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  2. Digger of Bricks

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    Alright, here's a better image of it, and it look all-new to me!
  3. Like you said above it is day 1. Stating the obvious to eschew my point of caution. I obviously do not expect evidence on day 1, that is why we should wait with the lynching until we have proof (until the evil acts - meaning wait for day 2). So the evidence would not be evident on day 1, but on day 2. Brewer Bunnys eagerness to follow up aggressively on Pierot Parrots initial interest in why I did not comment on what was going on around me, pings me a little on Brewer. My response to Pierot: It was because I had my reply open while I was thinking of word plays, and I had no alarms that had gone off. I also thought it was 4 ways, and was thinking about how this would work. Since the Hellions and Monsters can win together it would be in their interest to know who the other team is, so they don't accidentally knock each other out. They may have internal winning conditions as well, so they might want one of the other team to get lynched or taken out at a later point. I wonder if the Hellions and Monsters can communicate with each other by some underworldly means (PM). Oh, Pascha Poodle also mentioned something about clues in pictures. Not relevant, I'm just being a cow in a story where hopefully not every decent animal lose their head. Also, I was on a transport for 19 hours yesterday. It is always scary for me (as a cow) to be on a transport. Luckily it was only a field trip to pasture (the grass is not greener on the other side). I have to digest things thoroughly. Things are always going on. I can't pay attention to everything in the mooment, but my interest rise as time goes by. Here are my two cents for day 1, based on a mix of interactions and gut feelings. Myrtle Monkey and Ronan Rabbit. This is mostly gut feelings, but I can't find what triggered it for Ronan Rabbit. Actually, Brewer Bunny following up on Pierot Parots question followed up by voting for me, then Pierot votes for Brewer trigger my investigation gene. Is this shrouding, between hellions and/or monsters? Perhaps also a way to create an alibi. Or good reasoning from Pierot. But then Pierot critizises Bunny and, change his vote from Brewer to Huxley Horse in the same post. I get confused by all this cowmotion, but it have been a good day 1. Lots of material to analyse. I will now vote, based purely on gut feelings, and without reasoning at this point (keeping in mind that I'd rather not see anyone lynched today, even more so because of all the conversation that have been going on on day 1): Vote: Myrtle Monkey
  4. Digger of Bricks

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

  5. By the way, according to the Batmobile's rear box art (set no. 76119), not only do the exhaust flames spin, but so do the turbine fans hidden underneath the front battering ram, JUST LIKE THE ORIGINAL UCS BATMOBILE FROM 2006 IT'S INSPIRED AFTER...
  6. thenightman89

    [MOC] Rogue One: Jedha Skyline

    For those interested in the Jedha City section, I slimmed the skyline down to a cute micro vignette. If 0necase's epic "The Empire Over Jedha City" MOC is too ambitious for you, instructions for this micro build can be accessed here!
  7. Digger of Bricks

    LEGO 2019 Stranger Things Rumours Discussion

    Hmmm, as nice as that part is given that it has hair paired with the fedora, it's too long of a hairstyle for Hopper. I think the usual hairless Indiana Jones fedora piece we've had for awhile now would suffice just fine. Well, I'd rather not have Max at all if we'd never get a chance after the fact to receive Season Two iterations of the other main characters to pair alongside her.
  8. Little Brix

    My LEGO Star Wars Collection

    This is a big one but a good one. Thank you to everyone who has helped my channel grow beyond 200 subs and to all the Eurobricks viewers who are always popping up in my analytics!!! I love making these videos and hope you enjoy this one!
  9. Roebuck

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Darn, where are the owls
  10. And lasted two days I think most complicated for me to build was 8880 because it was the first time to use transmission driving ring, but now I have more experience...
  11. Digger of Bricks

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2019 Pictures and Rumors

    Hmmmm, well, maybe that is indeed the case the closer I scrutinize what small resolution images there are.
  12. It's a surprise to be sure with the adult nature of the show but trust us when we say it's happening
  13. A lot depends on what exactly is meant by "hard". I mean, every set comes with instructions that tell you exactly how to build them. Therefore, there can be 2 difficulties: 1. interpreting the instructions, and 2. actually assembling the parts. For 1. old sets usually win, because they take much bigger steps, and don't split the model into sensible sub-assemblies, so there's no "sense" in what you're doing. In new sets, you usually work at one thing at a time. In many old studded sets, you build many mechanisms in parallel, depending on how they happen to come up in the model. I fondly remember how 8448 broke with this habit and took the modular approach. Another thing about instructions is that I often find instructions about routing pneumatic hoses and electric wires, relatively hard to decipher. For 2. what is hard, depends on motor skills (and finger size). The only things I personally find hard to do is tying knots in strings, and applying stickers. Also, the new pneumatic hoses are stiffer than the old ones, and I read that the crane of 42043 was a particularly hard-to-build sub-assembly. I never built 8455, but 8868 had a lot of pneumatics in a tight space too.
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  15. Kjellevirus

    Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Indeed. Between the Ferris Wheel and the Carrousel it skipped a year. I'm expecting the same for this year.
  16. After looking at problems that people have with sets that have more than one differential (42070, 42082 etc). I'd say that every set that could have wheels turning in opposite directions, if you don't pay attention to differential setup.
  17. Nerdsforprez is saying there is no time restraints on those other threads. You can ask there if any new sets have come along since the last post that take the top spot for either complexity or challenging building. But we're mini modding now so let's leave it there.
  18. Feng-huang0296

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Also, looking at the set description the Dolphin Rescue set has who I suspect is a new character called Kacey. Maybe she's in charge of the rescue operation? EDIT: And I've checked the numbers, we're missing 41377. Possibly a retailer exclusive?
  19. I would think that having two vital gears missing completely is more likely to be the cause of the problem!
  20. Feng-huang0296

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Oh yes, the beach rescue subtheme is so much better than the boardwalk theme. I'll have to pass on the big boat, because I just don't have anywhere to put it, but I'll definitely at least consider buying the rest. Especially the lighthouse, that is the first building ever to use Coral as a primary colour and I need that. Even the turtle set would probably be great as a parts pack for adding on to it.
  21. Oh, my God! The model is so complex inside! I won't be surprised, if you have to rebuild it from the scratch! I remember it was difficult simply to disassemble it to sort parts!
  22. dimaks13

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    The thing sticking out of the tree is indeed a stud shooter.
  23. brickless_kiwi

    Effe's MOC Corner

    We cheat when it comes to backing up.( you put a puller truck on the rear trailer ) This is going to be one serious Model once finished and complete with trailers and load. I am watching this with most interest..
  24. Yevhen

    Sandvik Toro 60

    Do the actuators reach their end position completely, when the bed is down?
  25. Yevhen

    General Part Discussion

    We need a medium flat triangle panel.
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