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  2. Permo

    [MOC] Harley-Davidson Fly Boy V

    Really cool build !
  3. The trailers made me believe it's sort of metallic brown, but now it looks like a worn down Naboo ship. LEGO metallic silver is a nuance too dark, but it'd be the best fit, better than LBG. F*** it, i'd buy it in any colour ^^
  4. In many Adventurers-sets the number-plate with "HC 514" is used: Does anybody know what this stands for? What does it mean? Is this another easteregg? I'm just curious ...
  5. Touc4nx

    [WIP] Subaru Impreza WRX STI

    Step 1000 of the instruction is here. Instruction are 90% done. Then I will have to check if they are right (and buildable) Anyway here is a render of the different colored ones (the background isn't part of it)
  6. Touc4nx

    [MOC] Harley-Davidson Fly Boy V

    So much gear compactness And it looks so cool !
  7. pooda

    World City Theme Discussion

    I think we're on the same page there!
  8. I really like it, specially the rotating seat with lock that is really clever imo.
  9. @ian74 - Check out some of the 42079's stablemates. 42080 is a great intro to the pneumatic system (with recently brand new parts - bonus!) and 42081 is a cool concept build with little complexity, so it'll warm you up on the larger stuff. Seeing as you're new I wouldn't try tackling 42082 yet; buy it now maybe, but train up before building it!
  10. We were waiting on Nixor, a group of troopers fresh out of training eager to join a unit and see the galaxy, but for now we were enjoying some time off. The Underworld here may have had a somewhat shady reputation, but for a bunch of new recruits, it was a cheap enough part of town to be attractive. http://Cyberpunk style star wars slums by marvelBoy123, on Flickr http://A side view : star wars cyberpunk by marvelBoy123, on Flickr http://More star wars cyberpunk slums by marvelBoy123, on Flickr The eight of us crowded round the table eager to see who would win our game. We were a group of nine but TK-4072 didn't join in, always the try-hard, he waited patiently for us around the corner. http://IMG_20191112_193310845-01 by marvelBoy123, on Flickr Then, out of the blue, some barabel - a nasty character by all counts - came and snatched one of our helmets. He made the mistake of stealing the one that belonged to 'Clash' - all I will say is it didn't end well for him. It was certainly an eventful start to serving the Triumvirate. This is my first build here, I was inspired to join by your brick built aliens entries and loved all of them. Sadly, I was too late to submit a build for it but I have got to used my Barabel and Miraluka here (see picture 3 for the latter). I have been heavily inspired by @Darth Bjorn's cyberpunk-esque style for buildings so here is this build. I can't promise to be a regular (I primarily build for the Great Brick War) but am glad to be part of this community now. I would LOVE your feedback: anything you like, want to see in future builds or think I can improve - please let me know!
  11. Bricklink is very good if you know what you want and are prepared to shop around (wait) for the best prices. I use a wanted list to highlight parts I need for a particular project. I would start with either 42065 or 42090 and then move onto the 42075 - 42093 - 42075 and end on the 42078. The Mack is proving to be a very useful collection of parts for building alternatives. Consult Rebrickable to find these alternative builds and motorization.
  12. I'd consider that unfair play - just let me know your team wants to "do the Neymar/Robben/fakerofchoice".
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  14. Jeroen Ottens

    The blue brothers

    Instructions are available on my website already ;) At the moment I do not have the time to make a video unfortunately. The PF Tribute I do not have anymore, so I won't be making anything more than is already shown. Il Toro Azzurro is still in one piece in my workplace, so maybe I'll get around to make a short video of that. Thanks. I wasn't entirely sure that I would be able to pull this one off to be honest. The first time I saw it in action on the real car I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach. But once I started in earnest on the design I had the first prototype mechanism in place within a few weeks. So I was quite chuffed at that point . But getting it to operate smoothly and reliably (and designing the rest of the car around it) in the end took over 6 months.
  15. The 5:1 comes as 60/20 x 20/12. With differential (20/28) it goes down to 5 x 0.71 = 3.55:1. If 12/20 replaces the diff, then it gives 5 x 0.6 = 3:1 in my books. I guess the differential is handy if you want to keep the speed while cornering. I'd keep it. I can wait.... It won't fail, just comes to balance with the new XL motors and electronics. Talking of the wish/dream: The main barrier is the overall power difference between 4 PF-L on buwizz vs. 2 "over protected" C+XL's. Just getting my first steps with a borrowed buwizz and it makes a difference, I have to admit. So does the absence of it in this case. If the dream can be rearranged along with the gears, then it'll be ok.
  16. To all above advice, thanks. I will have a more in depth look. Thanks again. reading the Bricklink new seller verification, you have to 1 Register an account 2 buy and item and get positive feedback 3 then you can start to upload items to sell. Which means buying an item I dont want and hoping I get feedback, or am I making his more complicated than it actually is?
  17. KotZ

    World City Theme Discussion

    I gotta say I like the minifigures' faces, maybe because I grew up in the 2000s and had a lot of faces from different sets across themes. They're silly in an ugly way, but if you put them on the right figure/combination, they don't look too bad. The sets though just are not too good.
  18. Question: are there any specific rules about flopping/diving, or do the "unfair play" rules apply?
  19. Hey guys, I’m very new to rebrickable, and I’ve been playing around with the Bugatti Chiron after saving up for it! In the back I’ve put in a couple of motors and bits to raise the spoiler and raise the rear, however they aren’t that well done, so I’ll keep working on them... On the front I’ve been able to fit a linear actuator in and connect it to a gear in front of the model. I think that it hardly disrupts the flow of the model - apart from the grey block in the bonnet - and is actually pretty useful. Have a look at the pics down below. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance😂
  20. rcush39

    MOC: Amtrak AEM-7 and Amfleet Coach

    Any instructions?
  21. pooda

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Yeah! Tbh I actually recommended that they'd bring Paradisa back. But people here were against it saying that "Friends has taken that spot!". But considering that they have lots of female minifigures in City, I don't really think sexism is a thing with Lego. But you can't deny that City seems to attract boys over girls. I'm not a sexist, but I do often stop to think that Heartlake City is actually Lego City through a girl's point of view. Instead of the crimes, cops and crooks, there is pleasantry, shops and diners.
  22. I did think of that yes. I could just skip the 12t on the side and have the 20t go in the center frame directly. I have also thought about skipping the diffs and using the 12t from the side for a 12:20 reduction instead of the 20:28 the diffs give. That would drop your 5:1 ratio further down to 4.2:1. Problem is that I have little time to build right now. Will take some time before I can try some things in real life. What he said.
  23. arnoldtblumberg

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Oh, "girls have Friends." Well, I hope they stay where they belong and just get the Friends sets then, rather than show any interest in City, which is "mainly for boys." We wouldn't want kids to just pick sets they want and play with them, like girls that regularly build and collect City, or even - horrors! - Star Wars or Marvel, while some boys enjoy Friends and Elves and Disney. Sexism is bad enough out there in the real world, let's not let it ruin the pure imagination and joy that comes with discovering and building with LEGO in whatever way you want...regardless of what gender you are.
  24. Welcome to a quick RPG one shot! I have a few vacation days, and how better to spend them than trying to type words into a very very tiny touch screen? Q. What system? Running the old Heroica rule set. Q. How many players? 2-3. Q. Can I create a new character/bring back an old character? No, pre-gens only. Q. Will there be pictures? Yes. Q. First come first served? No, but the sooner you sign up, the higher your chances are. Q. Why is there not more detail? I'm writing this on a smartphone. Q. This is possibly the quite least detailed quest pitch I've ever read. A. Agreed. Sorry I'm not able to flush it out with right now.
  25. BrickBuilder1

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Does anyone remember what day corner garage was revealed last year?
  26. Looks pretty cool. Considering the size of the obstacles, the performance is still great.
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