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  2. Haddock51

    Switch modification

    This is what this entire topic is all about!! With the risk of repeating myself, the fact remains that the levers are pointing in different directions - for the same point position - depending on which side of the point the levers are mounted! Having used 9V tracks and points for more than 20 years, of course I can immediately read all my point postions by just watching the throw levers. For somebody who is not familiar with the discussed modifications, this might be more confusing in the future, particularly on layout sections with multiple points - and levers on different sides. Having said that, I am still set to proceed with the modification to move the lever to the opposite side, in both cases shown in this topic.
  3. Kez

    [MOC] LEGO Spider-Ham 

    Haha that's ace, love the use of parts such as the spider bricks - well done!
  4. Well, there will b a three year break after Rise of Skywalker what I recall recently, so there will hopefully be some time to fill up the gaps and not only waste it trying new things (like the 4+ and the battle playsets) There is a lot of molds made for video and games that have so far not been physically manifested so I wouldn't hope for too much...
  5. Are the other minifigure packs? I think they all release together so it might just be a glitch. There are 3 mcu films in 2020 from what i've heard. I think if we got zemo as an antagonist we'd see his comics costume at some point, of course definately MCU-ified. Maybe he goes insane after he hears in jail that the avengers are united again? I'll try, but I've got some personal stuff going on so it might be awhile Yeah I think so. I would like to see that too, not a dc fan but i do admire how they added all those other figures, like shazam. Silver sable isn't a terribly hard custom, but yeah even classic ones like the lizard that we haven't gotten yet could show up.
  6. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    meanwhile Rogue one and solo continue to get nothing despite the many figures we need and sets they could make. Sometimes i agree with the people who say there's too much new content coming out. Hey remember like a year ago when we saw that new mold for the TLJ Fathier in that video made by lego? Was that just a one-off for the video or did we ever get anything else?
  7. Hello there, I have decided to finally post something since joining a few months ago, but lurking for many years I always loved seeing other people build marvelous Technic trucks from trial trucks to regular dump trucks, but never seemed to get around to ordering the parts i needed as there were plenty of gaps in my then small collection to do any model justice and there was always another tank that needed to be built as i had plenty of track pieces. In the end i managed to get my hands on the Arocs and with a few bricklink orders i had the needed supplies. As this is my first full studless design i had a lot to learn and getting Sariels book helped a lot in learning how to reinforce the frame as i had a few technic sets but little experience actually building MOC's with it. I saw plenty of these trucks rolling around doing stuff other than military duties as many have been sold to the general populace and are quite famous for being reliable and easily retrofitted to do jobs such as logging or hauling heavy loads up to 10t. I started in January this year and only finished the truck a few days ago, but i have a few more touch-ups and to ask for advice. The truck is in 1:19 scale, scaled to the tire size as that was the only fixed dimension i had for the truck. The dimensions are : L x W x H 410 x 136 x 180 (mm) or 51 x 17 x 22.5 studs. I used some old technical drawings and manuals to get the dimensions right. It is powered by a single XL Motor geared down 2.334:1. It has 6x6 all wheel drive with differentials and no locks which affects its climbing abilities a fair bit, but making locking diffs is a bit too tricky for me now. The steering is done using a PF Servo motor. The truck has a solid front axle with yellow hard springs as the cab was getting a bit too heavy for a single grey one, and the design of the front axle allowed for only one spring attached. The rear axle is a double bogie with springs to keep them steady and to limit the maximum range of motion to keep the CV joint from sliding of the short central power axle. The CV joint are, as we all know, the weakest link of my power train but i had no other option in such a small space between the axles. I tried to reinforce the joint with a small Lego tier, and it keeps it together over small bumps and up to 2 studs high obstacles. Heavy terrain aka. the thick carped prove to much of a challenge and they pop out. But as i mentioned it was not meant to be a pure blood trial truck so driving on relatively flat terrain is fine. The cab has a basic interior with a static steering wheel, seats and openable doors. The fake V8 engine is exposed in the center of the cab. The cab can be lifted open to reveal the engine and lighting cables as well as the PF Rechargeable battery box and a solitary IR receiver in the back. The front bumper is equipped with a single set of PF Led lights. I am in the process of getting a second pair for the rear brake lights and a PF switch for their control. The front bumper also has a hole for a winch cable that i need to find room for in the back of the truck. The truck bed sides can be opened to allow for easier loading of cargo and it has ready holes for installment of canopy support struts. I got my hands on some steered wheel hubs and a few standard ones for the rear wheels as i have found out that thanks to the trucks weight of 2Kg, the rear wheels have a tendency to fall of and the front wheels bend a bit outwards. So i wanted to seek your advice : Is there a better, similar length, CV joint replacement for the final drive or a way to reinforce it further ? I am also open to suggestions on how to improve the looks and driving abilities. I hope you like it ! Cheers PS. I just noticed i left out the side rear view mirrors. They will be added in the following days as well as the winch. Hopefully i can fit a M motor and mechanism under the truck bed. Anyone have a compact winch design ?
  8. SwissBrick

    Lego city - Where to place Apocalipseburg?

    Thanks a lot for your answers! I tried them all.. and now I have to place the VESTA's wind turbine as well.. I guess the only solution would be to add another table, make a desert space, place the wind turbine in the greenery.. Anyhow, will share the different options as soon as I have the new table. THANK YOU for your insights and advise!
  9. Agreed, but the picture is of Doomsday as he appears in the latest Lego video game, so it's probably just taken from that. We ARE getting some variants from that game as actual minifigs (Joker, Riddler and Two-Face, I think), but if they made a big-fig Doomsday, I'd rather they didn't use that version (wearing his green containment suit with just half his face visible). It wouldn't have the same child appeal as his classic "big grey rock monster" look (plus, some kids would see a green bigfig and think he was a weird version of the Hulk).
  10. It's a bit late to say that: That set was released in 2001 and was later remade in 2011.
  11. Shiva

    [MOC] Renault FT-17

    Sariel, cheers. And sample instructions seem to be +10/10. I do wish that rebrickable had some other options for the ad thingy. "reject all cookies" for example.
  12. LEGO Train 12 Volts

    toastergrl's Classic Space Fleet

    Great stuff ..I like the picture with the mech holding the space ship!
  13. Today
  14. LEGO Train 12 Volts

    [MOC] Space interceptor

    Lovely spaceship, I particularly appreciate the cannons on the roof ...very nice technique!
  15. Mechbuilds

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    They literally had no idea how expensive those sets still are.. I suspect that he was just old and thought legos as kids playthings that are worthless after buying them.
  16. LEGO Train 12 Volts

    [MOC] Science Tower City Site Extension

    Nice add-on!
  17. My bad, I actually only looked at technic sets, and only bionicle makes use of those parts (if that can be considered technic...), so I assumed they were only used as decorative parts.
  18. Ivorrr

    Your Best Technic Bargains So jealous
  19. Right, I should've clarified instead of correcting just for correcting's sake. The fun of the All-New All-Different/Worldwide arc is that it opens up the possibilities to a whole other section of the Spider-Man corner of the Marvel universe. I could see the Spider-Man line in the future becoming similar to the Batman line for DC, in that they use Spider-Man to sell the sets but consistently throw in interesting new characters (like they once did with Ghost Rider). I'm at the point where I'd much rather see Prowler, Anti-Venom, Silver Sable, or even new comics versions of previously seen characters like Captain America or Thor over more Spider-Men. At this point, we're only missing what, Spider-Man Noir?
  20. Hi all ! Before, thank you for the job, it is great ! I use the attached program to control a train. I want my python script is run forever and I read the serial to start connection and stop connection. But I have a problem because after I executed the first loop (hub connected -> control train -> hub disconnected), when I execute a second loop, impossible to connect to the hub. I think the problem is that the first loop is not stopped. In the script, there is the line "start(system)", maybe a line "stop(system)" or somthing like this is necessary ? Thank you for your help and sorry for my bad english. Corentin
  21. come2me

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    I found 2 years ago 2 5571 complete black cats for 70 € each. And a complete 8485 for 39 € on ebay !!! But my best one is for 80 €, 3 years ago in a french site ( : It was really 80 € for all the models you can see in the pictures !!! There was a little box too with some pieces to complete the models. My wife couldn't believe it when i went back, my car was full of legos !!!! I never found such a big bargain. I got it because i lived near the man who sold his sons legos...
  22. Yup, more or less. Here's the topic for Nathanaels version. More pics. Another thought for the contest. SCIFI contest. Build a spaceship, mech, robot, whatever remotely SciFi related.
  23. Herisanmi

    [MOC] Bilbao Skyline

    I couldn't love more this MOC!!! Well, I am from Bilbao. Since the Guggheim museum of NY was included in a set, I am waiting to see something with Bilbao. I love all the buildings included. In fact, it is difficult to include Puppy as it is on the opposite side of the museum, and not watching to the estuary (la ria). Good idea to include the ice cream part for the stainless steel balls. Include also Calatrava's White Bridge (zubizuri) in front of the Isozaki towers. The unique defect: as I love the Metro (subway) of Bilbao (I also participated in its construction), I think that the entrance, the "Fosterito", should be bigger, even if it is not scaled when compared with the other buildings. Thanks for producing such a beauty!! Present it to LEGO Ideas contest...I will give all my votes!!
  24. The sets look great! Despite disappointment the Horntail set is still my favorite and the dragon looks good and is nicely poseable. The head still should have been something better and the fat legs look bad but those are my 2 major complaints. Of course I would've loved it if they recolored Smaug's wings for it too but I understand if they couldn't.
  25. Toastie

    Switch modification

    Sure, but I guess @Haddock51 needs to modify one switch to have the throw on the straight side due to space and layout limitations. Best, Thorsten
  26. Do you think it would be possible to modify it to sit a minifig inside in similar fashion to the tank droid that came with the Wookie Attack set? I'd like to keep the overall look for the exterior.
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