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  2. Yeah, it‘d be silly of them not to release a set based on the Razor Crest in 2020 There‘s also plenty of missing main characters from the show they could easily include in such a set. Now we‘re in the funny situation where a LEGO set could actually properly spoil fans since we might get leaks for additional Mando sets before Disney+ hits certain regions I mean we don‘t even have a launch date for Switzerland yet... Looks like I may have to hoist the flag if you catch my drift
  3. George Lego

    Greek National Highway Road

    This is my Greek National Highway Road as displayed on 3rd Serres Brick Exhibition, in Serres - North Greece, during Nov. 1st - 10th 2019. Dimensions: 2.100mm legnth x 800mm width, in order to fit most of my moc Trucks and vehicles so far.
  4. BubbaFit45531

    Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitsu TV Show Thread

    A bunch of the second half's episodes are on demand in USA, but the first episode after the warp to the Neverland and a bunch in between are missing. I'd like to have the Ice Emperor helmet and mask.
  5. BubbaFit45531

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Is the Ninjago Ice Emperor helmet and mask available as a real part? If so, anyone have the Design ID?
  6. Having just seen episode 1- I think the Razor Crest model is a lock for 2020. And Lego would be silly not to do it as a $100 plus level build. I hope the series keeps up this quality. Great great start.
  7. imvanya

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    They are either 7150/7152 or 7262. which one exactly would depend on the second ship – Darth Vader's TIE Advanced. The Y-wings builds seems to be identical, but maybe someone with more knowledge can correct me.
  8. Kirito

    [MOC] AGV High Speed Train

    Wonderful! Can I have building instructions, for this beautifull moc please? thank you so much.
  9. Childish_Landino

    LEGO Star Wars 2020 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    This "leak" came about well before the release of Betrayal on Cloud City. Most likely a fake figure.
  10. Antar

    Help with identifying parts/sets!

    Hello to all in this community, Are you able to help me , please Recently i bought those 2 spaceships , and i think they could be something from Star Wars but i am not able to identify them
  11. Those are valid points. The little bevel gears and the CV joint aren't great for handling the torque of one XL motor let alone two. Those motors have too much internal gearing.
  12. Great parts usage on the droid, and love the detail in the corridor scene.
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  14. Basiliscus

    CHALLENGE IV: Category A: For the Skulls!

    Hahahaha If only they had internet in Historica, it'd be awash with conspiracy theories like this! Thanks for posting that reply, it did genuinely make me laugh out loud. I just had to explain tin foil hats to my 4 year old as she was asking what I was laughing at!
  15. imvanya

    [MOC] Delorean

    A really cool model, and a perfect package of looks and function. Have you considered using flared mudguard plates instead of the arch bricks? The arch dimensions are the same, but the flares could compensate for the angle at which that section is installed and cover the wheels just that tiny bit more, like here: Mostly a theoretical question, as I'm fully aware that bricks that you want to use are often not the bricks you have.
  16. I agree with @MKJoshA that this is a hard one to recreate in LEGO, and while you've done a good job with the parts available it doesn't look particularly natural next to minifigs. I feel that the wall in the background could have more detail in it, where there's abrupt 90 degree angles in-between bricks and open areas you could try using slopes to make it more natural. Just a few suggestions!
  17. Corydoras

    [LEGO IDEAS] Soldier Imperial Golden Fort by Master0889

    My topics do not reflect what I usually build at all, as I rarely even shot my MOCs and haven't done it for years. And to answer your questions, I have trouble noticing what works well here because of how cluttered the build feels. Well, I feel the 2015 line was hardly the highest point in the LEGO Pirates history, but that's just my personal opinion.
  18. Classic_Spaceman

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Really? I can easily see a small ATV, an off-road truck, a small helicopter, a medical truck, a supply plane, and a mobile research base - Just based on LEGO’s past exploration subthemes. Additionally, since LEGO’s only prior Safari-based set is 6672 (released in 1990), it seems like an odd choice for a one-off GV.
  19. Ox1337

    [MOC] Harley-Davidson Fly Boy V

    Fantastic! I'd like to see gearing scheme in details, shown from different sides. And instrucitons, if possible:)
  20. Jeroen Ottens

    The blue brothers

    , and thanks man The movements are a replica of the real thing: - The decklid moves backwards, then upwards and tilts open - The roof comes up and folds open with the tailends sticking upwards - The decklid comes down again, slides forward and moves down a little to close flush with the surface - The tailends of the roof tilt down I think that in the real car three motors are used instead of two. The tailends of the roof are motorized separately I think. The decklid has some more complicated 4-link mechanism to achieve the movements than I use. But other than that it is pretty similar .
  21. AI can do wonder from a simple photo... I often use Plantnet app to identify plants I see during my walks, and I am always amazed by its performance! Now I guess this is less useful for an expert!
  22. MangaNOID

    The blue brothers

    that roof mechanism is VERY NICE! It would be nice to see a stripped down version of that in action i.e. no car around it ... Not that there is anything wrong with the car of course its lovely! But just that the roof action is sublime
  23. Classic_Spaceman

    LEGO Star Wars 2020 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Either the baby mould (with olive green hands) combined with a new moulded head (like this), or a single mould (like Baby Groot), would work. Both are possible, and getting this character is likely, if LEGO makes additional sets for The Mandalorian.
  24. My dudes we NEED to get (spoilers for Mandalorian) as a fig or whatever
  25. That guy is a champion for uploading a video on how to build it instead of making us buy instructions like some people
  26. You might give these guys a try. On my side of the pond we have a franchise called Bricks and Minifigs,and they buy all kinds of stuff. You might not get as much as Ebay or Bricklink, but it is easier. I think you could also find other independent Lego shops in the UK, but there are brick and mortar stores that will buy used sets.
  27. Honestly, this approach would probably end up with something breaking no matter what, given that you have XL motors and thin 20z bevel gears. It would be far better to extend the space between the motors and use full 20z gears. What is this going to be used for? I feel like you are going to break a lot of gears if this is some kind of drivetrain for a vehicle.
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