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  2. paul_delahaye

    Specialized pieces are no big deal! Or are they?

    I agree imagination is everything, but where times have changed, when specialised pieces are involved, and if you don't own many other sets, I can see how a large specialised piece could prevent you building anything other than what the original set was. Take the City Airplanes. We could make a good topic out of this if people suggest a part and someone else suggests an alternative use which others might not have thought of. Here would be a good starting piece. Part 93541 Plate 20 x 56 with 6 x 10 Cutout and 4 Holes&category=[Wing]#T=C
  3. bricks n bolts

    TrixBrix for Lego 9volt switch

    Can also get the original Lego 12v switch motors to work with the 4DBrix switches (doubt possible with Trix). Will post a tutorial when I have things tidied up a bit (new layout post house move), if anyone is interested in the meantime feel free to PM me.
  4. Berthil

    [GBC] Akiyuki Ball Factory

    @t0mster I use PTFE from WD40, so not the regular WD40. Apply with a small brush.
  5. It might be that your grid is not set right.
  6. bondp99

    Creator Expert 10270 Modular

    dito. Really like the old pet shop concept.
  7. TheItalianBrick

    Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1

    Thanks Igor. Feel free to have a look at my other MOCs on my bricksafe page (link in my signature) Front lights will be added as stickers to be honest. And yes 62.4 wheels. Thanks Jeroen!!!
  8. imurvai

    [APP] BrickController2

    I don't know that particular controller but on iOS the controller has to be an MFI compatible one. On iOS 13 and above the XBox One and Sony PS4 controllers are also supported. I found a list of MFI controllers here that should work with BC2: Personally I'm using a Mad Catz C.T.R.L. controller for iOS.
  9. Yep, moving to steel to improve the finish, plus the aluminum tooling doesn't last forever, and we were seeing the first signs of wear.
  10. But, like, october 2020. January and March seem a bit far off from that, the trailer might not even be out yet.
  11. Roadmonkeytj

    TrixBrix for Lego 9volt switch

    I personally use 4DBrix their stuff is directly compatible with Lego. They have a good selection of switches that operate the same way as the lego. I can run my pnumatic switch on them ... Could not do that with Trix.
  12. A lot of people seem to dislike LEGO sets or themes that use specialized pieces because "they can't be used outside of their intended purpose", which isn't necessarily true. With a bit of creativity and thinking outside the box, pretty much any piece can be used, regardless of how specific it may seem at first glance. I used to hate Galidor, but after seeing what people were able to do with it, I kinda started liking it myself. Heck, I'd even go as far as saying that Galidor has some pretty darn useful parts! If you've got some specialized pieces laying around in your collection and you don't know how to use them, try thinking outside the box! If you spend a little time analysing the piece you have, looking at it's shape, or how it would look combined with other similar pieces, who knows? Maybe you will be able to use the part in a way you have never even thought of before! What are your thoughts? Do you agree? Do you disagree?
  13. Oh yay a Hinckley game! 1) yes 2) the legend of Karen the mermaid. I kid. It’s really Sadko. 3) I defiantly refuse to give a definitive answer for this.
  14. The logic behind one scum was because originally I was hoping for ten players, and this setup called for two scum originally. When I didn’t get the original target of players, I was worried two scum would be OP. If I ran this setup again with the same amount, I would have kept two scum. Sorry fhomess!
  15. It's impossable to go straight without subtractor in tank model. All DC motor(include lego's motor) has slightly different spec even made in same factory. Your problem come because this. Even two motor looks same speed, but still slightly different. (difference is very little but enough to turn slightly one side.)
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  17. marvelBoy123

    Where did all the teen legs go?

    They are also in padme in the pod racer 20th anniversary set and probably will be in others, I think that TLG is just looking for the best places to use them!
  18. pooda

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    @Vindicare @Toastie @pombe Its the outdoorsy stuff under City. I just don't think it fits given the name City and all. It is called City. Not Countryside.
  19. Hello! This is my first MOC and I tried recreating a model from my country's train wagon models. Do you think it looks alike at least a bit and how could I improve it? Real: Lego:
  20. 1. Yes, can do 2. Does the Otoh Gunga sequence from TPM count? 3. Yes, I can grammar
  21. Jeroen Ottens

    Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1

    Looking very promising indeed
  22. grego18f

    Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1

    Very interesting project! I love the progress so far. I kind of miss the front lights... Will you be using the 62.4x20 wheels (my deduction)? Keep up the good work!
  23. I_Igor

    Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1

    First you have posted great solution for leaf spring based suspension and now this; honestly I don't know which of this two projects is better. I really like how it started and I'm looking forward to se how it looks build in real life.
  24. I_Igor

    Technic Pub

    You're welcome. Ironically gaming chairs are more ergonomic than ordinary; I have one on my working desk at my wife's place despite that I do not play games on PC. Kind regards
  25. KDog

    Lego: Space - The Comic

    Back in the Black (Part 24):
  26. Is it me or does TLG include teen legs (the medium ones) only in Harry Potter sets and Disney's Chip and Dale? What do you think? Will medium legs become more commonplace or will they remain with Harry Potter and a couple other very specific minifigs?
  27. Professor Thaum

    [OL-FB] 36-gun frigate "le Hussard"

    Two beautiful ships. I especially like the stern of the hussard. And that rigging ! The pics from above show a real attention to the shape of the ship. Great one !
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