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  2. Digger of Bricks

    Lego Ideas Support Thread - Historical/Castle

    Here's another one submitted today that might be worth mentioning here... LEGO Ideas - Sage's Library by SMARLIN
  3. pooda


    Same here! I just started collecting the rescue sets. Up until 2018, I was only collecting civilian stuff like the gas stations, town plan sets, bus stations and hospitals. My first rescue set was the coast guard headquarters. Then I got the fire station in 2019. So I do need a police station. That isn't really a garage. Looks more like a front gate. That's what I'd use it for.
  4. Ross Fisher

    [Q12 Nanth'ri TT] Paving the way for the Stormtroopers

    Of course what I didn't anticipate was that, during the assault, there would be a change of leadership among the Mordageen. Ramara Till was killed in the confusion, and her sister, Brenta Till, assumed command. If she had harboured any thoughts of betraying us, the speed of Commander Bannon's assault left her no time to do so. And so, when the dust settled, and I returned to their compound to conclude the deal, there was an added complication. Till's people were, reluctantly, willing to return my weapon collection, but they had no interest in the Twilek hostage I had for them. As far as they were concerned, she was Ramara's slave, and therefore untrustworthy. They couldn't have someone like her wandering around, so they left her fate up to me. All of this left me in a bit of a quandary. I'm not keen on keeping slaves. In a delicate diplomatic environment their use offends too many people to be a benefit. Still, I figured I would take Lu'vel under my wing for the time being. I'm not the type to leave her to the tender mercies of the Mordageen. I quite wanted Fnab to have a Twi'lek companion, since one of their cultural proclivities is towards diplomatic work. However, they are also one of the most commonly enslaved species in the Star Wars galaxy, and I didn't want to skip past the darker side of that life. I didn't want my Sig to be the kind to want a slave, but he is an Imperial, so probably wouldn't have a moral objection to it. In the end I decided to reflect his more pragmatic nature, and highlight the fact that if he doesn't keep slaves, it's because they are awkward in a diplomatic context. Lu'vel will exist in a bit of a grey area in terms of status; Fnab can't grant her manumisson because he was never her owner. But he will protect her from any other claims on her ownership, and you won't see her wearing a shock collar any more.
  5. TeriXeri


    For me, I'm not 100% decided on what police station to get yet, but, I do want one for my City as I got none atm. I only started collecting Police, Fire, and Medical sets this year, and I have the Hospital/Fire Stations already. The small box does seem to offer good value (assuming retail price is €40 at most), but on the other hand it's only 4 studs deep. While the larger station is bigger and deeper at what looks to be a 16x8 studs jail and office, the garage parts just seem very shallow as well. Of course it also depends on how deep discounts go. It's still too early , often I think I want sets when they are revealed, but end up not getting them at all after some months. After Nexo Knights ended I'm more selective on what sets to get, and even skipped City/Creator sets in 2019 that I was actually very positive about before and after reviews, LEGO simply has so many sets nowadays.
  6. Digger of Bricks

    Trolls World Tour 2020 - Rumours & Discussion

    This. There are a couple of pieces I'm really interested to see used elsewhere. Besides official recolors of such parts after the fact, I can see those transparent "living pods" making their way into SPACESHIP!!! MOCs...
  7. Let me add here one more thing that I made some time ago: a step deck (drop deck) semitrailer with the lowest possible cargo surface. I have planned making something with smaller wheels, like some real-life truck have, and as I started the US semitrailers series here, the next one come as a very low cargo platform, also known as a step deck: Initially, it has started as a nothing special than a deep modification of the flatbed, but new challenges caused by the decreased height forced me to rebuild it completely. Meanwhile I was looking some new best solutions, so now it got: more rigid structure, as it was even more critical for the lower frame; better modularity, I redesigned the sections connections and now it can be easily shortened or extended by adding few more sections - just pull a couple of 3L pins with bush (they are visible on the bottom edge of the frame) to disassemble the trailer and add few more sections; cheaper, as now it uses only the cheapest possible solutions - has no LA's no extra gears, no other expensive parts. I even decided not to use the narrow "London bus/Corvette" wheels, but you can put them to get more authentic "doubles". Despite these constrains and challenges, it still has the same features: Slide axles. The same idea but looks and works in a more interesting manner: the fist axle slides from the "wide spread" position that makes any 90 or 180 turn a hard trouble, to a tight and manurable short tandem (2 studs shorter than Anthem's tandem). It utilizes the rack and worm gear, so the axle can be stopped in any desired position. Opposite to the flatbed MOC, it uses the usual 13L "steering rack" that is way compact and cheaper that "crane" rack+housing. (the front axle moves with the mudguards, so the space between them is a constant) Another and the last feature is the stands (landing gears) that are controlled by the lever and can be folder or activated immediately and nicely secured in the both final positions. It was possible due to a little trick with some curved linkage between the lever and stands (it took 20 minutes to make an idea and 3.5 hours to realize it ): It surprisingly simple but works like a charm, and needs no slow LA's or someting expensie else. Some more photos can me found at BrickSafe:, as the MOC itself at Rebrickable: And now, once the concept of "lower deck with smaller wheels" is well-tested, it's time to go forward with more complex (and even more difficult) model: B-trail with "V8 supercars hauler" It's hard to say how long it could take right now, but hopefully I will manage to make it once...
  8. klockizbroda

    [MOC] The Old School Caravan Trip

    Haha Small world I guess. Yes, from what I know it is polyester. It had to be light because it was specifically designed to be towed by the mentioned 24bhp aircooled roaring (or rather caughing ) beast that the Fiat 126p was. I was actually pretty shocked when I recently discovered that they are still producing it (in a substantially updated form of course). A big thank you to all of you for your kind words! In case you are interested, I have prepared a video instructions for this build. You can find it on my Youtube channel: Parts inventory and PDF instructions are available from
  9. TeriXeri

    Trolls World Tour 2020 - Rumours & Discussion

    Ok, the first images on brickset didn't clearly show those.
  10. It has 5 in Episode IV and 7 in Episode V and VI. :) Here’s a screenshot of MF landing in Cloud City: The scene model only had 3 legs, because they built only half in the first movie. :)
  11. A new video has been uploaded to our Youtube channel. In 2019, lots of new elements have been added to our layout. To name a few: the warehouse, able to store 60 containers with candies, with two independent stacker cranes, the four candy circles, and an updated delivery station. Also brand new is the PC software that connects everything. We have worked hard to get the software working stable and with success. You can see the result in the video. Enjoy the video! -- Hans
  12. Well said, my friend Are they even trying to make decent sets anymore? And then they make minifigs from the new game. A game that people have said has the WORST avengers costume designs EVER. And people say I'm stupid..
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  14. peedeejay

    [MOC] Ambulance and Fire Truck

    These are great! I especially like that the ambulance has an interior.
  15. The vehicles are most likely in the same red and blue colorscheme they always use
  16. The kids will love that at BV! Good work Rohan:)
  17. The Duel at Mustafar is nicer than expected, specially on the variety of pieces used. The torsos are a bit different so useful for MOCs. Good candidate with a discount.
  18. Feng-huang0296

    Trolls World Tour 2020 - Rumours & Discussion

    We’ve heard literally nothing to imply a CMF.
  19. Alex B Sign

    [MOC] Ambulance and Fire Truck

    Very nice build ! Congrats !!
  20. I’m still holding out hope for the Spider-Man oh who am I kidding I’m not getting anything from this line. In all seriousness, I do like the leaked Spidey-Noir and I’d certainly like to get the set it comes in provided it’s at the very least a good parts pack. Plus I think I remember hearing Doc Ock was in it and since I don’t have an Ock (I missed the big mech in 2016 and didn’t care for the 4+ version) that’ll be a plus too. The Noir/Spidey plane might be my only Marvel purchase from 1HY 2020. At least, until the Black Widow and Eternals sets are revealed. Hey, is there any chance that the plane might be black and designed to match Noir’s colours rather than Spidey? I know it’s unlikely but that would make it way cooler.
  21. Wolf_Zipp

    COPPA and Technic Youtube creators

    Hello, holy crap out here about YT An other Video channel is " DailyMotion " , but there is also US partly inside . The next Problem : Nobody knows this channel . On YT my Vids get worldwide views , many adult people came to Lego just about a Video they look accidental . The AFOL Community will no more grow , and Lego will be degrated as " only for children " An other viewing side : What is about when i take my channel "just made for children " and Coppa find : You get so hard technical stuff , thats definatly " not only made for children" and restrikt me because wrong decleration ??
  22. Alex B Sign

    [MOC] The Station of Memories

    Hi all, This is my first post so I'll quickly introduce myself : Alex B. Sign, dad x2, judo practiser, innovation director in a global IT company. Thank you for accepting me in your creative community ! I'd like to share with you my MOC I've uploaded on Lego Idea website : The Station of Memories. The Station of Memories is a metaphor of past memories, when the family was gathering for special family events. It is a place out of time, another space-time in which everyone can connect and remember part of his/her life, out of the current everyday life. This is a simple and small family train station located in a pretty countryside little town. Please see samples below (very low quality). You'll find more details and more pics (better quality) about the concept on the Lego Ideas website here I hope you'll enjoy this concept ! Alex B. Sign
  23. kahir88

    HELP! ! !

    Hey, I hope I not writing in the wrong topic. Any tip, how to create lego instruction? What is the best program for it, is there an online tool for that?
  24. It looks white to me, the grey areas probably look grey because of the lighting
  25. I don't even care about the visuals at this point, the sets are terrible
  26. Sirius91

    The Witcher medallion

    The Witcher collaboration is coming! Get ready for the first week of December!
  27. No Marvel leaks a day after all the sets leaked is rather... frustrating. Let's hope we don't have to wait long
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