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  2. lifeinplastic

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    What a claim to fame! I once met two of the Gladiators at the opening of the St Nicholas Centre in Sutton... 😄 Very good! 😂 That's actually a very Jamie Berrard type of humour so it wouldn't surprise me. The cops and doughnut shop combo is also something they would do, although I suspect it the Wiki entry was a a fake. if we do get an optometrist, I hope it comes with a printed 2x3 Snellen Chart tile.
  3. Eight or nine months would be considered a rush job.
  4. This, this is what Lego needs to listen to. Last 2-3 years for the most part was garbage waves of Marvel! And we all know Lego can do a lot better, just look at themes that Lego really puts some effort: new molds, prints all around and nice builds.
  5. Mandalorian battlepack let's go!!! And Razor Crest too please
  6. @Didumos69 I am just about to get back on this. Would you agree with my plan above?
  7. tafkatb

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Because it's the modular for 2020? But again, I highly doubt the rumor. I do think an optometrist would be pretty great though, and would actually pair well with a book shop. So that's another thing for me to get my hopes up about...
  8. Bornin1980something

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    That kind of thing has happened in LCA! Actually, I quite like Duke's new car. It's a good likeness of a Ford Mustang, but on a small scale, which won't look too overscale next to four-wides. My other highlights include the new vintage motorcycle body, the helicopter cockpit canopy (IF it can be attached to my non-flying MOCs) and the introduction of two-in-one boxes - and also the small monster truck and big ice cream van (Lego knows where a kid's priorities would lie). Non of them, however, can compare to Creator's unbelievable, super cool, outrageous, and amazing Burger Monster Truck!
  9. Yeah it was a kind of revelation too for me when I found out that it could be done in the simplest way. So, can't wait to see your MOC when you finish it. @ian74, agree at all, it's a godlike C-model (bravo, M_longer, again and again)! Personally, I'd recommend you one more thread that is full of other tasty things
  10. I think you speak for many. Can’t wait to see in Lego form with or without tiny-you-know-who!
  11. What happened to Lego Marvel? Is TLG just doing the absolute bare minimum to squeeze money out of people? Because long time Lego and Marvel fan here and I want absolutely none of these poorly made sets. It's sad I could probably find better made knock off brand ones. Utter garbage.
  12. itsafactiact

    Decal Wish List

    Hi! I'm super new and was hoping someone could maybe help design the torso for Doc Brown and Clara from Back to the Future from this pic? I tried reaching out to the person who made the set but no luck. Thanks :)
  13. Nightfall

    [MOC] Service Station

    Nice MOD of the gas station. I did also a modification 3 years ago of this set. What "illegal" techniques did you use? I built also the double sign and the only thing I had to do was cutting a hose.
  14. jonwil

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    An optometrist in a Modular would be awesome to have.
  15. Joebot

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Agreed. The non fire/police stuff is pretty solid. The mail plane reminds me a lot of 6687 - Turbo Prop 1. Anybody feeling frustrated with City in 2020 should go check out the upcoming Marvel sets for 2020. Wow, what a total shitshow. Suddenly, City doesn't look so bad.
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  17. Alex B Sign

    [MOC] The Station of Memories

    Thank you @koalayummies ! You deserved another screenshot with a special standing ovation ;-) The Station of Memories - Lego Ideas Concept
  18. jonwil


    The same could be said for the Sesame Street set (the show is having its 50th anniversary this year)
  19. danth

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Forgot to reply but yes. Arcade cabinets! Plus that flying car with the BttF Delorean-style wheels and the Countach-esque front end and windscreen. Are any of the new transparent "wing" elements trans yellow? I'm guessing they're all trans neon.
  20. ShaydDeGrai

    Lego Architecture 2020

    Couldn't agree more on either count. _IF_ I got for either of these new sets (and that's questionable as I'm suffering from a bit of "Skyline Fatigue" at this point) Tokyo wins hands down. I appreciate the effort in Dubai set, but it just doesn't do it for me. The Tokyo set at least feels fresh, and seems to want to convey a sense of an ever-evolving culture with its mix of old and new architecture and Mt Fuji in the background. As for the Chrysler Building, I've wanted them to tackle that ever since the first ESB came out in the first wave, and the best we've seen so far is a tiny attempt nestled into a skyline set that was far too small to do justice to the building or the Art Deco movement that inspired it.
  21. This thread alone has made me seriously consider picking up this set. I wasn't even considering it! @M_longer's snowplow though has pushed this over the top!!!! Seriously nice work @Void_S!!!!
  22. Is there a plan to make the new sets appeal more to younger children? The 2020 City sets look very childish as well, almost like they're all Juniors/4+. I wonder what caused it, is it a decision made by the higher-ups because they wanna try something new and possibly noticed preteens might prefer video games to actual toys... or is it due to a new team of designers or something? I just hope that's not the start of a new trend and that other themes won't be affected by it. Of course we're obviously not the target demographic and are mostly just along for the ride but it would be a shame if your average LEGO set were to become more simplified.
  23. legozebra

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    No, it was just a leaked set name and item number, hence why I was speculating whether or not there would be more than one exclusive minifigure.
  24. Bugbot20082

    Updating Your Harry Potter Minifigures

    Thanks :) Yours are great too! Your Rita Skeeter especially makes me excited for an official one :D
  25. ShaydDeGrai

    Could ABS plastic leach into food?

    The short answer is 'Yes' For those interested in a more comprehensive/boring discussion: ABS is not a good choice for food contact items. Great for toys, safe to handle at comfortable ambient temperatures, even (reasonably) safe to suck on for brief periods of time, but not something you want having prolonged contact with your food. As has been pointed out, various chemicals can leech out into and/or react with the food as a result of prolonged surface contact. This is especially bad for fans of 3D printing because that process makes the surface prone to micro-particle deposition (which the food will then pick up) and also often adds lubricants and lead residue from the brass printing head to the mix. Injection molding is better in this regard but then you have to worry about possible release agents and other environmental contaminants and, while a glassed (i.e. the shiny smooth result of high temperature and pressure injection molding as opposed to the micro-pitting and layering you get from 3D printing) surface leeches less, it still leeches. You also probably wouldn't want to keep things made from ABS near open flames (like a gas range top) because burning ABS releases hydrogen cyanide which is both extremely poisonous and flammable. Now that said, I don't think these shakers actually are ABS, I had a set once and they didn't feel or sound quite the same as comparably sized Duplo bricks. I have a vague recollection from when I first got them that they claimed to be microwave and dishwasher safe, suggesting a different melting point than ABS as well (well, technically ABS is amorphous so it doesn't really have a discrete melting point, but let's not split that hair - suffice it to say that your ABS Lego can lose it clutch power just sitting in a hot car in summer and it can start to deform due to the force of gravity at lower temperatures than it takes to brew a decent cup of tea). In the US, a dead giveaway would be the Recycling Code. The US standard breaks things down into seven general families of plastics (identified by number) and then adds a letter code for a particular chemical (if known). In general, categories 1, 2, 4 and 5 consist exclusively of food safe plastics so the letter code is less important there. Other contries have different codes (I think China currently holds the record for the most comprehensive hallmarks) but most aren't organized in such a way that you can just say "oh it's a 2, this baby bottle is safe for my infant to drink from,' without knowing the first thing about chemistry. If it's ABS it should have a code that reads either '7', '7 ABS' or '7 OTHER' (code 7 is a mixed bag and a lot of the plastics in this category have issues with BPA leeching as well as other issues that would make them less suitable for food contact - but, to be fair, this is also where some of the most innovative new compounds (like bioplastics) are landing and some of those are quite safe for food contact). Codes '01 PET' '2 HDPE' '3 V' '4 LDPE' '5 PP' and '6 PS' are all considered food safe and are widely used for food and beverage containers here in the states.
  26. Bugbot20082

    LDD Concept: Complete Hogwarts Castle as official sets

    Now for my concepts for future sets! At the top of everyone’s list is the Astronomy Tower. This building was only added into the Hogwarts architecture in the HBP movie, replacing the holding tower from POA and a smaller simpler looking tower which was on the corner of the courtyard. It is the tallest tower of the castle and is definitely memorable enough to merit a set of it’s own. The ‘Story’ this set tells is from the HBP movie: Draco’s mission to let the Death Eaters into the castle, ending with the climax at the top of the tower. This dictated the choice of rooms inside: the top floor is the astronomy room itself, featuring the balcony and some astronomy apparatus etc, and the ground floor contains the ‘Room of Hidden things’ with the vanishing cabinet inside. The ground floor includes some sections of the courtyard either side of the tower as to provide stability to the model; they do not detach. This also enables all of this space to be one large open room filled with all the details/play features you can imagine to replay many of the scenes that happen here from all of the movies. The tower is tall enough to have another room in the middle, and I have chosen the Divination classroom as this felt appropriate. The set itself does not necessarily need Trelawney however as she was in HPCMF1. The tower could be made taller with another room inside the neck however I felt this would make it too big compared to the other buildings. Minifigures would include the important named characters from the Astronomy Tower scene, and a few extra students added depending on budget. For example I have included Blaise because his most memorable scene is in the Room of Hidden things (DHP2).
  27. Pdaitabird

    [SPOILER] The Mandalorian Discussion

    Great topic idea! And yes, I would recommend still using spoiler tags for those of us who browse the "all activity" page.
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