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  2. Your logic really isn't crystal. If it was, people wouldn't be bandwagonning. It seems unlikely that all these folks are scum, but all you've done here is yell at them without providing any indication of how you feel about their actual behaviors. No comments on any of the candidates other than Braxton already voted on? Just a vote to get Huxley to show up? 2, maybe? Yum! Uh... I think I'll pass.
  3. TeriXeri

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    People pack is pretty cool. Ice Cream bike is nice, and we're also getting that same bike as a Coffee bike in the Donut Shop opening set. Good use of colors overall in the set, and nice accesoires and figures that are useful outside the Fairground theme. Trans-Blue Balloon Animal, Trans-Blue Ice Lolly , Purple Teddy Bear seem to be unique recolors in this set so far.
  4. To do this machine nowadays is more easy thanks to the new big sprockets, it will be a magnificent machine for sure.
  5. Henjin_Quilones

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    @Grover, @en_zoo, and @TitusV, I'm just happy to see all of you here when you can show up! This is a supportive place, regardless of your level of activity. LEGO is a recreational hobby for most of us, after all, and it is what we do just for fun. And sometimes there are other, more important things to do, even just for fun. So go take a walk among real trees, not ABS ones (or whatever plastic the leaf parts are made of; I'm pretty sure it is not ABS, in fact)! Study for classes! Read books, or write them, watch movies, go to work, spend time with the kids. Travel to exotic lands. And don't feel guilty about it.
  6. That picture is taken in a perfect angle to what I wanted, but alas, it is too small for me to see what is going on. :( I've been looking for a while and come to the conclusion that I might have to search for a IRL sample and take my own pictures. :) To my understanding, independent movement of the two "axles" (front and rear chassis) on the Steiger is done entirely at the pivot point and both front and rear axles are fixed. Not sure of what other makers of articulated tractors there are on the market today and if all of them use similar systems as the Steiger. Sounds like you have been busy with your Fastrac! Glad to hear it. I'm very much in the pneumatics camp since, to me, it feels more realistic. Sure, you lose playability but to me it's worth it. Keep up the good work! :)
  7. LordVoldemort

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    no we took our limited information and tried to make sense of it- in fact we were right about the prefects bathroom siren window- was the only user to mention that being in the set, because my brother saw it. I also mentioned a little library which we didn’t realize was a classroom. Was also the only user to mention that a while back. He saw some information about dumbledores office and hospital wing and believed it to be in a later wave because figured not enough room and confused the clock tower/watchtower -When in fact it was all in the same. The diagon alley d2c is still happening.
  8. Dannylonglegs

    [CONTEST] Benny's Spaceships Building Academy

    I'm so glad the contest was extended. I've had a couple weeks from hell and had to quit my brand new job due to mistreatment by my bosses, and it got in the way of building anything. ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  9. Hi, STX uses steering powered by hydraulic cylinders each on right and left side as you can see on image Because there were no linear actuators at the time I have build this model I use gears for this purpose. I suggest you to use 2 small linear actuators and big turntable for rear axle oscillation. My second Fastrac version is going on as I planned. Right side with 2 main function is finished; one for both pto and one for compressor which will be on left side...rear right mudguard is finished and from tomorrow I plan to work on left side...main thing that I did not decide yet is wether to use medium size (48mm) pneumatic cylinders at rear or small ones like on front. Benefit of new version is better steering simpler functions and less parts used (automatically model is lighter). Cab will be the same (of course more realistic without battery box below drivers megablocks ). Good will be more flat and most important I'm waiting for some yellow axles to arrive and have found yellow dishes 6 X 6 which I'll be able to purchase next week, so at about 5th may Fastrac could be finished. Regards
  10. Ngoc Nguyen

    Nico71's Creations

    There are two mini LAs left. I think the last function can be motorized engine cover, like that in 42070 B.
  11. I had the same kind of problem with the Tracked Racer. It was a disfonctional receiver. I had to contact lego for a replacement. They sent me another for free. Hope this solves your problem. ;)
  12. Alzema

    Alz's Crossout MOC's

    Yes indeed, I wanted to build something original that was not so complexe and something that could fit my 13 000 piece collection so anyone can build some Crossout MOCs for their own imagination. I hope someday that this topic will get more and more popular. I live in Québec, Canada, and I am currently in high-school, live, but I try my best to stay tuned for new ideas and support from all of you. :)
  13. Dear suffocation, yes, I know this image, however the red differential does not have any place to place a third gear inside, please have a look: I take my word back, I just saw the place! Sorry! :)
  14. so I am on a space kick.... not fully finished - will have to adjust some things but here's start. I based it loosely on the spacecraft from 76049. The things I wanna do is give it more armaments, give it "rounder" finish on the edges. Btw, when you click on the image that will take you to an album with more pics.
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  16. Idris

    Why the upper age limit???

    I agree with you, but I also agree with suffocation’s post about parents. However, specifically for LEGO Technic, the sets are extremely well thought, designed and produced. Therefore LEGO, in my opinion, has to give some age limits for the younger (0-10 years, for example, because the parents may not be that well educated etc.) or let’s say sets, which are NOT Technic. By the way, I had NO idea that the 2019 sets erased the upper age limit for Technic. (I think they thought like me). So I thank your and TeriXeri’s post for the information. That was why I exactly started this topic and got my answer. Maybe a further “touch”, would be to add an “infinite” symbol next to the lower age number. :) That said, I thank any and all of you who have contributed to this topic. It’s so good to communicate with intelligent and kind people like yourselves. Thank you and, Best Regards, Idris
  17. Yo, how's the Fastrac coming along? :) I have been searching the web for some info on ways to keep all four wheels on the ground on articulated tractors. I stumbled upon your Case HI Steiger STX 530. Impressive model! Do you happen to have any pictures of the stearing linkage/pivot mechanism on the real Steiger or a similar system?
  18. Yes, I do. It's coming below. Patience, Hippo. While I certainly will evaluate today's votes in relationship to votes on coming days, I'm not sure how much value there is. Everyone (scum AND town) likes to jump on a bandwagon on day 1 since there's so little else to go on. I was considering voting for you, Bear, but not for the "4 way" part of your talking today. And I don't think stating you're town in the same post was scummy either. I've said things like that in past adventures. Instead, I was going to do it for the retaliatory vote you made. However, I don't think anything you've done is actually lynch-worthy, and I don't want to be the 6th or 7th vote on you. Were there just a couple, I'd probably have voted Bear. Instead, I'm going to Vote: Huxley Horse since he hasn't bothered to show his face at all around here today.
  19. Robert8

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    Yeah I thought of that as well, because those hairpiece are mostly used for black characters, like Falcon or Black Phanter They are totally supposed to be african america! The afro hairpiece is really neat
  20. Lyichir

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    Wow, so we ARE getting two people packs? Neat! I LOVE the little propeller that turns the little boy's standard hat into a propeller beanie! The family on the lower left also seems, surprisingly, like they might be coded as ethnically African, what with the tight curls each of their hairpieces have. Obviously yellow-skinned minifigures are ostensibly meant to be racially neutral, and we've had certain yellow-skinned minifigures that have African features like "Afro" hairstyles before, but it's nice to see a whole family of figs that have these features despite not corresponding to a particular cultural role that necessitates those features. The Ice cream bike? also seems neat. I think it's the standard bike body but used in a new way, with the front wheel left off and an ice cream cart attached to the front instead.
  21. Vote Tally Braxton Bear: 5 (Haydn Hippo, Myrtle Monkey, Gracie Goat, Ronan Rabbit, Caldwell Crocodile) Haydn Hippo: 1 (Braxton Bear) Cleo Cow: 1 (Brewer Bunny) Brewer Bunny: 1 (Pierot Parrot) Myrtle Monkey: 2 (Leevi Lion. Whitby Walrus) With 15 players, it takes 8 votes to lynch. 24 hours remain in Day One.
  22. efferman

    Effe's MOC Corner

    The gooseneck in a short test fitting
  23. Robert8

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    People pack pics are out It does have a new bun hairpiece and a new duck mold The tiger face print is pretty neat Other than that, I find it kind of meh...
  24. TeriXeri

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    True, it's still possible that there's a big sticker as a "default" screen like the Friends drive-in. I was mainly getting at that they do advertise the option of sliding in the phone. And possibly some app or extension of the existing powered-up app that adds some animation and sound options .
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