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  2. Karalora

    Masquerade Advent Calendar 2019 - LDD MOC

    Oh, that is super-cute. I love the impression of a cowl!
  3. Dancing Princess is pretty great as well
  4. LM71Blackbird

    [WTCM] WTC Monthly - Issue 16

    Another great addition of the WTCM! I guess it must have been after Mayor Brickford's bedtime when all that liquor got swiped! The local garrison will surely be on the hunt for the perpetrator! IC, I'll have to work on getting the next issue of the Chronicler out soon! So many great developments in the brick seas these past months!
  5. I don't buy just for the freebie, but if the promotional item is something I'd want, I might by from S@H instead of, for example, Amazon or Walmart who might be selling the set cheaper, or I might, as you pointed out, bought sets a lot earlier than I was planning/budgeting for so that I could get the promotional item. I have a case now where I ordered a set late on Black Friday; when I checked out, it set I would get the promotional Christmas Tree. Now, I'm not going to cancel all my LEGO orders or quit the hobby about it , but there IS a customer service issue here: if they were out of sets, and it said "sorry, we ran out of promotional sets," I'd have shrugged and ordered my big 30% off set anyway. But when you submit all your payment information, and when you click that submit button, and it clearly says you get the promotional item, then you damn well better get it. I received the set I ordered today, but no tree. So I checked my order online - it was unilaterally cancelled by S@H. No note, no message - just "cancelled." That's HORRIBLE customer service. There's four combinations of what can happen in a situation like this, and telling someone they will get something when they are clicking that "buy" button, and then NOT delivering? That's the absolute worst customer service scenario. If they said "sorry, ran out" when I ordered, it would be a total non-issue with me. I just find it highly disappointing. As I've said, if this was one of those times where I timed my purchase because I really wanted the promotion, I'd be livid at being told, when checking out, that I'd get the promotional item.
  6. I really like the riding princess and the cat. The cat reminds me of puss and boots. Nice job.
  7. Thank you for a model, ill gave it a look. Sadly, it need to reconstruct chassis around rear wheels. Fat rear wheels's tires collides with And when you build my drift car - make sure that you redownload LXF file - to have latest wersion with all reinforcement fixes. About quick-detach. It has 2 intention - to add playability as you noticed, and to easen process of bodywork disassembly, hich shortens time needed to swap panels between RC and non-RC chassis. Waiting photos of your azure variant.
  8. The price increase feels even worse because they chose a very mediocre series to do it: some very obscure/unknown characters, reused prints from sets (reusing prints on a CMF is a travesty), some of these are the n-th version of X character and most of the accesories included appear regularly on sets so they are not that interesting. Also, I'm really sure but I count only 9(?) new molds, which is low for a CMF wave (Disney S2 had 16 new molds). So I don't really see where that extra dollar went.
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  10. What are your thoughts on this, @Renown?
  11. cehnot

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    I need to go back to your thread and look at those again. It's been since May or June I think. I will check out those parts. I will also go back to the last 6 pages to see if I need to read over comments and such I may have missed when building v2. That was a great reminder.
  12. ArrowBricks

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Perhaps you’re right regarding the Walker! Ooo interesting... D2C Endor set yes please.
  13. KrasiniArithmetic

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    I did see your original V1 Flickr model - it and the version you posted in this thread were referenced quite a bit building my own! My cannons are based on the mod of your model that NeoSephiroth posted above. Maybe based is too strong a word - heavily inspired by, maybe. They use the same wheels for the wing connection, but are significantly different in overall execution - and my flashback suppressors are entirely unique. It's those particularly that I think you may like. My forward landing gear isn't particularly clever, but my rear gear is almost too clever for its own good - folding tightly into a small space while being relatively attractive and really quite solid. All of which is a not-very-effective way of talking about how much I love your work here. It's a gorgeous craft you've built!
  14. DrMuttonchops

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I'm trying to make an M-3PO military protocol droid and am having some trouble. This is my best so far, I've also tried with the mask sides of 3626cpb1055 and 3626cpb1616 as heads but they didn't look quite as good. Here's a photo of what I have, and a reference photo. Suggestions? I'm considering erasing the mouth grille and cutting under the visor so it can be flipped down.
  15. Darnok

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Arr, that would be kind of meh. On the other hand... ... despite not having a daughter I could live with a similar solution. To be fair: the Friends set usually are good builds, and roughly in minifig scale. So if the colours were halfway decent I would not see it as that bad.
  16. LM71Blackbird

    [BTSC] BotBS Tournament Soccer Cup 619

    Quite an Exciting and riveting first match! Great story telling throughout the whole match, most enjoyable!
  17. Ogist

    Ideas for a CMF Advent Calendar

    Well done Robert. In many cases you are lot better than Lego designers.
  18. jdubbs

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I’ll go out on a limb and predict the next AT-ST comes in a D2C.
  19. RogueTwo

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I love the idea of the Speeder Bikes and the Endor Bunker Battle, but I feel like it's way too early for another AT-ST. Maybe by 2021 I'd be ready for a new chicken walker.
  20. 45'' We're back from the break for the second half, and so are both teams. The Sea Rats Smileys have kickoff now, and despite their lead they should not play it safe. If anything, Ocean Eleven have shown in the first half how fast they can recover from being behind. They sure did, Jim. The question is if they can do it again. 51'' To me it looks like the Smileys want to fight for more. Initiated by Zandy, the Smileys play a strong forward movement. The ball is now with Candy, but she struggles with the Elevens' defense. 55'' Impressive! Robin, called „Cabin Boy“ from his time under Capsaicin Meloche, has taken the ball for Ocean Eleven. Dark magic? Damn, I'm not a wizard, Jim! That was some fine play by the young man though. 59'' Back to midfield once more, the Eleven want to strike back! 61'' Or not, Jim. The Smileys are in possession of the ball again, now pushing aggressively towards their enemies goal... 66'' Right you are, Tiny. Once more Suzie has taken a shot at the goal, but keeper Brad Ryan could deflect it. I have no clue why he is called „Rusty“, for his reflexes are not. 72'' Reflexes alone are not everything. This time he could not hold the ball, and Frandy was able to score for a 3:1. 74'' It seems those chains on the Elevens ankles are taking their toll, for right after the kickoff the Smileys have retaken the ball. Ocean Eleven must be careful now, to not let the Sea Rats sink their ship! 77'' Already close to the goal they are. They are excellent defenders, but Bloom and Tishkoff seem to be unable to get the ball off the Smileys' feet. 80'' The inevitable has happened, and the Smileys are 4:1 in the lead now! Some nice trick play by Suzie there, to me Ocean Eleven are done now. Only ten minutes left, three points from a draw. 83'' Right you are, Tiny. Their chains are unbroken, but their spirit most definitely is not. Once more the Smileys have taken the ball in midfield soon after kickoff. No joke: it is not funny to watch this game right now. Aye, Ocean Eleven is getting taken apart. 87'' Oh my, the clock is ticking down, but the Smiley attack wing is closing in on the goal again. They are dead, Jim. Why the Sea Rats can not just play down the clock is a mystery to me. This game was over some time ago! 92'' One last strike! One more goal for the Smileys, 5:1. Now the referee puts an end to what has become a massacre. The game is over! Congratulations to the Sea Rats Smileys for their overwhelming victory. And may the gods have mercy with the Ocean Eleven players: coach François will give them none!
  21. pooda

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    For what it's worth, I was as nice as possible. But think about it for a second and this doesn't warrant a response. I want you to consider what you just said. Perhaps, now you know how it feels to have your views attacked. You, your sister and various other users make me feel that way a lot and I don't even complain about sets, I'm just blunt. Just thought I'd make my ending statement there. I'm done now! Consider the new magnet piece we've just received, I'm wagering on a Harbor or Cargo subtheme to complement that over the summer. The magnet piece would be good for cranes that need to lift cargo. I'm screaming for those two to return. Those were awesome during that time. I had an idea for a Forest Exploration subtheme. Maybe that's where they can find the dinosaur bones and even some ancient medieval ruins.
  22. Let's not get into discussing the movies please! A little drop of speculation about what the Wonder Woman sets might be is ok, though sets aren't always based off of trailer material as we saw with the Wonder Woman tie-in set last time. Re: the price increase, to me personally there's nothing about this series that seems worth a price hike. Price increases for the CMF line have outstripped inflation, so they can't just be chalked up to that. I think they're more LEGO seeing what they can get away with. Current series are certainly much more impressive in terms of the amount of printing, dual-moulding and detail compared to early ones, but there's nothing exemplary about the DC line. However, as Jangbricks has speculated on numerous times, it seems in the US especially RRP is being set to account for near constant discounts at the retailers. It seems like Target, Walmart and Amazon have at least a 20% off sale happening every other week. Even here in Australia the major retailers run small sales quite frequently, though of course the dollar amounts are much higher than the US to begin with and even after sales the prices tend to be above US RRP, and that's with the (currently terrible) exchange rate taken into account.
  23. Maybe Diana wishes him back to life or something?
  24. socalbricks

    GoH Writing Guide

    Thank you so much for this post! I'm working on backstories for some of my characters, and I had hit writers block before reading your post. Your tips are really helpful!
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