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  2. Digger of Bricks

    Lego hair pieces

    Looks like we have two new hair/hat/headphone combos that may be of interest to those here... Brickset - 2020 Hidden Side Sets Officially Revealed!
  3. Digger of Bricks

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    Here ya go... Brickset - 2020 Hidden Side Sets Officially Revealed!
  4. Jedi was the first one I saw at the cinema back in 1983. I just missed going to see Empire. There is no right and wrong answers to what is someone's favourite part of the SW Universe but it is interesting to see how people see things differently. Empire is my favourite film and has been for a long, long time. But I actually put RO second only to that. Followed by ANH and then Jedi.
  5. kelceycoe

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    If they are official where are they?
  6. Feng-huang0296

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    We finally have set images! The Lighthouse and the Hidden Side Portal are the best two, as expected. The Subway Station is honestly disappointing, I was hoping it would be compatible with proper tracks, not . . whatever all that is. El Fuego’s Stunt Plane actually looks a lot better than expected, though I am very curious about why El Fuego is a skeleton. The Beach Buggy set looks even more disappointing, but the figures are great so I’ll have to get it anyway. And the Fairground . . honestly, more than I expected. I particularly like that it’s actually two separate roller coasters, sort of at least, with one being one of those upward launch . . I forget what they’re called but it’s cool. I’m not sure I’ll have space for it, but if I do, well I like it. Can I just say I love Jack’s new dual-moulded hat/hair piece? And the return of the Wyldstyle folded-down hoodie part in white and presumably red. Though I am surprised that they didn’t put the Wave 1 hat/hair Parker combo or hat/hood Jack combo in a single set. Except the Portal, but it’s a recolour it doesn’t count. It just surprised me that they’re willing to invest in so many new moulds for the theme and retire them so quickly. (I notice that neither the ghost wings nor the ghost tentacles parts from wave 1 are in any of these sets; disappointing.) Oh, and speaking of new moulds; it looks like there’s some kind of new slime parts pack, a la the Ninjago Weapons and Superheroes Power Blasts! That looks awesome and it’s such a great idea! I can’t wait to get hands on with these sets; the Portal and Lighthouse are must-haves. Oh, and one more thing; each set, as expected, prominently features a presumably named main villain ghost in the box art, like the first wave . . but the Portal set shows a white ghost lady. We haven’t seen any ghosts that don’t fit the red blue yellow scheme before, so . . could this white ghost be some kind of big boss? Maybe even the rumoured Lady E. herself? If it is, I’ll be kind of disappointed; we know there’s at least two r three big sets coming in Summer 2020 and I expected another big mansion that Lady E. could be the named ghost for. Doesn’t make much sense to have her with the little Portal.
  7. McLaren97

    LEGO Speed Champions 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    I don’t know what’s more disappointing. The fact that Lamborghini made an SUV or that LEGO decided to replicate it. While I don’t mind the switch to 8 wide, it’s sort of annoying that now I’ll wasted money on sets that have become obsolete.
  8. Laddie

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    As expected, the lighthouse is the top set. I also like the portal and the plane a lot. I cannot recognize a metro station, but the colour scheme is quite nice. The truck is... just another truck, highlited with the double-headed ghost. The only positive about the coster/fairground set are the minifigs. I like the Clowns. The rest is really weak.
  9. Peppermint_M

    Problem adding pictures

    Glad I could help! Flickr changes often, but I found that using the All Sizes page, it always worked!
  10. Today
  11. Lego David

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    The DreamWorks Trolls has nothing to do with the original toys. So LEGO making Trolls sets based on the DreamWorks movie isn't really an homage to the Danish Creator.
  12. Lucarex

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    NEW set images have been officially released!!! The lighthouse is the pick of the crop for me, as expected The spooky tree set and ghosts look good, but the other sets particularly vehicles are utterly disappointing same as with wave 1. Lots to discuss...
  13. Hi, One ore more hubs, motors and depending on the Software to control a smart device or PC. Yes, the Powerfunction devices are infrared. Of course you can mix that with some own soft/hardware, but I would not recommend. SBrick and WeDo are BT as well. The Smart Hubs (as in the trains) have two connectors, the technic Hub 4, but is to large for train. You can't increase. That depends of what you want to do, I have good experience with motor 45303 and sensor 88007 , best offer for motors and sensors is the LEGO shop. Best offer for Hubs is Bricklink. There is no limit of 5 hubs for controlling, there is a limit of 5(6) Hubs connecting them to a LEGO network. All solutions and recommendations depend of what you want to do....
  14. Now the Hard Part with the Tracks
  15. I'm new to Lego (but played plenty of Factorio) so used to dividing tracks into blocks to automate trains. Are there any tutorials? What hardware do I need? Does this work with Bluetooth 5.0? I understand how the PC would talk to powered up hubs as they're bluetooth, but aren't prior devices infrared? How would they communicate? eg. Powerfunctions, sbrick, wedo.. Can I increase the amount to junctions searched forward above 2 with code (for complex intersections), or is it a hard limit? What are the best sensors/hubs/auto switches (or motors) to buy in bulk if I'm starting from scratch? Currently looking at powered up trains as they can be stopped individually by Bluetooth and it's easier to cut plastic track than metal, but if there's a limit of 5 hubs can I only have 5 trains and no sensors/switches?
  16. Peppermint_M

    What is "<insert that tiresome argument> ?"

    Yes, it got frustrating for many that anyone who saw a set that wasn't Creator Expert of USC and would bleat on about it being "juniorised". The forum has been running for a long time now, so some fads and phases of argument were left behind but still rear their strawman heads when we hope it is forgotten. The filter forces a more objective and well made argument
  17. Peppermint_M

    Problem adding pictures

    Hello Did you take the photo link from the "All Sizes" page? The live photostream link will not post into the forum properly. If you use the "Download" button on the image and select "All sizes", then choose the photo size you want; copy the location and you can paste it directly into the forum.
  18. Impressive collection of power shields. This story of yours has been very fun to read. Do you have a plan for any future adventures? As an aside, I love the concept of the hero frozen in stone (used it in a few of my old fics, lost to the ages on fiction sites) and it would be great to see a future revival for Clay.
  19. Maybe if it is called "sheep" and goes in the direction of S14 Tiger Lady like many adult female Halloween costumes... I would prefer a cute version with full head covering
  20. Peppermint_M

    Action and Adventure Themes Discussion

    So here is a question for everyone: Do you want more little building contests and raffles with tags as prizes? I know some are not interested in profile tags and want real prizes, but the logistics take time that I sometimes don't have. Also, with a digital prize, digital entries are welcome. There are a lot of tags here in Action and Adventures that I would love to award.
  21. Peppermint_M

    Raffle: A Nuisance in Newbury

    Sorry that took a few days, I have been pretty ill. Hope you enjoy these tags. Everyone else who likes 'em: I am planning a few more fun contests with tags as prizes.
  22. Bonjour. Je me permet de vous contacter sur la vidéo YouTube du Lego technic Bruckenleger SLJ 50018. Je suis très intéressé pour la construction de cet ensemble, pouvez vous me renseigner s'il existe un plan de montage, les pièces nécessaires, moteurs. Je vous remercie par avance. SCHANG François F-57500 SAINT-AVOLD francois.schang@free. fr
  23. When testing, everything worked well. A couple of days ago I controlled my model using the horizontal buttons in servo mode, everything was fine. Maybe something I do not understand from your words? Perhaps you are talking about the fact that if you first turn on the run mode of the motor, and then change the mode to servo, then when you press the motor starts to spin like during a run? This is quite possible, since I did not completely understand the encoder positions and after changing the mode, I need to do the calibration. I'll do it in the future. Usually after a run, the motor becomes in 0 position and the servo mode is working normally, this can create a problem for an already assembled model. It's a bit complicated I wrote) But I don’t know how to describe it more simply)
  24. George Lego

    Problem adding pictures

    Hi guys! I'm trying to upload my Flickr pictures. i follow the procedure as before copy & paste the picture's link from Flickr, but I keep getting stuck to the attached picture. The panel's background turns to light red and the "insert into post" tab doesn't react. Tried with small sizes and even small pics ~300KB, still doesn't upload. Any ideas please?
  25. Ah sry I mean horizontal...
  26. Man with a hat

    realistic XXL Grain Elevator with covered hopper car MOCs

    Nice! Instantly recognisable. And realistically it should be even bigger .
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