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  2. BacktoBricks

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    Thank you! I think it looks pretty good, especially how you've filled in the body. :) Great job!
  3. grego18f

    [WIP] 1:22 Volvo FH16 750

    RC version is not planned because I don't own RC components anymore... But it shouldn't be a problem. Just swap the fake engine with the servomotor and add the drive motors in the side skirts as this has been done on previous Mods on the 42078.
  4. Terry Akuna

    Goliath 2.0

    Details are fantastic .... awesome build.
  5. tismabrick

    [REVIEW] 75256 - Kylo Ren's Shuttle

    Voting system is broken.
  6. Mechbuilds

    [WIP] 1:22 Volvo FH16 750

    I hope you can make an RC version off of this.
  7. MAB

    new VIP system

    I guess they need the 10 point stuff to make it look like they have rewards to give away. If they remove those and the "SOLD OUT" stuff, there would hardly be anything left.
  8. Robocrookshanks

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    I must confess my sin
  9. TheLegoDr

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    I say whatever can give us more HP sets, I'm game. 2010 wave is what brought me back into LEGO. It has been my favorite theme since (granted the new sets BLOW the older out of the water, even with how much better 2010/11 sets were). But FB is just not good for movies. It doesn't have the same vibe as the earlier movies. But I'd love them to continue to keep new prints/builds up. Even if I don't love the movies, I'll always take more magical sets!
  10. TheLegoDr

    Creator Expert 10270 Modular

    I love the book store. The birch tree is a nice add, but I think it is too tall. Compare it to every other modular tree and it is ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, the older trees are terrible, but this really stands out. The townhouse is so tiny, not only in height, but also depth. I don't know what to make of it. I'm sure I'll have to modify it some if/when I buy this. I've been over the modular bug for a while. I still love building modular MOCs, just not the official sets. The colors are interesting, and while I don't mind them, I am torn on the azure windows with the teal building. I love the roof detail though.
  11. Dennis2nd

    Sand Green bricks for the Green Grocer?

    I rebricked the Green Grocer while using normal 1x2 bricks instead of the grooved ones. Still looks pretty good. If the grooved ones will be rereleased in the future I can still replace them. The 1x3 and 1x8 bricks I replaced by simply combining the easily available 1x1, 1x2, 1x6 and 1x4 in an appropriate way, what does not have an influence on the look. I am quite happy with the result.
  12. I never liked any of those brickbuilt hooks, they look unwieldy kludges to me. This one has to be the worst of the lot though.
  13. Which software are you using?
  14. TheLegoDr

    Sand Green bricks for the Green Grocer?

    I hope you didn't pay too much for that set, considering a lot of it was swapped out. So either the seller rebuilt it from bricklink and flipped it to you, or they kept the expensive parts to sell separately. As mentioned, just to make it official, you will be spending quite a fortune to finish it.
  15. LegoFjotten

    new VIP system

    ...some months later... A little disappointed there haven't been any new rewards with actual bricks or minifigures since the launch. What is up with that? Still think they should get rid of all the fluff, basically everything at 10 points should just be given away elsewhere instead of cluttering up the list.
  16. TheLegoDr

    [MOC] Modular Police Station

    Looks great. The colors work really well together. Is that sand blue? I think the flowers pop out front. I agree a sign to signify it is a Police HQ would be good, but I'm guessing people can figure it out based on the clientele/staff that comes and goes. Plus, you add in those lovely interior details. That is a lot of fun making interiors, but since I rarely look inside of it, I stopped doing them. Maybe on one of the next buildings I will add it in. Keep up the good work!
  17. TheLegoDr

    Telephone building Modular

    Thanks for the kind words. I have recently dropped this MOC off at the book store and it is on display there for her patrons to see. That should be fun. I do not have instructions. I build as I go without the use of any computers. I draw a few things out before hand, but nothing worth showing how it is built per se. I did have a lot of fun with this. I think the colors worked really well together. I recently built 2 other nougat colored buildings prior to this one, so I was running a bit low.
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  19. LegoFjotten

    Has LEGO ever listened to AFOLs? If so, when?

    In addition to what has already been mentioned, they also do workshops at some of the fan events. Last year I went to two workshops at the Skærbæk Fan Weekend, one was purely for feedback on various topics, the other was two parts where the second part was feedback & suggestions. This year they had sessions on Ideas & Lead User Lab (did not attend any of them), but feedback & suggestions were probably a big part of them. ...and last but not least, quite a few AFOLs are now LEGO designers and keep in touch with the community.
  20. AmperZand

    Lego vs Zuru

    @leafan, Thanks for the update 👍 Some of the posters to the thread about a year ago thought LEGO over-zealous in defending its IP. But IP rights need to be asserted or are lost, so LEGO has little choice but to come down hard on any possible infringers.
  21. LegoFjotten

    The Best and Worst of 2019

    Best theme: Harry Potter, but honorable mention to Hidden Side Best set: Stranger Things - The Upside Down is my overall fave set, but the Creator Expert Ford Mustang was a marvellous building experience I'd also like to give props to: 1989 Batmobile, T-Rex Rampage, Apocalypseburg & Ideas Tree House Most anticipated: Of the sets I know about I'm really looking forward to the Chinese New Year Temple Fair and Lion Dance.
  22. I was thinking without clutch capabilities...only to spin on axle but without possibility to be "locked" with driving ring Regards
  23. Mechbuilds

    Mechbuilds Projects

    Interesting.. What modification i'd do to the snow cargo vehicle would be a snow plow on the front. Main points are as high as ground clearance i can get and electronics as far top as i can make it while still being heavyish so it can move easily on snow. The snow plow needs to be easily removed so i can crawl with it on snow tracks i can make. I don't want snow touching my motors or electronics. Probably the best way to work it out is placing the motors upside down and having those 4 spoke gears to turn the torque 90 degrees for both axles. That way the motors could be even higher and safe from water. I'm already working on a front axle with portal axles. Just need to make it sturdier.
  24. Hey all, My current MOC, once complete, needs to be mirrored for a different version.The thought of doing it manually is... Well, it's not good. :-) Is there a "Mirror" option?? It could be for the whole MOC, or just a selection. As well with the mirror, there also need to be a colour change. All the red bricks need to be green, and the green bricks need to be red. Obviously I'll need to do an intermediate colour change, but... Is there an option to select all bricks of one colour and change them to another colour?? Again, whole MOC, or just those selected?? Thanks in advance, all. :-) This is what I am working on.
  25. Gongoro73

    MOC: Downtown

    Huge fan of your MOCs. You own a unique personal style, instantly recognizable. Congrats once again.
  26. If I remember correctly, there are 3 clips on the housing that snap into the gear. What I don't know is if the gear can easily be removed or not. I could be wrong, but from the brief bit that I had seen, it didn't appear that this gear had any clutch capabilities like the 20 and 16 tooth gears have. At least one side of it doesn't.
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