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  2. jimmynick

    [WIP] [UCS] MC75 "Profundity"

    This is really coming together - I like the inclusion of Technic panels in the black portion. I like the flex tubes and the purple engines, too. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!
  3. jimmynick

    MAfia - Day 1 - Take a Look

    I'm not sure I can keep up with all these names! And I'm not sure the baristas will be able to when we do our coffee run! All the cups will come out saying "Kenroll" or something and we'll have to resort to tasting the drinks to tell whose is whose. And my bouffant is secretly a toupee! Tee hee!
  4. Feng-huang0296

    Minecraft 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    Well, the full lineup’s been revealed. Gotta say, when I heard there was going to be a Pillager Outpost set, I thought it might actually include, oh I don’t know, a Pillager Outpost? Even a scaled down one? Well, whatever. I’m still getting it, the Iron Golem cage is great, and the tent and scarecrows work well enough as generated structures. Also definitely getting the Pillager Raid set, which might just be the best Minecraft set in a long time. Sure, the Raveger is off-colour (should really be grey) but new villagers and a Vindicator, it’s brilliant! Getting that one as well. I also like the Taiga set, though mostly for that adorable fox. I’m less sold on the panda set (no Jungle tree? Boo. And the big figures are as dumb as ever. Still, great wave, and the first time I’ll buy Minecraft Lego in ages.
  5. See the Creator Expert Carousel 10257 is retiring soon. With TLG offering Fun Fair Set 60234 feeling optimistic another carnival ride will be released, to go along with the roller coaster. Has anyone heard any news regarding this? TLG has done a good job offering most of the standard rides already, the mixer, Ferris wheel, carousel and the roller coaster. My guess is something like this: Swings
  6. McLaren97

    LEGO Speed Champions 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    The GT-R has a more simplistic shape than the Ferrari, so hopefully the designers have translated it nicely into brick form. It also important to note that a GT-R is a lot taller than most Ferrari’s and McLarens.
  7. legozebra

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Makes sense, at least they are trying to include new things (Giant Stone Warrior, for instance) Now that you mention it, technically a large Kryptarium Prison playset could work, as we did get a Kryptarium Prison Breakout set previously so they could use that as an excuse to give us a proper one, like the Monastery
  8. Robert8

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Way better than the police sets. Seriously, what's up with those?
  9. I don't know about the mech, I think they all look pretty stupid, and personally I was hoping the venom one would be more organic like last years. However, I completely agree about the legged spidercycle. The previous wave, and the plane and stuff in this wave, those are ugly and stupid. This is such an abomination, it's beautiful. I also won't be picking it up, but it just has this perverse concept of two idiotic previous sets mashed together, along with no purpose even if spider man needed a vehicle for whatever reason. No i get that, I was just pointing out that this likely isn't disney's fault. In my opinion the reason these other themes get more detailed and adult sets is because they have more adult interest. Sure, adults love the MCU, but it just seems to me like it's a less likely group of people to spend a ton of money on detailed lego models when the have much less iconic vehicles and whatnot than star wars, where it's all about the spaceships. The main focus of marvel is the figures, which yeah, should be of better quality than they are, but less adults are going to spend tons of money on garbage builds for figures, and most children will still buy a set even if captain america doesn't have leg printing. True, infinity war's sets were great. But then, it had more non-spoiler stuff than endgame to make models off of. Endgame really only had the quinjet that shows up for a few seconds, since so much of the film was kept under wraps.
  10. Pengfei

    [MOC] [Review] Alien Xenomorph by BuildBetterBricks

    Impressive! I like it! The head and the tail are fancy. and the slobber is cute.
  11. echoboy

    LEGO Speed Champions 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Indeed they are easier but there has been a lot of poor design in the Speed Champions range. There are too many MOCs of modern cars that are simply stunning compared with LEGO's efforts.
  12. The dragon head will be useful also the raptor legs in red. The centaur body is nice but I hope they actually make centaurs now.
  13. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2020 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I read somewhere that our spoilery little friend from the mandalorian was the reason some merchandise was held back or hidden (and they'd want to have ALOT of merch for this guy, so you know they've got it waiting in the wings). Might be that lego isn't sure if they can release it yet. ^non spoiler version of above: No one's torso in the show really resembles the leaked one, so maybe it's considered a spoiler and was just an unlucky production leak.
  14. Subblaffer

    LEGO Technic Turbo Polyp / Kraken

    Thanks for showing. Clever solution! I was wondering; What do you use for powering the whole thing? Do you use a specific power supply?
  15. Pengfei

    Jon Hall's Airplane

    Hi! every one here. First, happy Thanks Giving! Second, is Jon Hall here? Or is any body know Jon Hall? I am one of his/her follower. Here are some of his/her works, there are really fantastic!
  16. Today
  17. Wish that the Spider-Mech had gold Chima spider legs instead of silver so that we could use it for Iron Spider. Those only appeared in 2 sets in that color.
  18. Wow, what a snoozefest. I usually don't jump on the Lego Marvel hate bandwagon, but there really isn't anything good to say about this wave. Spider-Girl and Spider Noir are the only new characters, but they're not nearly enough to make me buy such ugly looking sets. The updates to the Avengers figs don't even look that good imo. I love mechs as much as the next guy, but this is just too much, and these are so lazily designed with those Nexo suit pieces. The last venom mech is still on the shelves and looks way better than this one. That truck, that AIM tricycle, that spider-cycle-mech-thingy... What were they thinking? I guess with no big MCU movie to base sets on, TLG is completely out of ideas.
  19. What frustrates me a little is that it’s been more than 6 months after Endgame’s release, yet LEGO still refuses to give us accurate Endgame sets...
  20. I agree on the IW sets, they were awesome. I think one of a few reasons why the recent waves haven’t been accurate compared to the source material was because Disney cracked the whip and told Lego they couldn’t do any spoilery sets. The IW sets did spoil a few things, such as Banner using the Hulkbuster, the Avengers encountering the Black Order at the Sanctum Sanctorum, the Guardians meeting up with Iron Man to take on Thanos, etc.. The Russo brothers and Disney were really careful to keep things hush hush for Endgame. Some of the actors didn’t even know who was going to die or what was going to happen because multiple scenes were shot that didn’t end up in the movies. So once again, I think a big reason the recent waves haven’t been accurate to the source material is because Lego wasn’t given a lot to go on as with most other Endgame toys that came out at the time of the movie’s release.
  21. I saw @darththeling's model too! His model inspired me to get going on my version. I just finished redoing the first post, with a longer-bodied main ship and a CS version of the Naboo N-1 star-fighter from 2015. What do you think of it now, @Digger of Bricks?
  22. ExeSandbox

    [MOD] 70732 Ninjago Stiix

    Mein Gott! That looks so perfect! Great job on the "small update"! Very nice.
  23. pooda

    Ideas for new City sets

    @Digger of Bricks So were the space sets. Don't forget, NASA basically partnered with City to bring those into existence.
  24. pooda

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Screams from excitement
  25. Digger of Bricks

    Ideas for new City sets

    Well, they're a part of a licensed franchise though... The Brick Fan - Manchester United Announces Product Partnership with LEGO
  26. Digger of Bricks

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    The Brick Fan - More LEGO City 2020 Official Set Images
  27. Bartybum

    LEGO Speed Champions 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Truth is, classic cars are much easier to replicate because they're generally boxier and simpler in design.
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