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  2. Pchan1983

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    80103 dragon boat race is now available via Toyco if you are in New Zealand!!!! This means you will get it in Australia too or may be in store already!
  3. Feng-huang0296

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    I haven't seen the advent calendar. What addition? Looking at the tiny builds that are par for the course with City, Friends and Star Wars calendars, I don't see why we should expect the advent calendar to come with anything that could be added to the Great Hall and/or Clocktower as a room in Hogwarts . . unless you know something I don't? As far as sets go, Expectro Patronum is the real standout. I'll probably get the Horntail set for the minifigures and to MOD the dragon. That crappy tent is gonna be scrapped so hard. Knight Bus is meh, Hagrid's Hut and the Clock Tower are both great, but I won't get either because I don't have any room for them in my layout. Sorry Lego, you tried. Still, happy for all of you who the Clock Tower does work for, and if I could accomodate it I definitely would get it.
  4. I heavily suspect we'll get one soon. Between there being a classic set unrevealed and the dino mech being colored like the Explorer, I really suspect we'll see one this year.
  5. strangely

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Pretty impressive wave I'll admit. The restaurant is easily the standout. I like the new shopping cart piece, hopefully we'll see that recolored at some point.
  6. legobanker

    [MOD] 10020 EMD F7 Union Pacific

    Nice build. These are 6 wide? I like the b unit. I'd definitely be interested in the LDD file.
  7. strangely

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    I had hoped that in seeing the final product, that I'd be okay with Hermione's face, but unfortunately I hate it more than I did when it leaked. I get that they had to reuse heads because of the budget, but honestly, it just doesn't work. It makes her look too young, which when paired with Viktor Krum makes it look like he's taking a child to the dance... I'll definitely be swapping the head out. I can live with all of the other head reuses, oddly enough. I love the texture in the builds, it really makes these locations spring to life. All the new arch pieces are used brilliantly. I love pretty much everything about the clocktowers design. The rooms feel better designed this time around too, not as cramped as usual. The tent design is pretty poor though, doesn't look much like a tent. The new pumpkin are awesome! Plus a golden egg! Knight Bus is average! Don't care for it! So close Lego, you almost went an entire wave without including a vehicle. Can't wait to see the Advent Calendar!
  8. So let me ask you guys this: Do you think we’ll ever get the Ford Explorer from Jurassic Park as a set? It’s really the only Jurassic Park set I’d care about. Part of me thinks it’s a huge possibility because of the interest shown in the Lego Ideas. Part of me thinks no because we haven’t gotten it yet. I ask because has a pretty good design of the Ford Explorer but I don’t want to put a large amount down on it if we’re going to get an official set someday. What do you guys think?
  9. Kdapt-Preacher

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I am certain that LEGO has done the surveys and crunched the numbers and determined that these brick-built things are more effective promotions than minifigs by some metric. I just have no idea what that metric is, or where all the people are who prefer a microbuild to an exclusive figure. There has to be some demographic that wants that and doesn't post online about it, or else LEGO wouldn't be marketing to them... printing a new figure is obviously expensive, but surely it isn't so many hundreds of times more so that these microbuild sets are cheaper for LEGO to manufacture.
  10. zoth33

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Definitely getting the patronus set and multiples of it for the dementor's and stag. Hagrid's Hut looks great too, I love all the details especially that pumpkin patch. The Buckbeak looks fantastic. The clock tower looks great too, figs look great and interior has some great details. The Horntail is going to get some modding to make it look better. Probably going to wait for the bus to go on sale to buy.
  11. On the fence is how I feel too. If other themes can justify including an exclusive minifig with the microbuild (and I’m going to hazard a guess that Diagon Alley and Avengers Tower were hugely successful promotions for TLG) then I don’t see why SW doesn’t get the same love? As it stands I’ll probably wait until I can get the Tantive IV on deep discount once it shows up in other retail channels. If TLG are truly listening to AFOLs as their press release this week states, then I suspect they suffer selective hearing loss when it comes to Star Wars, based on the number of people I see here and on other forums pleading for the return of the May the fourth minifig.
  12. BaneShake

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    I'm definitely all for the Patronus set. Hands down a great one; Harry Potter sets always had good small builds. As good as these sets are, there are some WEIRD problems that just don't work. I know everyone's already been commenting on them, but that Horntail's head is an abomination. Weird that the new brick build would be so much worse than a nearly solid, non-posable mold from FOURTEEN years ago. And the normal gold goblet with an unscaled blue flame looks a tad odd for what they were trying to adapt.
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  14. Huigberts Builds

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Don't really know why that was necessary. Just wanted to share my thoughts for those interested... But I guess I'm sorry for the long post?
  15. Portal Out

    LEGO 2019 Stranger Things Rumours Discussion

    That’s a great idea, I hadn’t even thought of that! I really hope they don’t hold back on this set because it might be our only chance to get these builds.
  16. The trend for RC and motors for the 2019 sets are only maybe 2 sets I can think of.. Maybe next year the Power Up technics set might spring up..
  17. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I was confused as to how my comment spurred an entire page of discussion. It wasn't exactly a force ghost solo, but you're right about people seeming to take speculation as rumors, and rumors as fact. We make our own force ghost solos. I am so very on the fence about it, as I was hoping to use the profits from selling my old republic frigate and that hasn't sold yet, but that GWP moves me closer to the edge. If the GWP had a minifigure, I'd buy it, but right now I'm still not sure.
  18. Any sets with more then 2000+ pieces would be a bit more challenging!!
  19. Garmetrowolf

    Disney CMF - Wishlists

    Sorry for the late response, that's sick!
  20. CT-5503

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    I think I need to introduce you to my good friend Mr. TLDR
  21. Aethersprite

    Good places to purchase Lego in the US?

    Lego is sold extensively in my country, but the two sets I mentioned are harder to get / more expensive on the after-market. I'm also hoping to pick up a Lego souvenir from the US, anyway. Thanks for the replies! I've seen that places like Walmart tend to have big sales - where would I get information on those?
  22. I like all those options and I am glad that LEGO sees fit to offer so many different sets so that hopefully there is something for everyone's taste. I imagine no matter what they do though there will always be some who will be critical of their offerings.
  23. Kdapt-Preacher

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    We know it's big, but lots of things are big. The Death Star, SSD, Sandcrawler, etc are all about that size. An AT-AT could also easily be in that range, or they could be making something from the Sequel Trilogy. I'm not trying to criticize anybody; we just need to keep in mind that there isn't any information distinguishing between those or anything else before people get their hearts set on an ISD for Christmas.
  24. Chromeknight

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    I always thought of row as an approach not as an actual geographic placement. I.e. A character is either acting offensively, dealing and taking full damage, or they’re acting defensively, taking less damage, but unable to deal as much either. Of course, that’s not how it worked out in the game, but if people are keen to keep front row/back row maybe it’s a suggestion. To summarise -row not as a function of weapon ranges or types but strictly a damage multiplier (set at either 0.25, 0.5 or 1)
  25. Huigberts Builds

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Wow, didn't expect these sets to be revealed today, let's see where do I start. The Expecto Patronum Set looks very good, Sirius Black grew on me, I also really like the trees, even though they're probably really flat from behind. Best part is obviously the stag, but the 2 dementors are also great for amry building. The first task set looks alright, I like the tent, it's a cute little build. The firebolt looks so good, really clever use of pieces. Fleur's face kinda grew on me, as does Cedric's, but still going to seek a replacement for Krum. The Horntail is sadly very disappointing, I like the printing, but still it doesn't really work for me, the old set was better, I think if you combine the 2 you'll have the perfect first task set. I think I'll try ordering the pieces of the old build online + an extra set of stickers from this one to have the updated school emblems, I might change it a bit to make it look like the thor ragnarok arena build. Hagrid's Hut is amazing, Buckbeak looks even better with the wings and the pumpkins are a nice inclusion. Still kinda surprised it has the second part of the building and can't fold open like the german description mentioned, but this is ofcourse better. The inside of the hut looks so comfy, although I kinda miss the random painting from the previous one. Still it's by far the best version we ever got. The figures are also amazing, really like the new Hermione, Ron and the Minister are looking nice as well. Gonna change the hood piece for Macnair to the old farmer hood piece, otherwise a great figure. Only complains I have are that Fang is missing and that Hagrid is the same one as last year, although it's a great figure, I'm kinda growing tired of this outfit we're getting for almost 20 years now, this was the perfect opportunity to include the one with the (yule ball) suit or even the poa teacher suit (even though we'll get more opportunities for that one). Still a great set, number 2 on my favourite list. The Knight Bus looks really good as well, I was afraid it would look the same as the previous 2 incarnations (which were way too similar) but I actually wanna buy this one. At first it looked kinda strange because I was used to the old design, but it looks way more movie accurate, it even has the all destinations (nothing underwater) sign. The windows are looking kinda tall, but that might just be the angle. The figures are looking great, way better than the previous one. Only thing missing is Dog Sirius. We're also kinda low on owls in this wave, I think I might just purchase the ones from 4842. Also I see Stan is holding a newspaper, I wonder if it's the boy who lived one or a new one with perhaps Sirius? (probably just harry again). That brings me to my favourite set from this wave, the clock tower. The outside looks amazing, it's a worthy successor for the old one. The inside looks alright, some rooms better than others. The Hosptial wing looks amazing, now all we need is Miss Pomfrey. The DATDA classroom looks nice as well, I like the gramophone build (at least that's what I think it is). I kinda wished there was another table for the students, but I can easily change the teachers desk into one since he has the chalkboard already. Only things missing are the skeleton (I think I might build a small skeleton and hang it from the lever for the clock (nice little feature btw)) and the wardrobe (I might just steal the old vanishing cabinet). I kinda wished there was an office, although that might be reserved for Umbridge, if not I will place this build next to the tower from the whomping willow, which house the gryffindor common room at the moment, and turn it into a little office, moving the common room to the tower from the great hall (which I plan to make 1 room taller). The prefect's Bathroom looks nice, although I dislike it's location, I rather have it 1 floor higher. The yule ball looks pretty cute, nothing too special however, I'm happy it's more of a sidebuild and doesn't take up too much of the build, the tables are very usefull and I like the small christmas tree a lot. The entrance hall is quite boring however, just like the random rooms in the great hall, the goblet of fire is also nothing too special, I'm gonna change that room for sure, although I'm not sure into what. I'm thinking about the library, trophy room, or just a real entrance hall with some knight armor. Dumbledore's office looks nice, but it's too small. I'm gonna change the swords location to a shared one with the sorting hat (probably gonna steal the design from the 2010 Hogwarts Castle. The desk looks fine as it is, I like the bookcases as well, although I kinda prefer brickbuild ones, I might just go 50/50 and replace half of them with small brickuild bookcases and/or shelves. Obviously I'm gonna change the pensieve into the cmf one, other than that I want some room for people to stand in his office and a place for fawkes. My only real complaint with the set is the leg of the pendelum, the entrance looks a little bit small altoghether compared to the original one. I hope I can somehow modify it into fitting the pendelum, if any one is able to do it, please let me know xD. All with all a great wave, not as good as the first one, but still amazing. Most of the sets are better than the original sets, and all of them have at least some improvements. Again the best theme of the year in my opinion.
  26. Fuppylodders

    I feel like Eurobricks is something of an old boys club

    I disagree with your view on euro bricks, but agree with your view that it is tougher for recognition on digital builds. However, it isn't restricted to just digital builds either. The problem is, you're now doing digital builds for the wrong reasons. You're doing it hoping to get recognition others get, perhaps for even lesser real builds. Human nature is fickle, it always will be. I've seen it too. But seriously, do you really want 2+ pages of the same comments as I see happen so very often which is why I personally don't bother much adding my own in, as its mostly all been said before. If I see something unique that really hits me, I'll comment. Otherwise, I enjoy viewing it and will move on. One particular set of small builds was the fairground food stands in the shape of a drink container, fries box and a burger. Carried out to perfection. Yet I'll ignore larger more impressive builds. Why? I don't know. Its just the way I am. I've practically never ventured into the LDD area to be honest, but I may well do now, as I expect there's a lot there I've missed out on. Will I post lots of 'good build buddy!' posts? Nah, I will quietly appreciate them unless something greatly jumps out at me. I think part of the issue also, is nowadays, there are soooo many great builds out there, that a great build is now seen as the standard average, essentially the bar has been raised that something has to be spectacular for it to be seen as above average, and digital builds opens the doors for this even more so. Think of it as inflation You need to start designing builds for your own happiness, and allow it to stop at that, not caring about what happens next. Want to post it anyway? Sure, but post it with no expectations other than allowing others to view what you built. I dislike this 'like' culture, as it is pretty fake. But if you want recognition for your builds, join lego Facebook groups. If you're struggling to make ends meet, are you selling your ldd files of creations you've made? That would end up being thanks enough. Lots of people don't have the ability to design their own sets or see something they really like, but will happily fork out for instructions or ldd file. There would be your true thanks. I've designed a Haunted house based on two 10228s together. It's not amazing, but I think it's OK. I did it on LDD, and it's been finished for a few months now. Will I post it here? Not as LDD, as I'm already aware people prefer real builds. Do I care for that? Nah. I'll post it here once it's physically built. But I know there are people that appreciate it regardless of real or not. Do I still care what they think of the real build? Will I be hoping for people to comment on it? Nah. But if someone out there likes it enough to want to build it, I'll quietly be happy I've done something that brought a little joy into someone else's life. I care what I think of it. I'm happy with it and that's all that matters. This world has fast become superficial, and if you chase for recognition of others, it'll wear you down. Stop caring what others think of your builds, start caring about your own happiness. I'm pretty certain this thread was made in a final cherry on the cake moment of anger/frustration brought on initially by current real life circumstances hence the almost 180 and apology of potential offence caused. I do exactly the same, and have had my fair share of time in the 'time out' area because of it Take a breather and a step back. Do things that make *you* happy and stop right after.
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