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  2. Seaber

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Hagrid's Hut looks like it could be modded with parts from your own collection, you only need to build three walls and roof sections to close it up, and extend the floor. I think I'll add a bed if I can fit it in. I want to change the Hormtail's tail to the dinosaur tail parts, hopefully that'll improve the look. The 2005 one was horrible, this one I hope has potential. The Clocktower is wonderful. The lack of the pendulum is made up for by good sized rooms. The 2004 set had a few 8x8 rooms that were really not much use. A very neat Library and the first ever Hospital Wing look fantastic, Dumbledore's Office and the Prefect's bathroom are small but with great parts.
  3. Max Hart Lane

    LEGO Funny and Non-stop Video

    Thank you for coming to see my video ^V^
  4. Graupensuppe

    The LEGO Group takes civil actions against LEPIN

    This just in: First pictures of the Lepin boss getting arrested
  5. 2019 will have 3 RC sets (that I know of) which I think is a record number of RC sets in one year. As an asset that can be added to a set, I don't have a problem with RC itself. And yet whenever I see a new RC set I know it's probably not for me (besides the summer 2019 "SUV" due to rumours of planetary gear drive!). This is because I prize mechanical authenticity above all. This is what can elevate a Technic set from being just a toy to being a miniature version of the real thing while still being a toy. It doesn't have to be difficult or complex. In fact real life gearboxes are mechanically far simpler and more intuitive that what you find in the Porsche or the Chiron especially. So if you miss a gear out in building a real gearbox you would see it immediately and you would know where it's supposed to be, even though they are all the same colour. But with the Lego gearboxes, all the colour vomit in the world won't make it any easier or more intuitive. Mechanical authenticity makes things appeal to kids of all ages with no upper limit while making it easier and more initiative in a way that colour coding could only dream of. And yet not one single RC set to ever have been released has been remotely mechanically authentic. You either get something that's got some nice complexity but is completely mechanically inauthentic, like 8043 excavator or 42070, or more often you get something that's not only mechanically inauthentic but also mechanically boring, with a motor coupled almost directly to it's function through a linear actuator. This is true for all larger RC sets. I think this is because to have a mechanically authentic RC set you have to have two sets crammed into one, with a mechanically authentic base model crammed with a whole bunch of servo motors to interface with the controls, which would be expensive. Far cheaper to do away with the authentic mechanics between the RC components and the functions they are powering, and have the RC components coupled as simply and directly to the functions as possible. This is why I personally don't like RC sets. Not because RC is bad in itself, but because of all the compromises in mechanical authenticity they make in order to include it. I did have some hope for 42100, with it's size and piece count and the new pneumatic valves being designed to seeming mesh perfectly with some new servo motor. But alas it's not to be, it turned out to be another linear actuator driven monster. RC has the potential to be a great asset to any set. There are even some real life vehicles that are remote controlled, obviously combining RC control with the cool mechanics you see in real vehicles using servo motors to interface between the two. But Lego just haven't done it yet.
  6. Yes and no, there are 20th anniversary polybags and they don't include a minifig, retro or not, and the darth vader bust also has the 20th anniversary packaging and 0 minifig. I'm the devil's advocate here, because I understand your logic. But from TLG point of view, those are promotional sets, not the 5-sets wave which was released simultaneously with 5 of the most iconic characters of the OT. As someone who did purchase those five sets, I would actually be a bit angry to see a 6th collector retro-minifig released a month later out of the blue in a promotional set. Anyway, this could just be TLG making sure they still maintain some sens of diversity/creativity/surprise : not everyone would be happy to have a minifig exclusive every single may the fourth, every year, and it's not like this Hoth set is a complete joke.
  7. LEGO Train 12 Volts

    [MOD] 10020 EMD F7 Union Pacific

    Gorgeous B unit (and wonderful A unit too ). The UP livery is one of my favorites and the detail of the handrails of the SNOT doors is impressive! This could be an official lego set without any doubt!
  8. I’m going to amend my original statement slightly. You shouldn’t be done with this place, because it really is a great site. Just tone it down on the general community bashing. To echo what was said above, post things because you like it, not because you’re hopng others will. It’s great to get recognition & appreciation for something you did, of course...but don’t let that drive you.
  9. Hi, I have a model which is currently driven by 4 PF XL motors working together. I only have one Sbrick to drive the vehicle but it needs to have 4 XL motors to drive it, no less. Unfortunately the safety fuse likes to activate a lot when driving which stops the vehicle completely because it doesn't like the 4 XL motors working simultaneously. My question is: Is there any way around this without purchasing another Sbrick? I have looked online at solutions and apparently linking two battery boxes to the one Sbrick using the 2x8 electric plate would work, and it's certainly a much cheaper option but I have never tried it. I am also aware that the Sbrick has a voltage limit of 11.8v so i'm a bit concerned that using that method might fry my Sbrick, but have no idea if this would happen or not. If I could get some advice, that would be really helpful, Thanks,
  10. Robert8

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Madame Maxime's dress piece is new I think. A longer slope mold Nevermind. I thought it was longer but it's just the 2x2x3 slope piece printed That been said, I have to add the Yule Hermione totally needed a new hairpiece
  11. t0mster

    [GBC] Akiyuki Ball Factory

    Hi Guys, i just registred here Beautifull machine Berthil!. At the moment iam building the ball factory v2 to understand the basics of the technic's used with all the enhancements in previous posts at this forum. Iam another dutch AFOL, 2 years ago i brought back my (large) lego collection from my attic to build with my 4 years old son, but after seeing your rainbow wave i catched the GBC virus. I have build the rainbow wave (with all the correct colors) and some of akiyuki's machines (invisable lift / cup-to-cup 2 / most of the type2 train modules (with your LIPO trains) (rotary module still in progress) / lift trigger with stuck ball / hockey stick lift Thank you for sharing your builds, it gives me great joy, inspiration and it costs me hours of time and large € bricklink orders ;) I hope somehow we can see more detail of this "v3" ball factory, and maybe in the future a LDX ore instructions? You where at Lego World 2018, this year iam defenitly going to be there (as a visitor). Hope to see all the machines live in action
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  13. Roebuck

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    What new moulds are we getting exactly? Stag Buckbeak pumkin ? Fewer than last year right, so they could made a Fang also one would think, since there was a dog in London they probably planed to do it also, why did they change there mind
  14. Brickandkall

    Imperial Star Destroyer Intimidator MOC-77525

    My apologies @SirCharles1977. I was looking at the parts listed created automatically by Bricklink when I copied the Rebrickable inventory across. The Rebrickable inventory only has 7 colours listed in it, Black, Blue, Dark Bluish Gray, Green, Light Bluish Gray, Red and Trans Clear. But the list of colours is a lot more extensive once the list is transfered into Bricklink, including, pink, red, yellow/tan, browns, light blues and so on. I think this is largely due to Bricklink assigning a colour automatically for the Blues (non descript colour parts). I'll use the Rebrickable list instead of the one I created in Bricklink to figure out what parts I have and what parts I need to get. I haven't set this up in Rebrickable, its a great tool, but I don't know how any one has the patience to do it. I have millions of random pieces I've colour coded and set into sub-categories, but I don't have the time to go through and enter them all into Rebrickable. Hopefully be in touch soon to purchase my package.
  15. Gunman

    [MOC]: Castle Desktop Organizer

    Glad you like it guys :)
  16. Vindicare

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    These are fantastic! Love everything about Expecto Patronum, my goodness the stag is incredible. The Clocktower is an amazing addition. The table decorations are awesome. I don’t get the complaints of the rom sizes...that’s been consistent throughout HP, going back to the last releases(anybody remember the library?). Horntail is disappointing, tent looks good however. Hagrid’s Hut is wonderful. I like the printed doors quite a bit. And of course Buckbeak & the new pumpkins. Another home run with the range of minifigs, even Hermione. She would be too tall had she had the dress piece.
  17. Robert8

    The LEGO Group takes civil actions against LEPIN

    Lepin Factories Raided and Boss Arrested
  18. Reaper

    [MOC] T-88 X Wing Fighter Mk.II

    The engines looks very nice!
  19. I wouldn't consider my lorry to be a MOC as I have used designs by serveral different people inc Sariel and pipasseyoyo so to call my model a MOC I feel would be unfair to them. That's my personal opinion anyways. that it??? Only another 2000000 to go.... hehehe. In all seriousness though, YouTube is a great resource for researching LEGO models and getting ideas for your next creation. Just like any subject though, there are loads of good ideas but also alot of bad models and/or building principles. One needs to ignore the bad models and focus on the good ones. Your welcome :D True, MOC's and/or non-LEGO creations is where the fun is. LEGO sets are more for display models or simply good parts packs.
  20. joeee

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    I am loving the center part of the clock tower! In case anyone is interested, the old clock tower double doors are 8 studs wide. You can make the whole clock tower taller and fit in the doors :)
  21. Nexogeek

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Just noticed when re-looking at the box, in context doesn't make sense outside of the context of the sets I like it as someone who loved Lego maps as a kid a piece like this would of been amazing
  22. meliander

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    I hope that's the case. Really looking forward to that subtheme.
  23. Feng-huang0296

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Yep. If you sae the fabric 'canvas' from Emma's Art Studio in the winter wave, where a pattern appears when you get it wet, it seems to use the same design. Wet the fabric and it'll reveal a treasure map. I can't decide whether that's clever or redundant in the context of it being found underwater . .
  24. Nexogeek

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Exactly my thoughts, sure there have been some great Friends sets over the years yet this upcoming wave is the best so far and the most exciting for the summer to me so many recolors and just new pieces with outstanding builds. Friends this summer has the largest amount of sets that interests me, the animal rescue (is that what they are called?) are great the coral color and white light house is such a great color scheme just not a fan of a random slide out of the side lol, the new coral piece looks great along with the sea shell/ marine life pack useful pieces. I like the new narwhal but not sure color wise why they picked pink regardless still cool and gives a chance for re-color to a more normal color in time. The submarine is something I never thought we would see from Friends but am glad color and shape wise I personally like it. Also something not noted yet is that a new map piece but its a fabric/paper? Look at the size of the wave, 1-3 meh sets compared to the rest still makes that statement valid.
  25. I’d be crazy excited if we got a set similar to this one. All right, I’ll wait it out a little longer. You guys have convinced me. :)
  26. Feng-huang0296

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Look at that Stephanie gymnastics set from this wave again and revise your statement.
  27. I normally don't care one way or the other but it just seems to defy all logic that there is no minifig with that Hoth GWP set, since it has the 20th anniversary boxart. I mean that is the whole deal with those sets an exclusive retro figure, right.
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