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  2. achsu

    [MOC] Freightliner M2 112

    Hello! I am looking for someone to build a model for an ambulance project I am working on. We would love it if you could build a model for us. Your work is very impressive. Please let me know if you would be interested and I can put you in touch with the project manager who would provide more details. Thanks.
  3. legonerd54321

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    It's now being rumored that set number '71044' is a "Disney Train," presumably based off the train found in Disneyland. Or maybe the monorail? It has a hefty rumored price tag of $320
  4. Professor Thaum

    Mardier Elite Troops

    The Easter elite guard The torsos are stunning From which set are them ?
  5. MoustacheBaer

    [Factions Ep.1] Room No. 2 on the 22nd floor

    I like the futuristic styled appartment. The furniture and floor are made in a way that gives it a modern feel. Also, the Urqanis landscape outside the windows is a nice touch. :)
  6. Darth Talon

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Geez sorry I didn't know I took the post down. No one ever told me not to post it. It was an honest mistake. I'm sorry.
  7. MatthewRC

    Potential LEGO Scooby-Doo comeback in 2020?

    Actually, I was referring to getting new physical sets based on the SCOOB! movie. We never got more sets after its only wave in 2015. Let’s just wait and see what LEGO has in store for us next year.
  8. There was a rare spell of sunny weather in northern Italy today, so I took a few pics of a hybrid telescopic crawler crane, which uses a modded version of the carrier from my previous crawler crane and the superstructure from my latest rough terrain crane. Beers!
  9. Hi everyone. I'm pretty excited about this. I just got all the parts in for my barn owl that I designed late last year for a contest. It didn't win because they wanted something simpler, so I made it for myself. I also submitted it to Ideas and it was accepted, so now I'm going to be begging politely asking for support votes. I hope you like it.
  10. notarealperson

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    i hope the advent calendar has a george and fred but i think that the harry is the new torso with short legs not an H but i might be wrong also if that is a the map then its when its all folded up
  11. CommanderJonny1

    [MOC] Imperial VT-PT Walker

    "Although versatile, Imperial Scout walkers are not all-powerful. We need dedicated Patrol walkers, and soon." -Commander Selm The second walker in the Variable Terrain family, the Variable Terrain Patrol Transport was the result of designers blending the plans for the Scout Transport and Recon Transport together into one composite idea. The various STs were implemented in a variety of roles that they were not necessarily suited for, leading to mission proficiency dropping. Although some tasks could be taken over by the complementary RTs, there still exists a gap between the two where a new walker would hep the mission profile. Thus the VT-PT was born. Designed to work well in both urban and open environments, it features increased armor and a more robust armament than its counterparts, in addition to a fairly quick speed thanks to its reinforced legs and servo-motors. The main armament is flexible Heavy Blaster Cannon with a wide arc of fire, with the secondary armament being the twin missile launchers on either side. In addition, the VT-PT also has an advanced forward sensor and a redundant communications array for keeping in touch with command and other patrolling forces. SW Imperial VT-PT #1 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr SW Imperial VT-PT #2 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr Although simple, the walker is equipped with an on-board AI to aid the pilot. SW Imperial VT-PT #3 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr Many features are shared between the VT-PT and the VT-ST, including a general interior layout. SW Imperial VT-PT #4 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr A look inside at the targeting controls, sensor gauge, and holo-transmitter. SW Imperial VT-PT #5 by Jonathan Wallace, on Flickr Overall, this was meant to be the equal of the VT-ST, fulfilling a similar role while carrying a different weapons load out and leg structure. If you want to build this yourselves, here's the instructions: As usual, and feedback would be appreciated
  12. legogoblin2099

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    It should be revealed within the next week or two.
  13. topiku

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    So hyped to see the pictures eventually 🤩
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  15. I take out three cups—not those kind, PAB cups—: the first cup has the player names; the second cup has the character names; the third cup has the roles. I make a numbered list and one row at a time, select one piece of paper from each cup until the game is set. Others use random number generation; I'm old-school. ...cuz I'm old...
  16. Hippocampe

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I’m 100 % with you ! Hospital, school : those sound universal as a theme and allow for nice diversity on each floor. I’m still dreaming ! And as someone wrote before, some kind of pitched roof for a change would be much appreciated. I’d like also to see new colors: light yellow, dark red, white and why not, some purple accents. Even though I love every single modular building I bought, I admit I’m longing for some classical building à la PR. With new building techniques as we’ve seen from newer sets like DD, that would be awesome ...
  17. @TomSkippy I changed the toppers from blue to black and covered the lower parts with tiles, using a technique @Legostone showed me.
  18. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the train that encircles the park and will probably include Main Street Depot and a Mickey “floral”, seen at the entrances to the parks in California, Florida, and Hong Kong (Tokyo, Paris, and Shanghai have modified entrances that are missing all three elements together in the same location)
  19. @Wellesley I always love the narrow hull pieces. Did you remove the colored toppers for the bow/stern? For the headrails... Honestly, I’m not sure. They look fine. I wonder though about color... the yellow really draws your eyes which can make the size/shape much more noticeable.
  20. Legoniche

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    I gotta say, LDD and random blocker deserve a huge thank you- when you’re a Lego fan, And you’re aware of a theme or line of sets that’s coming or a rumour, there’s nothing worse than waiting for it- time feels like it’s going 10x slower, and I’m constantly there waiting to see a new leak to satisfy my addiction, and without these guys, we really wouldn’t have much in the way of info on the sets themselves- so thanks guys!!! And to think... I have my GCSE’s coming up in 3 weeks And I’m spending all my time on #legoleaks
  21. notarealperson

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    thanks for the stuff you did share with us though that sucks that some one betrayed you like that and ruined it for everyone else
  22. BaneShake

    LEGO DC Villains (Videogame)

    Guys! Good update, and one I've not seen mentioned on here: several Lego Movie 2 characters have been updated into the game: Batman, Alfred, Harley Quinn, and Green Lantern all have their unique looks from Apocalypseburg in the game now. Not even as a character pack, they're simply in the game now! I'm on PS4, and if anyone else can confirm other consoles, that would be awesome.
  23. Guyon2002

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Btw, this set confirms the rough sketches from a few months ago aren't final as the EP sketch looks nothing like the final product
  24. LDDproductions

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Ya I’m sorry but I’ll only be sharing images with Eurobricks accounts that have proven trusty to me. I was never entitled to share images with you to begin with. Also I didn’t know who posted it at the time.
  25. Exetrius

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    A new edition of the NINJAGO Visual Dictionary has been revealed, including an exclusive Teen Wu minifig!! Love the torso printing!
  26. I had the "exact" same thoughts when I completed my rear fuselage from the canopy to the back. It looked "plain", from the cockpit to the rear and needed "something". I tried various things to "improve it", but I kept pulling my mind back to this famous picture from the Special Edition version of A New Hope below. In contrast to my personal memory of it - that section is also straight, plain and boring - not distinctive! I then realized a couple things: First, one of the famous quotes (I don't know who said it, I'm paraphrasing) about the beauty and cultural endurance of the X-Wing is that "it was a perfect balance between the sleek smoothness found in modern fighter jets, contrasted with exposed details, panels and parts as seen inside the wing, or the elements behind R2D2" This great description explains how it could be easy in my mind, over time - to conflate which sections had which. Secondly, if I stare at a Lego representation long enough (and I enjoy looking at many builds from others for long periods of time) that build starts to be "the X-Wing" in my mind, causing my memory to be distorted. I've seen so many other Lego X-Wing where the rear upper fuselage was something "other than smooth" - studs sticking out, or clips, or slopes meeting at different angles. This was often necessitated by part constraints. Another example, over time - the Lego canopy starts to becomes "the right shape" in my memory, until I look at a movie version. The above might explain why I personally felt my version of the upper rear fuselage was "plain" and missing something. But that section is, actually and accurately, not very special. Thus I have convinced myself my version modeled it quite well (even if the plain nature of it still bothers me a bit). I did try and reproduce that bulging panel near the engine opening (an early build used a 33 degree dual slope to perfection there), but it proved too thick and distracting with the other lines of the model, or prevented me from getting the sleekness elsewhere on the rear fuselage. Same goes with the nose cone. Mine is the right length and height, but as an optical illusion, looks too sleek and narrow precisely because I could not bring the tip to a fine point (leaving it at 2.5 plates). I keep thinking, "wow my nose looks good", and it has a smoothness I admire - but comparing back to the movie picture it is easy to see the inaccuracies. The 'butt' or rear was its own set of compromises, I may post more on that later. Again, as you mention, all of this is forced by limitations on parts/techniques - but I 100% agree with you that is part of the fun of creating and seeing different Lego build interpretations!
  27. Wellesley

    HMS Argonaut, 38 gun frigate, WIP

    @kurigan I stumbled upon your entry post in the MSW forum and from what I've read it seems that you were sometimes criticised for breaking the system and not that popular amongst the LEGO community. How can that be? Your ships are the best I've seen so far. There are other models that are way more famous but not that convincing and not even close to yours. Guess it is the same old story about presenting and hyping. By the way, is there any ship related project, you are currently working on?
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