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  2. Hi I was offered this Brickheadz collection. Is it worth for theese prices? Thank you for every suggestion.Every set is opened and built with manual and box.41610: Tactical Batman & Superman - 12€41611: Marty McFly & Doc Brown - 20€40270: Valentine's Bee - 12,- Eur40271: Easter Bunny - 7,- Eur41624: Mickey Mouse - 10,- Eur41625: Minnie Mouse - 10,- EUr41622: Peter Venkman & Slimer - 12€41614 Owen a Blue - 10€41595: Belle - 10,- Eur41596: Beast - 8,- Eur41593: Captain Jack Sparrow - 15,- Eur41594: Captain Armando Salazar - 5,- Eur41488: Master Wu - 15,- Eur41608: Han Solo - 5,- Eur41609: Chewbacca - 5,- Eur41485: Finn - 10,- Eur41486: Captain Phasma - 10,- Eur41602: Rey - 5,- Eur41603: Kylo Ren - 5,- Eur41619: Darth Vader - 5,- Eur41620: Stormtrooper - 5,- Eur41604: Iron Man MK50 – 6,- Eur41605: Thanos – 6,- Eur41606: Star-Lord – 6,- Eur41607: Gamora – 6,- Eur41592: The Hulk – 10,- Eur41598: The Flash - 8,- Eur41599: Wonder Woman - 6,- Eur41600: Aquaman - 5,- Eur41601: Cyborg - 6,- Eur41585: Batman – 10,- Eur41588: The Joker – 15,- Eur41587: Robin – 10,- Eur41586: Batgirl - 10,- Eur41615: Harry Potter & Hedwig 10,- Eur41616: Hermione Granger - 10,- Eur41621: Ron Weasley & Albus Dumbledore - 20,- Eur
  3. Lego-Freak

    LEGO 2019 Stranger Things Rumours Discussion

    @Puresh: I still can‘t believe this is happening, but I‘m glad it is
  4. Epicentre

    Mechbuilds Projects

    Have you tried to email the pictures or use google drive or something like that?
  5. Lego-Freak

    LEGO 2019 Stranger Things Rumours Discussion

    Wait, what? In May already? Where them leaked minifigs at?
  6. Hoping for a May 1st reveal. Would make sense.
  7. dimaks13

    LEGO 2019 Stranger Things Rumours Discussion

    75810, 2287 pieces, 199.99€, coming May for VIPs.
  8. Interesting repaint! Usually, blue color with white stripes was reserved to diesel locomotives. For such an electric "nez cassé", the "béton" livery would be more suitable, it's mainly Lt Gray, with Dk Gray accents and orange stripes. The original prototype model was still much better than the released set, it's a good thing to see it again.
  9. That's a nice looking little boat, I like the nicely shaped hull, thank you for building such a beauty for us.
  10. Hopefully if they're doing a Demogorgon They'd use General grievous's legs, which is a pretty good start, IMO. They're pretty skinny and tall. For the headpiece i'd love to see them using flower girl's headpiece. Would be great if they removed 1 of the 6 purple things circulating around her head, (Not sure what they're called though). That would be very accurate. I don't see how they'd do it brickbuilt. Here's the retailer in question i was talking about earlier. Well written article by @StoneWarsDE.
  11. This looks very nice! The cockpit is built cleverly
  12. ColletArrow

    [MOC] SNCF-Style Loco (Yet another "Nez Cassé")

    An excellent, striking livery for this locomotive. The brick-built lining really makes the model stand out from its sisters. Very well done. And although the bridge is beautiful, I'd like to see the loco posed on plain track to see the whole model at once!
  13. Wellesley

    [PA CUP - Cat B - Class 2] Orion

    @Bregir Thanks a lot, seems to be the proper type name. Well, licensed ships still can be seized, right?:D Now l have to license my other gifts, too. If anyone from Eslandola or the Sea Rats wants to license the Fishing Boat or the Pontoon Crane, just message me. It will then be available for your usage. Back to the Orion, this will be her stats: R M G C $ H 4 6 0 0 1 1 How much space does one cargo unit equal?
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  15. BacktoBricks

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    It looks like it is the same to me in both hair colour and style and the face, but it is grainy so hard to tell. :)
  16. I_Igor

    [ MOC ] T-1000 Soviet Transformer

    Very original MOC. Since I'm (technologically more influenced with "western" technology) I didn't know that something like this exist. On other side it is very special MOC and it looks that it has high playability level
  17. Thank you @Tcm0! Is it the same with the other hubs as well? (Boost …) I believe the Spike Prime 6I/O hub has some memory, right? Does that one act autonomously? Thanks. Regards, Thorsten
  18. It's live now for NZ now so I assume AUS the same. Go get your quickly with the Far From Home sets.
  19. Oh, good! Does he have a different face and hair as well? 'Cause, in the Ahch-To Training set, those weren't exactly accurate to the movie either, so I'm hoping there might be a bit more (dark) gray in that as well... Regards, Mitch
  20. Bregir

    [PA CUP - Cat B - Class 2] Orion

    Lovely little boat, Wellesley. Nice colour scheme and great looking deckhouse. I like the technique you have used for the hull. The parts usage for the leeboard is very clever too! The type is a yawl, I would say (look it up in Wikipedia). It has a very small second mast far aft, which would probably mainly serve for balance. Otherwise, one might call it a lugger or ketch, but I think yawl is most accurate. Remember that entering her into the challenge will give you a free license for her, so the oleanders better be happy, getting a licensed ship! :)
  21. I own Cloud City and don't mind having an extra pilot. I'm already using the original two figures to pilot the Cloud Car and plan to display the third one in the city itself to add more of a civilian presence along with 75137's blue uniformed Ugnaught and the silver protocol droid as E-3PO. The Advent Calendar Luke is also supposed to be the Jedi Exile version, not the Ahch-To one that came in the training set. Two completely different costumes.
  22. Eh, i don’t think Barb is that likely. I’d rather see Hopper than Barb. Nope. Few others aswell.
  23. Wellesley

    [PA CUP - Cat B - Class 2] Orion

    Well, now it is official, she's in the race:) Will add stats and a storyline later, when I have a better overview. By the way, does anyone know how this ship class is called? Found the plan only by accident.
  24. Ninoleaks

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    We Will probably see official pictures in 1-2 weeks

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    It's a $90 set with 922 pieces.
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