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  2. Yeah just looking at past Clone Wars sets there have been quite a few times characters weren't bound by screen accuracy. Mace Windu in Grievous' Combat Speeder, Aurra Sing in the Bounty Hunter Gunship and Ahsoka in the Umbaran Tank are just some examples.
  3. Medzomorak

    Lego is dropping behind dragon designs

    Nooo...but yes. I think the Elves one were good for that category. Only those ones do not represent Medieval dragon tales very well. They're the kid's version and I'm pertty okay with that. I've also liked the Smaug in the molded category, the wings are beautiful and it is quite big. I don't like half of the Ninjago ones because I just get too much mecha feeling from them (I know Peppermint_M have pointed out one that is nicely built and big, but that's again too much a ninja-robot-helicopter vibe for me). Mainly, I would love to see some truly folklore 4-legged or bipedal dragon (whether a Wyvern is being dragon or not is not my issue at the moment - I personally think it is a mythological subtype), which are not surrounded by robots, ninjacopters, motorbikes and so on. The fantasy castle dragons were a bit cartoonish +4/Elves category for me. The Vikings were almost the best, but as I've said I hate the Bionicle and Technic parts. So yes, at the moment I'm only dissatisfied with the Horntail, because that was the best situation to finally create an authentic, really medieval folklore-inspired drake. Rowling borrowed a lof of europian mythological elements and dragons were pretty well represented by her and the movies. And they've blew it. This Copy company went into the market gap and chose Drogon. And they did not blow it. That's the whole story for me at the moment, yes. One last thing about the molded head: I want the head to be molded, because dragons are - most of the time - charachters as well. Just as parrots, monkeys, horses, elephants, camels, bigfigs, the dragon has to have some molded 'face' so it can be taken as an independent character. For they are quite big I'm against to let them being molded all the way down, but the head is a crucial part to give it just enough of big Lego figure feeling. My Ideal Lego Dragon: I think you either go fully molded like Smaug with positionable wings, or go brickbuilt/hybrid molded-brickbuilt with a molded head similarly to this Lego copy Drogon (which also started as a 1600 pieces MOC design, so you won't convince me it is truly about piece count). Brickbuilt headed ones can stay within Creator without a problem, because that's where character and authenticity is not needed only building... creativeness. I'd love to see a theme following this more folklore-fantasy dragon direction, like McFarlane's Toys does with their models:
  4. Why does it have to be bound to the current season, or any season for that matter? It’d be so hard to count the amount of figures LEGO has thrown in seemingly unrelated sets.
  5. Joel010

    [MOC] Modular Church

    Stunning architecture, it looks so awesome! Congrats!
  6. HenrikLego

    Motorization question

    Hi again! I got the side rods to work as I wanted, and the motorization as well, kind of... During the first event I was on this weekend the motors got really warm after an hour of operation and it actually stopped and wouldn't go anymore. After some time it started up again. When I got home I started to think about the gearing at the motors. I currently have this configuration (with more parts holding it together of course): Thanks to Sariel's excellent Lego Gear Ratio Calculator it seems this produces the following output: The theoretical output speed will be 346.7 RPM at 7V and 453.4 RPM at 9V. The theoretical output torque will be 3.89 But is there anything that would prevent me from swapping the gears here? If I understand Sariel's calculator correctly this will give me the following output: The theoretical output speed will be 124.8 RPM at 7V and 163.2 RPM at 9V. The theoretical output torque will be 10.8 Could this cause less stress on my motors? I understand the engine will go slower, but that's no problem.
  7. Vilhelm22

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    I guess that makes sense. Does that mean we’re going to get an air show similar to last time’s one.
  8. Exetrius

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    One reason I make lootshots is that I can look at them after a few months and check how many pieces of them I've put to use yet. If I haven't used many, I'll tune my orders down till I only have the essentials and the stuff I want the most. Saves money!
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  10. Clever Nickname

    42112 Concrete Mixer Truck

  11. But where's the sense in that? Aayla made sense in the tank given that it's a legends vehicle anyway. One could always pretend it was on Felucia, or any other battlefront for that matter. Ahsoka is bound (in this season) to Mandalore. No CIS on Mandalore, no Ahsoka in a CIS set. Unless they made her S3-5 outfit (which would upset some), there's no realistic way to include her. No hope is a strong statement. I agree that it's unlikely given Echo or Fives' absences, but this is Lego. Predicting them is like predicting the weather. Besides, there weren't many feasible options for Echo or Fives (aside from some very hard to design Umbaran ships), and that could be one reason for their absence. Either way, my point is that Maul and Ahsoka most likely will sit out until next year. If I'm wrong, then awesome. But, let's wait and see.
  12. HenrikLego

    (moc) 9F 2-10-0 Black Prince (Crosti boiler)

    This looks really nice! A lot of very nice details here! Good work!
  13. Eurobricks

    [MOC] Modular Church

    Eurobricks member cimddwc created the topic [MOC] Modular Church. Click on the link or on the image to visit this featured topic.
  14. Medzomorak

    Your First Pirate Set!

    Ah, lucky bastard
  15. Mylenium

    Is LEGO making way too many vehicles?

    Have you actually ever looked at Friends sets? There's almost literally a vehicle in almost every set these days, be that just some small delivery tricycle or some such thing. Mylenium
  16. Ponga91

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Those are my personal money actually, not shared on marriage. She doesn't know prices because she is simply not into it so she doesn't look around on shelves and websites. And I am very careful to destroy every bill immediately Wow, you are just in another league then us all Genius Next time I'll go with it
  17. Mylenium

    Lego is dropping behind dragon designs

    Let me correct that: Some of them are. Though actually it looks like they're really getting worse and worse due to LEGO trying to trim them down more and more and use less pieces. The latest one from this years gaming/ cyber theme looks just plain terrible and it's construction is pretty naff. The rest is perhaps subject to POV, but if I were seriously into collecting dragons, LEGO would be last on my mind. There's tons of nice (though pricey) collectible sculptures and for what it's worth, indeed the Mega Drogon looks way more realistic than any of LEGO's half-baked attempts at re-creating Smaug and so on... Mylenium
  18. Roebuck


    How long was it with steamboat willy, that was a lot quicker right? Difficult to know which of the sets are coming first, at least 2 sets from last year are coming before the sets that was approved last week. One er costing 200 and the other 350, personally I do not think the 350 is the pirate bay so then it is the 200 or no one.. If it is not any of them it can even end up after some of the later approvals, but I do not see what could make the pirate bay so difficult to make that it will end up after the other sets in the queue, so I hope it is the next one
  19. Working on robotics and artificial intelligence is nowadays is very trending and everyone is looking to make this thing happens. May be in future it will be in real life as all are working on this. Hope for the best.
  20. Artanis I

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Is that the Keaton Batmobile?
  21. marvelBoy123

    (GBW) Phase 2 - Information Reveal & Discussion

    The very first post in this thread contains our starting point story wise, but as TheBeeze said, from there the story is developed through our builds. To echo what TheBeeze said, if you have any questions concerning the game, feel free to ask!
  22. @dr_spock you fiend! After seeing all your stuff I had to buy myself a distance sensor (in the mail) and will start playing around with this soon. Much as I must resist PowereUP (I like the set and go of PF and the fact that you can stack motors on a single output), I built a PCC streetcar before PUP, the clearance was too tight that I could not do PF (no room for the connector on the top), but then the PUP box fit perfectly. Now looking at the sensor, it appears to fit the one bit of the bottom that has no conflict in the build above. So I must accept it as destiny. Neat stuff
  23. Gandalf

    (MOC) - Cavegod's UCS Sandcrawler

    Here's my progress so far. This is looking fantastic. Thanks Cavegod and Cjd223!
  24. zephyr1934

    (moc) 9F 2-10-0 Black Prince (Crosti boiler)

    Wow, you are digging up some crazy prototypes. And then doing a great job reproducing them. I'm liking all of the detail in this view.
  25. zephyr1934

    NSB Type 49 Dovregubben (Mountain King)

    Very nice! (and kind of scary to see all of those kids right up against the layout without any stanchions)
  26. meliander

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    I would have to agree with both people on both sides of the barricades. First of all Mars Mission, Alien Conquest, Galaxy Squad were all half baked themes. Yes, they were on the shelves together with Star Wars, but the Space theme as a general never got that love and treatment as it had in the 90s. It never had received the priority and the development time a proper major theme gets. So getting those themes (even though the designs of some of the sets were not bad at all) alongside SW is not "we are getting Space, too" - we are not. We are getting Star Wars because the power of this franchise is helping TLG succeed as a company. I don't necessarily want SW theme to discontinue - if people throw money at it to keep TLG happy and prosperous - fine with me. The only thing I want is that TLG would have believed that they can do great on their own, too. I want them to try to risk it and invest heavily into making new unique sci-fi worlds (not comical and colorful Galaxy Squad or Space Police 3 with cartoonish aliens, but true serious (like Star Wars) worlds) and try to sell them for a couple of years, developing and supporting them. And see if the power of their designers can make the sales better (or at least comparable - minus the licensee fees they are paying Disney). They CAN (as in being able) do that - because they already do that with other themes i.e. Ninjago. Here is an example from the videogame world and a little company called Bioware. They "had been" (lol) amazing RPG makers. At some point in the early 2000s when they have already made a hit named Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, they were starting working on a new game. They could have easily continued to stick to SW licenses only and safely produce successful products, but instead, they went for their new and own franchise - Mass Effect. They have already been great and now they got complete freedom. No "assisted" creative vision, no approvals, no George Lucas. And it turned out to be one of the best franchises (and sci-fi worlds) ever created in the entertainment industry including cinema. And for a long time, no Star Wars game could come even close - even though having "Star Wars" in the title. TLG does have one of the most talented designers in the world. Maybe not storytellers - but it's easily fixable. Sadly, a lot of corporate bosses like it the easy way.
  27. Only 4 days then if we are lucky, hope for a lot of animals
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