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  2. @Johnnycrash By the way, did you start the model in extended mode? I do not think you can open a non-extended model in extended mode. What you are describing is how it works when I try to repeat this process without using extended mode. (Maybe there is a way to export/import the model to change the mode? I don't know...) I only build using extended mode due to the freedom allotted with color changing. Generally, I use LDD as a prototype for physical builds I am planning, so I will later verify if parts are actually available in that color or I will check the markets for the part in that color before using it in a build. Extended mode is just simpler to use in my opinion, since you choose pieces and color separately rather than at the same time.
  3. Guyon2002

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    That has been one of the most requested and talked about set-possibilities for months now, only second to the astronomy tower
  4. Good luck! I bet it'll be an amazing festive display piece and I'm pretty sure none of the pieces in the set are exclusive other than the minifigures.
  5. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2020 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    My thoughts exactly, the same with kylo's shuttle microfighter. Easy way to gr=et great figures for cheap I still think the lava looks juvenile, but I agree there are some good points besides the figures.
  6. DeCommander96

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    I feel like we could get that room (I forget it's name) from book 5 where Harry trains everyone as a set. We could get a few patronises and a good handful of students. Thoughts? EDIT: room of requirement
  7. LegoDW

    The Best and Worst of 2019

    Best Theme: Creator expert....most interesting builds Best Minifigure/Figure: Flintstones Best Set: Harry Potter train, with two sets you can make a very nice train Worst Theme: Hidden Side....just don't get it. Worst Minifigure/Figure: all the Lego movie stuff Worst Set: Benny's house Most Anticipated for 2020: Hoping for a new creator expert Amusement park ride as the Carousel is retiring.
  8. Peppermint_M

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    Just placed an order for a batch of customs, here is hoping it all goes through. So, looks like I wasn't being over the top or pessimistic with my predictions. I am a moderator, so I can totally say: TOLD YOU SO. Srsly man.
  9. TheLegoDr

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    That's so weird. Mine took 5 days processing so far. Just got the notice it shipped today. I ordered it last Saturday. I would say holiday rush, but it seems some are still having speedy service. Oh well.
  10. Mestari

    [MOC] Small house with dock and airboat

    There are some pictures towards the bottom of that album of my friend: LINK Thank you all for comments :)
  11. Mestari

    New train wheels tested by LEGO

    Can you elaborate in that? Some independent wheels are available? Btw this video makes me go back in time to that communication they gave us about technic Porsche and the gear sequence. They made it wrong on purpose to enhance our experience... Now I wonder what's next thing LEGO wants to blow to pieces?
  12. I'm wondering something. Certain people will tell us that LEGO listens to AFOLs all the time and that LEGO bends over backwards to please us. Will those same people tell us, the moment we ask for something, that LEGO is 100% a children's toy and that we should never ask for or expect anything?
  13. I better not leave you hanging! 🤚
  14. Ach! So close. Exciting game. It is not a loss for Weelond, and we have a rematch in 6 days.
  15. Mestari

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    So there you have it. We no longer can buy custom parts. Thank you LEGO... "Modified Parts: All parts listed in your store must be genuine LEGO parts in their original, unmodified condition. Custom printed, engraved, chromed, or painted parts are not permitted."
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  17. ...I don't bloody know what the Abbé was thinking, setting up a Church of Poseidon in Mesabi Landing of all places. By all that's holy, even Meloche wouldn't've done something as mad as this. He can claim that the tidal wave that desolated this town was the will of the god, and that the heathens got what they deserve. I just wish he wouldn't do it when we're surrounded by the buggers. He reckons it'll give us an edge in the tournament. I reckon we'll catch the edge of someone's blade if we're not careful. Sodding hell! Extract from the journal of Robin the Cabin Boy I know I should've posted this before the 9th to get any kind of bonus, so I'm sorry I didn't put it up. Frankly, I suspect I'm not going to be rewarded for plonking a Church of Poseidon in Mesabi Landing, but I built the thing a while back, and it seemed really appropriate here. Hope you like it (enough to overlook the awkwardness...)! Built and licensed.
  18. I'm still disappointed by it but I do see at least a few good points. With some modification this could easily be made into a Starkiller-like diorama, the figures and platforms/droids are a good startingpoint. Though I'll definetely wait for a discount if I end up getting it
  19. While I wasn't a fan of the looks to begin with, realizing how scarce the functions are make me feel miserable for not buying 42009 when I had the chance. Speaking about looks I do think the well-praised 8460 also has strange dimensions. But that set made up for it by having everything engineered as you could wish for: gear-driven turntable, functional outriggers et cetera. As for the modding argument: if you put on enough time and/or parts you can make any set perfect. But there's a difference between adding a few flex hoses to the Volvo excavator to get rid of the ugly pneumatic hoses (for example) or having to basically redesign a set to make it decent.
  20. This break could not have been short enough, everybody. The fans are shouting for more, and so are we. Let's hope for a second half that can keep up with the spectacle of the first one, Jim. 45'' And off we go, the Weelond Regimentals take the kickoff. I can't make out any positional changes in either team, Jim. Those two yellow cards for the Smileys should have an impact on the game though. 51'' I guess you are right, Tiny. We see some action in midfield, but nothing compared to the explosive moves in the first half. The Smileys have taken the ball though, and it looks like the game is slowly shifting towards their opponents goal. 56'' Slowly indeed, Jim. But we are getting there... 61'' ... are we though? Robino Grijszon, called „Nino“, has just proven his reputation as the „Boy Wonder“, and taken the ball off Suzie Smilyes foot. He and „Pegleg“ are the foundation of Weelonds famous defense, they are called The Fenceposts for a reason. So this didn't come exactly as a surprise. Suzie might feel like handing out some headbutts though, Nino better beware! 67'' She is out for revenge, Jim, reclaiming the ball like a whirlwind! Will The Fenceposts endure? 69'' One misstep by Tsu-Chu, one goal for the Smileys. The game is even again, 3:3. I wonder if either team has the energy and will to make a decisive move in the last minutes of the game. 73'' The Weelond Regimentals are not known for giving up, and they push forwards once more. Fangio has fallen back to midfield and taken the ball from there. Now he is stuck in the Smileys' defense though. 75'' Randy and Mandy might not form the worlds greatest defense, but they have stopped Fangios attack, stabilising the Smileys game in the backfield for now. 79'' Montoya could snatch the ball, and suddenly the game is fast again! True that, Jim. A short pass to Fangio... back to Montoya, dodging a tackle from Randy... another short pass to Slegers... and a shot! Handy holds it, no problem. 85'' It seems like the Smileys want to play down the clock, for they are keeping the ball in their half. That's madness, Jim. The game is almost over, a successful offensive action would give them the victory and a great position in the fight for the groups leadership. I don't get it either, Tiny. Maybe they are just exhausted. It is a risky gamble nonetheless. 91'' Over and out! Weelond managed to seize the offense one last time at the 90 minute mark, but it was too little, too late. The referee ended the game just now, and his whistle was echoed by the Weelond fans – they can't believe the game stopped when their team was about to strike for the win. Such is life, Jim. The result is a 3:3, leaving the Sea Rats undefeated. A disappointment for the Regimentals, that much is certain. They had the victory for a time, but then let it slide. If they want to go for this years Cup they have to show more. They will have another chance in two days, and they have to deliver then. Looking forward to Sunday, as well as the second game of Group B tomorrow. Good night everybody, this was Jim Napier... ... and „Tiny“ McCoy. See you all tomorrow!
  21. Masked Mini

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    My order arrived today. 2 days processing, 7 days shipping to Texas.
  22. peedeejay

    Sand Green bricks for the Green Grocer?

    Are you sure? Which recent sets feature 1x2 bricks with groove in sand green?
  23. kbalage

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    @Valkyx reviews will come on the 26th
  24. Options

    Sand Green bricks for the Green Grocer?

    That’s really unfortunate. I’m on the Audiworld forum and we discuss Mercedes, BMW, Tesla. However, I’m sure the OP can find other places to discuss his question and find what he needs. I’ll respect the rules of the forum and leave it at that.
  25. Itsasecret581

    Telephone building Modular

    Stunning build! Looks practically identical to the real life model.
  26. Group A, Game 2: Sea Rats Smileys vs. Weelond Regimentals Kickoff goes to the Smileys. I sharp whistle, and the referee has opened the game! 4'' I feel like I've got a déjà vu, Tiny. The Smileys are heading forward, storming into their opponents half. Will we see the same from them like in their first game? Would it hurt, Jim? I would appreciate some more goals than yesterday. 6'' Your wishes might come true! Six minutes in, and we have our first goal! Suzie Smiley took a chance and shot from 40m away, and keeper Cuju Tsu-Chu could not hold it. The Regimentals' keeper is also the teams chef, maybe he has not yet realised that he is on the field and not in the kitchen anymore? Whatever it is, the defense from Weelond gave a poor first impression this year. 1:0 for the Sea Rats Smileys. 8'' Shortly after the kickoff by the Weelond Regimentals their Gijs Reyngout mispassed, and the Smileys are with the ball again. Quite unusual, Gijs is a versatile player and known for passing well. It really seems like the Regimentals need more time to find into the game again. 13'' The Smileys must not get careless themselves. Raul Baracca took the ball off them, and is about to head towards the Smileys half. 16'' That move was stopped by Dandy Smiley, Jim. Baracca went flying, helped not by a studshooter but by Dandy. The referee grants Dandy his wish, and hands out a yellow card for this brutal action. A free kick for Weelond! 17'' Alberto Verde took the free kick, for a beautiful long flank into the Smileys penalty zone. Some say he lacks confidence in his play, but I can see nothing of it right now. Same here, Jim. Fangio takes the flank like a champion, giving the Smileys defense no time to react properly... and the ball is in the net! The score is even again, 1:1 and not even twenty minutes are played. This is the game I want to see! 19'' Maybe the Regimentals have their mojo back, Tiny. We are just after kickoff again, and an intercept by Victor Rey brought the ball back to the team from Weelond. The game is getting fast now! 20'' You're right, Jim. Rey passes to Reyngout, who in turn outplays Dandy and Zandy from the Smileys. Now one excellent pass forward to Mauricio Montoya. The Smileys are hard pressed in their defense! 22'' Nobody is smiling in the team amongst the classic heads now! A flank into the middle, and Fangio had his head in the right place – Handy Smiley had no chance. From 0:1 to 2:1 in about five minutes! 24'' The Smileys are far from giving up though. Kickoff, playing through the midfield without any problems, and right in the Regimentals half again. Suzie Smiley has the ball, that could mean another goal... oh no! We saw the same, Tiny. A rude bodycheck against „Pegleg“ Pedro Piccio, but the referee seems to be fine with it. Quite some shouts and whistles from the Weelond fan block disagree! The game heats up for sure! 28'' So this was too much, the Smileys overstated their welcome in the Regimentals' penalty area. Frandy Smiley had the ball, and made some room to shoot by not kicking the ball, but Weelonds Luis Fernandez. This time the referee was alert, handing out the second yellow card to the Smileys this game! 29'' „Pegleg“ took the free kick himself, for a nice forward flank to midfield, where Rey took the ball, pressing forward to offense. This is the Victor Rey we know and love, always with an eye for solid aggressive actions. 32'' This time the ball ends up with Jan Slegers, taking on Randy and Mandy Smiley at the same time... 33'' ... and succeeding in it! Goal for the Weelond Regimentals, now leading 3:1. Now I have the déjà vu, Jim. Are the Smileys on the receiving end of something like they did in their first game? We are only about half an hour into the game, Tiny. You are right though, it is quite the shootout. The Smileys better get back to getting some shots of their own done! 39'' Our favourite headpieces have not given up yet. Once more they are moving forward, their offensive testing the Regimentals. Landy and Candy are taking shots at the goal... ... both parried by Tsu-Chu! 41'' Now Suzie as well, attempting a header after a high flank... ... and this one is in! The Sea Rats Smileys score, shortening Weelonds lead to 3:2. 47'' The first half is done, with no more goal in these last six minutes. The Regimentals went into the offense again, but could not score before the referees whistle. Unlucky! I better not imagine in detail what coach Verlander does to the first pineapple he finds in the break.
  27. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Lavender Ice Cream Shop

    Here is my small Ice Cream Shop. The front features a gumball machine and bench under a tree for people to sit and eat their Ice Cream. The first floor has the actual ice cream and a small table setup. Here's a closeup of the counter and the supplies closet under the stairs, Second floor is a seating area as well as as another area to store some supplies/materials. Here is it alongside my bookstore and fishmonger. I'm almost done physically building the bookstore and then need to get working on the other two.
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