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  2. SNIPE

    General Part Discussion

    You can, using a little trickery : the notches on the end of a pin are half as thick as the stop on an axle, so you would fill the remaining half with plastic which supports the axle.
  3. Coming in the next release is a web dashboard that will show the status of all the peripherals in your running BrickNil program. It's display only right now, but I hope to add control capability to this dashboard at some point too. Here's an example where the program is controlling my duplo train, with the motor ramping up at intervals, changing LED color, and displaying speed and wheel revolutions, as well as the reflectivity sensor reading.
  4. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    [BSBA] Cat B- Delivery Truck/ Small exploration ship

    Pretty cute indeed ! Nice retro touch, I like it
  5. Picked up the HoA, Cap’s bike, and got the Captain Marvel poster and Tower promo for free. The poster is really nice quality paper and the HoA and towrt are awesome
  6. Accio Lego

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Star Wars is weird because it’s changed a lot in the years it’s been around. I’ve looked over a list of the old advent calendars, and while the first several had a Santa variant as the exclusive, last year’s had a random normal character as the exclusive, with only a couple of Christmas themed builds. I also think it’s worth noting that last year’s exclusive had exclusive head, torso, and leg prints - so if we’re just getting Christmas sweater variants then there’s more of a chance of more than one exclusive if it’s just new torso prints. But if we get an entirely new character... I’m also rather fond of the idea that we might get all four uniform torsos in the advent calendar - so I think there could be a real possibility of combining existing heads and torsos in new ways.
  7. rskamen

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    @Doug72 I have a question about step 2, on page 60 of the pdf instructions. It shows a blue pin/axle holding a 8T gear in place against another 8T gear held in place with a brown 3T axle with stop. With the blue pin, it does not turn very freely at all. Is it meant to be hard to turn (so it does not spin too freely)? I was thinking of substituting a light tan frictionless pin/axle so that the gear turns easier. Sorry I don't have any pictures to post. I have been building very slowly and carefully, constantly checking the appendix for alignment and "phasing", as Akiyuki puts it.
  8. WOW! This is really cool alternative model. I own this set and plan to build alternative model out of it too but I would never think about house. Good job!
  9. 1980SomethingSpaceGuy

    [BSBA] Cat B - Benny's Recycle Recycle RECYCLE

    The fastest trashcan of the galaxy ! I like how the stray cat couldn't leave his territory Cool idea and nice build !
  10. I do not know where is better to post it, so decided to post here. Finally I became an owner of six pack futuristik wheels
  11. grum64

    LEGO Technic Supercar Auction

    That’s very kind. Thank you. That’s a very good question and to be honest I don’t know what the answer is. I’ve emailed Fairy Bricks and will let you know when I hear back from them.
  12. Kozikyo86

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor

    Thanks all! I'm glad You like it Thanks! :) Free movie instruction building - subscription, comment and thumbs up welcome PDF book will be also available for small dotation - 25 PLN (+/- 5,8 EUR or 6,5 USD) I need 1-2 days to make free movie instruction, and maybe 1 week for PDF book XML List of parts here: copy and paste on: Bricklink - Wanted List - Upload - XML code
  13. KotZ

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    Some thoughts/additions I've had from WBD's post about proficiences. Level of Proficiency: I-IV, each level makes character more, well, skilled. Has a better chance of success with that proficiency in actions. So everyone can do everything, but if you want to have an edge, spec into a proficiency. Ex. Non medics/clerics can attempt to heal an ally, but they might have a 15% chance of success. Medic/Cleric I has 25%, and up and up until Medic/Cleric IV has close to 100%. We could also make the proficiencies cost more on each level. This would eliminate specific classes (do we want that?), but allow everyone to try different things. This could carry over to basically any proficiency like engineering, hacking, shooting, piloting, etc. And if the game runs for a long period of time, possibly higher levels could be added? Now since classes could be removed, that might eliminate Guild/Faction classes. Instead, perhaps reputation or completed quests with them result in an unlocked proficiency tree. For example, the Bonaparte faction skill you could unlock might be Navigation. Once you unlock that tree, even if you don’t start speccing it, you have it, even if you lose rep. This allows players to use abilities they’ve learned even if they make a character choice that goes opposite of former employers. The problem with Heroica’s class system could be fixed with this idea. Now, what if you receive a sweet helmet from Faction A, but then they end up hating you? Maybe we faction-lock equipment. Another idea could be no faction-locks, but if you’re wearing their gear and they see you, you could be fined, attacked, etc. Though that seems more of a quest-by-quest basis. Just spittballing here. We could also proficiency lock equipment as well, making it where anyone can use any weapon, but as the game goes on, say you need to be Long Range Weapon Level III or above to use a specific gun. Thoughts?
  14. Benny was initially a bit put out when he was told he had to recycle his old '80's technology, however he soon managed to make the most of it.
  15. belkor

    [MOC] TIE Interceptor

    Cool! I look forward to the instructions 😉
  16. Mr Hobbles

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Yes, my library supports it, and there's no firmware update necessary. I have a compatibility table on the readme - The WeDo 2.0 hub successfully reports the motor as type 38. I can control it by speed, and I can get rotation notifications from the hub when I turn the motor by hand. The only thing that either doesn't work, or I haven't figured out how to make work, is to rotate the motor by a specific angle. This may be due to a lack of a DirectWrite mode in the limited protocol the WeDo 2.0 hub supports. Or if it has it, I haven't discovered it yet. Currently the Boost motor and sensor _partially work_, and the train motor and LED's fully work. The LFP2 protocol is quite well designed - the hub doesn't really need to do anything special to support different motors and sensors. Most of the logic is up to the controlling smart device/app.
  17. Jetro

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Using what software? The Powered Up app won't allow it.
  18. Today
  19. coinoperator

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Yeps... Since the update this is possible, I tried it and it worked.
  20. suffocation

    LEGO Technic Supercar Auction

    Clive, do you know if Fairy Bricks accept actual Lego donations as well? I know it might sound stupid, but after 20+ years in Italy where donating to anything other than the Roman Catholic Church is hindered by light-years of slimy, slippery red tape, I like to prepare for the worst.
  21. I wouldn't put it that way. For me there are simply practical limitations. I don't have the money to buy every set ten times, don't have the space to keep too many models around assembled and of course I don't want to open up a Bricklink store to sell off leftover parts. Therefore I rather buy sets from other lines, usually stuff that has a certain complexity, looks nice to keep assembled or at least contains good parts for custom builds. Unfortunately 3in1 models rarely fit those criteria, which I often regret myself. You know, it's really that "I would love to build this model, but I don't want a ton of extraneous wheels, hinges etc. floating about afterwards." I mentioned in this thread already. Don't let this discourage you, though. Perhaps it's really just a matter of persisting and trying for the right model to come along that would compell people to dig more into your stuff. Mylenium
  22. Jetro

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Have you confirmed that? I was under the impression the possibility to update the firmware on the WeDo 2.0 hub made it impossible for that hub to recognise and deal with components that were developed later
  23. MaasEffekt

    Book III - Varlyrio: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Hello! How are you all doing fellow varlyrians? Sorry about my inactivity, but i am not at home, so i do not have Lego with me. Just in my heart. If everything goes well, i will be at home late June, and will start building and storytelling...
  24. legobear

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    Are the space leaks still live?
  25. Mr Hobbles

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    There are certainly a lot of components coming out, I expect it to get even more confusing! I think one thing to note is that all the "hubs" (PUP Hub, Boost move hub, SPIKE Prime hub, Duplo train base, even PUP remote control) are basically they same. They all speak the same Bluetooth protocol to the app as each other. The only difference is with the inbuilt motors and sensors and number of ports. Even the different inbuilt functionality (RGB lights, Duplo built in speaker, voltage and current, etc) are all just "sensors" in the firmware. The only difference is that you can't physically unplug them. :) Just an example - even the PUP remote is just another "hub"! The only difference is it has no ports, and the left and right buttons are just two inbuilt/non-removable sensors. Every hub also supports every other LPF2 device. You can plug a Boost motor into a WeDo 2.0 hub and it'll recognize it. You should be able to put a SPIKE Prime motor into a PUP hub and it'll recognize it. The only differences is whether the app you're using allows you to use that device. :) So, if you're only interested in the PUP hub ("Hub.No4", "Smart Hub 2 I/O", whatever you/they want to call it), it's quite exciting as hopefully you'll be able to use the entire range of LPF2 motors and sensors with it. Perhaps Lego will be slow with updating their official apps to support them, but our third-party apps and libraries should be faster! (I already have orders in for SPIKE Prime, and intend to do the same with the LEGO Technic Liebherr on launch). Regarding the firmware - the protocol for updating the firmware seems to be documented, but we don't have any firmware to try it with at the moment. :) As @veezer suggested perhaps someone can do a TCP dump of the app traffic and figure out where it's downloading the firmware from. But it's not on my roadmap.
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