274 Ghostbusters Ecto-1 should take place in mid / late November or early December. I reckon with an RRP of 199.99 euros for the set." I thought the release of the set was pushed back to coincide with the new film. If the Ecto-1 is coming out this year, what about the Colosseum? Two D2Cs for December? Oh God, I gotta stop looking at the pictures, it's only making me like it more
  14. legonerd54321

    More LEGO Ghostbusters in 2020?

    It's odd we're getting pictures of this really early, unless they're deciding to go with a November release due to the movie being pushed back even farther to July next year? Also I wonder how much of the rust is stickers and how much is printed. Surely they're stickers, allowing us to do it with or without the rust.
  15. Hello dear castle theme fans, I am so glad that I found your topic. I am trying to bring back castles so I made a wolfpack themed castle on lego ideas. If you like it please consider supporting it:
  16. JintaiZ

    Vampire Mistress

    Excellent build! Keep it up!
  17. vitreolum

    Vampire Mistress

    Vampire Mistress by Letranger Absurde, on Flickr
  18. Captain Genaro

    [OL TROOPS] War with the Red Coats!

    I like the use of the dark red on the road. I don't think I have seen that combination before, and it works really good (maybe some clay in the dirt).
  19. mark1991t

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That is not correct. It is the 14th. Cafe Corner released in 2007 and Assembly Square was released in 2017 at the 10th anniversary. Since then LEGO has released 3 new modular buildings, not 4, as they would have when 2021 was the 15th anniversary.
  20. The piano is also a cool and innovative set so I wouldn't complain if it wins
  21. It could, but there's a lot of other popular stuff too... I'm expecting the piano to win though.
  22. Fraunces

    [OL TROOPS] War with the Red Coats!

    We will see! Nice addition this is, to the ongoing development.
  23. Today
  24. Fraunces

    [SR - FB] BirdBase - The Sereen Cay

    Many thanks guys! You will!
  25. Nice cart and small story.
  26. Vindicare

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I’d love this. While we did just get two buildings, I enjoyed the DO build & the set is great. Having that but if a “gap” breaks up the otherwise repetitive single building facades we mostly get.
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