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  2. I’m hoping you’re right! Just purchased a full case
  3. jorgeopesi

    Nico71's Creations

    I did not know those machines but after a little search I saw them, it would be a nice function the rotating cabin.
  4. Vote Tally Braxton Bear: 6 (Haydn Hippo, Myrtle Monkey, Gracie Goat, Ronan Rabbit, Caldwell Crocodile, Ember Elephant) Haydn Hippo: 1 (Braxton Bear) Cleo Cow: 1 (Brewer Bunny) Brewer Bunny: 1 (Pierot Parrot) Myrtle Monkey: 1 (Leevi Lion. Whitby Walrus) With 15 players, it takes 8 votes to lynch. 25 hours remain in Day One.
  5. KDog

    Lego: Space - The Comic

    Drag Kings (Part 54):
  6. Ngoc Nguyen

    Nico71's Creations

    I think the last function is cab rotation because of the side mirrors in the rear. You wouldn't really use them or be able to use them unless the cabin turns around.
  7. FiliusRucilo

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    During my easter holidays i've done some preparations for the next exhibition in June. Just a little test if the monrail yard and the modular bridge elements i've build during winter season fits for layout and trains. The complete yard has a lenght of 11 building plates wich make a last 2.81m in total. I've build 4 of these bridge elements. You can combine it to a two way brindge with 2x2 elements and a lenght of 1.5 meters or a one way brindge with al lenght of 3 meters. There exists also 4 portals to give the bridge a perfect entry. The clou of the elements is, if you detach the monrail track you can use it with regualr trains. I've used railtracks for stabilzing the construction. ;-)
  8. steph77

    Nico71's Creations

    Hi Nico, I was wondering what was the 4st function of the D model? I understand you have: - main boom lifting -Main boom tilting -adjustable width of the fork ( i suppose it is only possible when the fork is down and tilting at max so you have contact between the gear of the fork and the ones on the chassis) -and ???
  9. That’s a fair point. But instead of saying any of this Braxton simply went on the attack and voted for another player. He hasn’t addressed the specific accusations aimed at him. I’m not particularly fond of this statement because it feels like you could then easily backtrack and distance youself from the lynch on Day 2 if the lynch were to go wrong. I agree with the analysis and I think with the certainty comes 3 options: 1.) He knows this because he is neutral. (But then why would he out himself in public?) 2.) He simply assumed that the mention of a third party means there has to be one. (Which I think is the most likely option) 3.) He’s a scum trying to stir up confusion. Absolutely. An excellent choice I might add.
  10. fairly certain it is very recent.
  11. I would be really suspect of anything said on Instagram when the goal is followers/likes. His distribution does not align at all with others that have reported. Is it impossible to get a full box missing a figure? yes. Considering how retail works, is it likely? No. LEGO isn't known for low quality and cutting corners. Other companies? I wouldn't be surprised, but not one that has a world reputation for leading quality. More than likely he's trolling. I would be more inclined to believe it with say 4 Dewey, 2 Louie, 0 Huey, but not his distribution. Looks like the instagramer got 2 boxes and then setup the image.
  12. FiliusRucilo

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    This is a really cool mechanism. :-) Thumbs up!
  13. mrblock

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Yeah, this model look so cool !! I want a black and white ninjago minifig too.
  14. Aanchir

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    Thinking about stickered displays in Space sets always has a way of making me feel nostalgic for the hologram stickers in the Exploriens sets… I would love if LEGO would do that again in the future. LEGO has had holographic stickers in more recent sets (including this year's 41366 Olivia's Cupcake Cafe from LEGO Friends), but I think Exploriens was the last time they used holography to capture the actual 3D image of a physical LEGO character. Subsequent holographic effects in themes like Space Port, Harry Potter, Mars Mission, and the LEGO Friends Amusement Park sets have mostly stuck to capturing multiple layers of 2D graphics. In this era of being able to digitally render characters in three dimensions, you'd think the practical costs and difficulties associated with physically constructing a scene to record as a hologram would be negligible, but it may be that there are other costs associated with holographic images separate from the manufacturing costs that I'm not aware of.
  15. StoneWarsDE

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    The "leftover" thing is a good point. LEGO changed numbering a few times now, even in Star Wars. Are you sure this listing is new and not a cancelled and/or old listing?
  16. suffocation

    Why the upper age limit???

    Parents who need a toy company to tell them what toys are suitable for their kids shouldn't be parents.
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  18. Love to see how the votes pile up on me and that's what made it so enjoyable. I voted against you, simply is to retaliate you. Noticing the trend on others jumping onto your bandwagon signal rather scummy feeling to me like a well coordinated attack. So, if you wish to nitpick me. Fine by me. I stand by my pawy ground. Bandwagon (1) without any substance. Or simply being directed to do your task. To get along and being claim to be townie is equally perceived as manipulative. Bandwagon (2) Simply pointing out the four main factions equate to scummy? Aren't you another scummy rabbit? Bandwagon (3) My logic is as crystal as it is. No point deferring my logic and I will rather let the bandwagon spell the results for itself in order Day 1 to move on. Yawn. Simply stating the obvious is an act of suspicion. How dumb... Bandwagon (4) It all started with a nitpick and so by it. Everyone jumps on. I said my piece.. Bandwagon (5) Once the bandwagon is on, nothing beats the rain. Bring it on, bitches.
  19. Kai NRG

    Avalonia Mini-Challenge: Game of Thrones

    Holy macaroni and banana look who just became King of Avalonia! Congrats dG!
  20. Aanchir

    Why the upper age limit???

    I think one of the reasons LEGO used to put an upper age limit on sets was to steer people towards stuff at a building level more suited to their likely maturity/skill/experience level. Even in a theme like Technic, it's easy to see how a set like! might seem boring or silly to older teens and adults compared to more sophisticated and functionally advanced sets like or I also think a possible motivation might have been expecting some parents to read a 10+ age rating on a set as "this is a toy for ten-year-olds" and opt out of getting it for a 14-year-old or 16-year-old. After all, how many of us at the age of 7 or 8 would have been excited to receive a set with a 3+ or 4+ age recommendation on the box? As adults, most of us now understand that we can generally enjoy a lot of sets regardless of our recommended age. Parents are not necessarily so understanding, particularly with regard to a toy that they expect to be creatively and intellectually stimulating, and recipients who may be frustrated if their parents treat them as any less grown-up or capable there are. And furthermore, when people are shopping for gifts, they often like to be able to narrow their choices down somewhat. When shopping for a gift for a younger buyer, it's easy to do so by only looking at sets that they're above the recommended lower age limit for. But for older buyers, if there's no upper recommended age limit and a gift giver doesn't know enough about LEGO to know what differences there are between sets at different target age ranges, then lower recommended age limits that are all below the intended recipient's age don't narrow their choices at all! And a buyer who feels paralyzed by choice might be much less likely to purchase a LEGO set at all. That said, there were obviously enough people who either feel the same way you do (whether for the same or different reasons) that LEGO has now gone back to simply recommending a lower age limit. Hopefully that serves them well going forward, as I agree that people can enjoy sets designed for much younger builders as long as they appeal to their interests!
  21. doubt we're getting a second D2C.
  22. Terrasher

    Fairground Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    At this point I'd be surprised if there were a fairground set this year. Apparently, a Stranger Things D2C is releasing in June, which is when the fairground sets have been coming out. There have also been pretty much zero rumors so far this year. However, there's set 10266 (Discovery) that I don't know what it may be. It only has about 1000 pieces so I doubt it'll be a fairground set.
  23. Ah, you are right, the inverted 1x3 is not in lbg right now. Another factor keeping me from replicating my model in grey. I found the inverted 1x3 makes a huge difference in structural options. But even then my model required a very careful layout on the underside - paired with purposeful placement of 1x6 and 2x4 tiles on the top side - to keep things rigid. Thank you! Unfortunately, at this time, we can't have both "shape accurate" and "clear" aspects of the canopy. Many people wish Lego would build a more accurate transparent X-Wing canopy. Even if Lego did, it would almost certainly still hinge at the very back end, instead of hinge opening at the vertical line separating the front 80% of the canopy, from the back 20%. The hinge positioning probably isn't a big deal to most - but for the modeler striving to reach replicated perfection, it matters. With a custom canopy, I could have the beautiful tapered lines as you said (and also the correct hinge point) - but at the expense of the transparent "glass" covering. As with many Lego models, everything is a trade off. I wanted to see this particular canopy trade off in favor of shape accuracy, and I was surprised at how well it turned out given the limited number of pieces to custom build a canopy with (and my further self-imposed limitation of no hose cutting).
  24. It has the same dimensions as a BH dual pack.
  25. nico71

    Nico71's Creations

    Those wheel cover are 3D printed, and then polish, like the sticker, it is all custom.
  26. it is certainly an assumption that bhz = brickheadz. but if the line as a theme is dead, and they had some ‘leftover’ they may be integrating them into the main theme. kinda like what they’ve done with juniors/4+ ...
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