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  2. Jim

    Technic Pub

    Aaaaand it’s gone! Launch has been postponed for the first time
  3. I don't mind unbalanced games if they're interesting. I think this game was interesting. I try really hard to win, but after the fact, I don't really care much about the win if I still had fun. The winning isn't what makes it fun for me.
  4. I don't read Mafia Monthly so I never seem to miss it. I am very new to mafia games hosted by Hinck with Forest in their name. No one told me I'd have to wear a cup for this game...
  5. I’m sold if the JP set includes the Ford Explorer.
  6. Feng-huang0296

    Potential LEGO Scooby-Doo comeback in 2020?

    I'd love to see Scooby-Doo return, I was in a dark age during the last run of the theme and I'm still kicking myself for missing it.
  7. Brilliant work! Your old X-wing was always one of my favorites when I was a kid browsing Brickshelf. I recently reverse engineered it in Studio. In planning a modern X-wing build myself, one of the biggest puzzles is the cargo bay. I can't figure out how to fit a nicely sized cargo bay in the aft fuselage when the gearbox and wing jacks take up so much space, much less make it accessible from the cockpit. Would you mind posting more pictures of the cargo bay and ventral fuselage? Thanks.
  8. LEGO Train 12 Volts

    FS Wagons

    Thank you very much Roadmonkeytj, about he colours I've used the C/M/Y/K value found here with the software Adobe Illustrator. At last but not least my print shop had the right colors in the plotter to print the stickers file.
  9. LEGO Train 12 Volts

    [MOC] D800 Class "Warship"

    Your works are always gorgeous. I like how looks rounded your locomotive and the green colour is a great touch. The overall shape is perfect and the stickers do the right work. Very nice train buffers (is the first time I see this fantastic solution using the new plate 1 x 2 and the two tiles)
  10. Today
  11. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOC] D800 Class "Warship"

    Lovely looking indeed. I think the mutilated Lego makes marvelous skirting ... Did you cut to keep it stud free then?
  12. Roadmonkeytj

    FS Wagons

    Oh LA LA ... I think the stickers were definitely the way to go... How did you achieve the color match so well?
  13. Accio Lego

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Last year’s City advent calendar had a group of 3 small presents that were all in the same day. I might be able to see 4 house themed presents broken up into 2 days but not 4.
  14. Huigberts Builds

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Wow this is a lot of new information, didn't expect 2 Dementors, especially for that price. Let the army building begin. Really curious about the Horntail now, didn't expect molded wings (by the sound of it), a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. Now for the advent calender, I assume you guys are right about them keeping the figures a secret to make the opening more exciting. I wonder if Hermione's robes will be the exact same print as the cmf series, would be odd, but not unheard of. She probably has the Wingardium Leviosa page instead of the Marauders Map, but a Marauders Map would be nice, although it's a little bit too small. I hope the presents are a 1 day build and not take up 4 slots (although that depends on the size, haven't seen the pictures yet) still would be a little bit boring. Really interested in the campfire, I wonder if the upcoming sets leave room the decorate them yourselves (or redesign with ease). Ofcourse Harry is the best figure so far, although I wonder if Lego plans on keeping some Christmas variants for later years since there aren't too many of them.
  15. Otherworld

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Great news! I really wished the patronum set had multiple dementors I'm guessing Sirius' Hair is still Luke's? And that's great news about the horntail! How did Fleur's hair look different?
  16. waparesult

    [MOC] D800 Class "Warship"

    Love it, reminds me of my time with my dad looking at trains in Laira Depot Plymouth... well done Sir a great job, cannot wait to see the final version
  17. carebear

    [MOC] Easter Rabbit

    Wow!!! the layout looks amazing! - Love the way the carrot stics out at the back! Thanks for charing! Greetings!
  18. carebear

    MOC : Super-Dad is Coming to Save the Day!

    Hi Kristel! Thanks for the nice comment! Greetings!
  19. @Ross Fisher Great choice for the minifigure, great pose, and great little vignette. Man that’s what I’m always aiming for with my little builds. Way to go sir!
  20. TomSkippy

    Food for thought

    Nice! I saw the title and thought it’d be a rules/meta thread or a BoBs loophole... Instead I’m hungry.
  21. LDDproductions

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Actually I’m mistaken the wings are much bigger than the thestral
  22. Ankoku

    [GBC] Akiyuki Ball Factory

    It is a shame you can't @ link her on that comment! :P Yeah, Bob was certainly the main contender for needing work in the original.
  23. LDDproductions

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    So guys I’ve just been sent an image of Expecto Patronum and man it’s 10x better than I imagined, it has 2 Dementors (yes 2), Harry, Sirius, and the stag as said. It comes with 2 trees, different from the ones in Aragog. The leafs are sticking up now. There’s also a small plate to represent the lake. Okay so I just saw the first task as well! This one was an instruction manual pic but it shows everything and man you won’t be disappointed. The figs are the same but the Horntail is fantastic, it looks amazing regarldless of the Head reuse. Fleur’s hair looked different (I wasn’t aloud to screenshot this one) but I may be wrong, There’s also a tan tent build and something else small. Also for those who are curious the Horntails wings are an Existing mood. I think it was the same on they used for the Thestrals. And if you’re wondering, from the angle I saw the Dragon is not robotic
  24. Thank you for the compliment and the inquiry into my older X-Wings! Answers to your questions are below: ** Laser cannon parts from front to back. There are a lot of parts : 27 per laser, +10 more required to mount aesthetically and sturdily to each wing. Some of them are hard to find or relatively expensive to acquire: (The laser tip was 100% copied from an idea first posted by dmaclego) Laser Tip - Train Axle Bricklink part x1687 (idea from dmaclego) Tip fits into a 5102c08 4mm D 8L Pnuematic Hose (idea from dmaclego). Most people cut a longer hose to whatever length they need (which is fine - some of the older Lego set instructions ask the builder to cut hose). I'm a purist and just ordered an 8L from Bricklink. The curved flashback suppressor is a minifig Hockey Mask 93561 (idea again from dmaclego, this guy is a creative genius) (The build for this next part is pretty common/standard for X-Wings) Another train axle on the other side of the 8L hose to give it stiffness Some round 1x1 studs with open holes Then 5 round 2/3rd L pin connectors (18654) that need internal connection to hold them together many models just use a super long hose slid through everything. I wanted something absolutely stiff and non-wobbly - so I went with the below: These connectors are held in place internally by a couple 3/4 pin part 32002 (NOT the half pin with stud 4274 - those will crack the 18654 connectors, every. single. time.) Inside the 3/4 pins is a 3L bar and then a 4L bar exending past the 3/4 pin - leading to the round stud that eventually fits in the saucepan this leads to the spoked wheel with pinhole 30155, an expensive and difficult to find part on Bricklink. There is unfortunately no substitute as both sides of this wheel have the next part that fits in perfectly 2x 4143 Technic Gear 14 tooth bevel (Starting at this point, these are my specific new techniques) This leads to 4x 4529 saucepans, only in white or black, which pretty much dictated my model would be primarily white The 4349 Loudhailer is near the end of the laser, and fits into the open saucepan nicely, filling in any gaps - as you can see from my rear shot of the X-wing The very tail end of the laser is a 42610 11mD wheel with Center Groove The attachment points to the wing use the handle end of the saucepan - these slot from top to bottom into a white minifig utility belt 27145, then into half of a 35480 rounded plate with open studs, then finally a 35459 1x3 inverted tile (or a 11203 2x2 inverted tile, I had to alternate them to give the wing tip structural stability) am x151 white rubberband is then wrapped around the 4 saucepan handles, between the utility belt and the saucepans, to hide the remaining handle part You actually have to slide in all 4 saucepans at once into the slots - a somewhat advanced task as these tend to slide around while you try and hold all 4 in place. But it can be done. That's a lot of words, I'll try and post a picture sometime. *** This old Brickshelf link from 2001 shows an X-Wing build that was considered among the best at that time - even getting copied to one popular webpage list of "top ten" cool Star Wars items. It was creative enough given 2001 parts and building techniques, but it is a very primitive build by today's standards (and the lasers are too long). You can see my use of the 4213 roof hinge plate on the inside wings even back then - a technique I copied in today's model in a different portion of the wing.
  25. LEGO now has MicroPython for the EV3. Supports multiple platforms. You'll need a micro SD card for the EV3. Edit, just noticed it's already been posted. Mods please delete this thread.
  26. jimmynick

    Pirates Mafia - Conclusion

    I think everyone thinks they suck after hosting a game... at least that's how I felt when I hosted Red Menace (though it was objectively not well thought out). I hope one day to be a true Loyal Pirate breaking Captain Redbeard out of Ford Eldorado.
  27. Thanks for sharing @markhchan! This model looks really slick - I particularly like the canopy and the greebles behind R2. What part did you use for the laser cannons? They look vaguely like the minifigure epees, but not exactly. Do you happen to have any photos of previous X-wings you have built?
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