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  2. brownie5968

    Power Pick-up Wheelset

    That prototype sure looks good, surely you could run wires from the wheelset and use them to power things within the loco, also, what about the old 9v plates? could they be sacrificed to make wheelsets? sorry if i seem dumb here, but the idea behind this is somehting id totally be behind, even just for a mechanism that works that could be modified to be 3d printed for use on standard gauge hobby track ie O-gauge
  3. Yoshifan33

    Updating Your Minifigs

    True, just last night I caved and grabbed a polybag online for about $17 USD. Hopefully it arrives sooner rather than later (with an estimated arrival date of November 5-24 ).
  4. Grace throws her hands up in exasperation. "Well it would've been nice if someone told me that! What, do you people think I can read minds or something? All anyone mentioned was that his hands were injured. How do you even know his prints were on the weapon? I thought you didn't have any fingerprinting kits aboard. In fact, let me see this weapon, I'd like to check it out for myself."
  5. Brandon Pea

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    @Aanchir I wonder if that was a hint to a new fire station.
  6. Aanchir

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    I was just looking into this new "design your own City set" thing a bit more and I found this Hoth Bricks article which helps clear up what building and vehicle options are available (beyond what can be seen on the parts of the site visible outside of Denmark). So far, there are nine vehicle options: The armored bank truck from 60198 Cargo Train The armored police truck from 60140 Bulldozer Break-In The pickup truck from 60148 ATV Race Team The helicopter from 60183 Heavy Cargo Transport The police motorcycle from 60141 Police Station The crane, ice cream trike, and sports car from 60200 Capital City The fire off-road vehicle from 60215 Fire Station (but without the "light and sound" brick from the original set) And six building options: The bank from 60140 Bulldozer Break-In The bus station from 60200 Capital City The security gate from 60169 Cargo Terminal A brand-new fire station design A brand-new police station design A brand-new birthday party design Honestly, the three new building options surprised me. I would've expected all of the building designs to be pulled from other sets like the ones we saw in the promotional images. It also surprises to me that you aren't locked to a specific number of vehicles, buildings, figures, and animals — instead it's got some sort of values assigned to them internally so that you can choose to have more vehicles in exchange for fewer buildings, more minifigs in exchange for fewer vehicles, etc. The example of a set they designed seems quite a bit larger than the ones in the promotional images, as well — with five minifigs, two buildings, and four vehicles. It'd be interesting to see an analysis of just how varied the range of options is and which options fill up the status bar most/least quickly.
  7. Craig Strader

    Train Projects on Lego Ideas

    I definitely agree. My Z-6 challenger is actually among the trains on Lego Ideas. I also passed 100 supporters as well
  8. TOTDForever

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Rosemary Harris yes, in the 2004 Spider-Man 2 sets. as for Thomas Haden Church, Lego lost the rights to Spider-Man in 2007 when the third movie came out so Mega Bloks snatched the them and made sets for the movie. Dane Dehaan never got a fig as the only tie in minifig we got for TASM 2 was the electro polybag back in 2014
  9. defence build Kings Port: Operation Hedgehog
  10. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [Moc] Imperial Academy

    Such a wonderful building! Intricate but simple, with many different angles, levels and scenes throughout. Also really ingenious way to use those plain white boxes. The contrast that creates with the dark rocks and the vegetation is really striking. Wonderful build indeed, bravo!
  11. That's a fair question. In the described context, where the virtual model creator had only access to free and publicly available information, some seem to lean toward "yes". But in the LoxLego case, no-one actually does this, because a service is offered that already satisfies the needs of this person: he can buy the instructions without the bricks, for less money than his time building the virtual model is worth. So to me, the question seems moot. On the other hand, with the 488 Pista model, there is currently no way to buy instructions without bricks. If this is a gap in the market, some will want to fill it (which may or may not be at the expense of CaDA/Bruno). Also, I think there is a meaningful distinction between instructions and virtual model. If a virtual model lacks tags for rotation, callouts, etc., it is -- I think -- not on par with instructions, in the sense that it would still take effort & experience working with CAD software to build the model. Such a virtual model may not constitute a step beyond the high-detail speedbuild. (The only thing it makes easier is extracting the parts list...)
  12. Feels like we've shuffled away from the point a bit far here? My 2c: CaDA doesn't have to publish instructions (for which they've paid money) without charge. Particularly not in order to help people build it using parts from another manufacturer. Yes, the parts list forms an integral part of the instructions and no, they don't have to gift you that either. Yes you can get a free parts list for Lego sets, which is part of them publishing instructions for free. No, it's not the same nor particularly relevant. Yes you get a free parts list on rebrickable since of course every afol needs to check his stock to see if he's close to having enough parts, before buying instructions. No, it's not the same nor particularly relevant. We don't get to tell CaDA how to do its business. If we want their copyrighted material (instructions or parts lists which form part thereof) we can pay money for it. Is that less generous than Lego? Yes, it is. But still, you can buy this kit with a Bluetooth box and 4 motors for around half the cost of an equivalent static Lego supercar. I think CaDA is generous enough. For my part, I've now ordered the set and am really looking forward to be building it. Of course I'll report back with my findings. You can expect an honest review, if nothing else everyone here will have noted I don't hold my words !
  13. Location: Kings Port, Terraversa So that Kings Port might have a chance and the course of the war is less one-sided, I choose the following defence strategy: Operation Hedgehog DSC08622 by Philippe, auf Flickr The highly visible trap is a distraction. You can't see the real trap. There is a wasp's nest on the palm. - recruited Capital City: 270 men per MRCA - If the Oleander ships are also involved in combat, then they will be attacked with Greek fire, Byzantine Ceramic Greek Fire Grenade and fire ships. - The enemy artillery is attacked and destroyed by guerrillas mercenaries from behind during the nights. - Guerrillas mercenaries attack and destroy supplies from behind during the nights. - All residents of all ages in Kings Port help with the construction. - All men and women over the age of 18 in Kings Port are called up to the resistance. The recruits are trained by mercenaries. - The city is defended by soldiers, mercenaries and the resistance. - The windows and doors of the houses are barricaded. - Tunnels are dug under the houses to quickly get from one house to the other. Barrels with gunpowder are deposited in the tunnels so that they can be blown up. - They produce bottle bombs and sling. The bottles are filled with gunpowder and iron splinters. - They produce Byzantine Ceramic Greek Fire Grenade. - Pitfalls are dug and sharp bamboo branches are stuck in the ground. - The snipers are positioned behind barricaded windows and other cover. Each sniper has several loaded muskets. In addition, he has helpers who load muskets, observe, throwing bottle bombs, throwing ceramic grenades and protect him from attack with pistols. - Bees and wasps' nests are blazoned in the trees. They are startled by a musket shot and attack the oleander soldiers when they are nearby. DSC08608 by Philippe, auf Flickr Snipers in position. DSC08651 by Philippe, auf Flickr The hatch on the floor leads into the tunnels. The Terraversa Song increases motivation and strengthens the will to fight against the invaders: ♪♪ Stand up, damned of the Earth ♪♪ ♪♪ Stand up, prisoners of starvation ♪♪ ♪♪ Reason thunders in its volcano ♪♪ ♪♪ This is the eruption of the end. ♪♪ ♪♪ Of the past let us make a clean slate ♪♪ ♪♪ Enslaved Terraversa, stand up, stand up. ♪♪ ♪♪ The world is about to change its foundation ♪♪ ♪♪ We are nothing, let us be all. ♪♪ DSC08599 by Philippe, auf Flickr The attackers are pelted with bottle bombs. As a defence strategy I wrote down everything that occurred to me.If something doesn't follow the rules, just leave it out. I estimate Oleon has at least a Division 810 soldiers in the area at Kings Port. Only Oleon knows the exact number. As a defender for NPC, I'm at a disadvantage because I don't have any information about the number of soldiers I own. That should be improved with the land combat rules when someone builds something for NPC. I hope that I have at least 1 regiment of 270 men available in Capital City.
  14. Somehow it looks to me that front shocks holders are a bit fragile, or have I wrong impression? BTW nice MOC based on 68.7 batmobile tires
  15. The instructions contains : The 6 speed gearbox The fake boxer engine. The steps for the black version The instructions lacks : A small modification to the C pillar, using 6 parts on each side (I can add a picture if you need) I didn't made the instructions for white version. You can mainly swap every black part with white one. There are some restrictions thought. I have a part list, and a digital file for the white version, but no instructions. Some parts exists in black, but I changed some of them because it was way too expensive. I tried to keep the amount of old parts to the minimum. Some rare/expensive parts in white includes : 2x 11L soft axle in white 6x Pin Connector Perpendicular Double 3L in white 4x Pin 3L with Friction Ridges Lengthwise and Stop Bush in white 4x Pole Reverser Handle / Axle Connector in white Part list for the white one : And as @LvdH said, using the land rover Rims looks quite good. (On my built version, it's still these one) And Concerning stickers, I never made any, and I never searched for any.
  16. Can't spoil the surprise 👍🏻
  17. TheBeeze

    General Major's Last Stand

    Now you gotta build it
  18. Welcome to my garage LEGO!!! Hello! My name is Michael. I'm a Builder from Russia, I love muscle cars! But this time I have prepared something special! Meet the Chevrolet K10 Silverado!!! Description: - 2 L motor for drive - Servo motor for steering and steering wheel - 1 Small power supply ( Hot swap ) - Counterfeit engine under the hood (connected to motors) - Detailed interior - Doors, hood and trunk open - Swap body -4x4 Instagram: Join my group in VK: All photos on the link: For the first time I used the construction of the chassis separately from the body, that is, the body can be easily removed and any other body can be built on the chassis.
  19. For 43463 and 43461, it’s because 6282 (the assembly they should be part of) is missing. Just a little bug. For 289000: good catch! For packing back into a lif, there’s LIFCreator: By the way, note that LIFCreator needs lots of memory.
  20. LM71Blackbird

    'The Winged Cuirassiers' (Troop raising)

    I wonderful sight of Corrie might! Wonderful scene and some great minifig posing!
  21. I like the tartan vessel. Nice construction and the crew fit the ship.
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