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  2. Gangikhan448

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Wait a minute.....there's gonna be 3 ninjago waves next year. January 10th Anniversary sets, March season 14 sets and then the Summer sets? is this true?
  3. Vindicare

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Not quite. The way it’s described, one building dominates most of the baseplate, like the Bank. The one you posted has a more even distribution.
  4. Perhaps Lego designed 2014 to be prequel heavy knowing that 2015-2020 would be focused on the sequels? 1. I still think R2 is a plate too high. 2. It is a new design. No. 69279. Appeared first in the NES and also Sesame Street. 4. It looks like the wings are attached with black technic pins. Probably an easy mod to swap them for 2L axles. The mechanism intrigues me the most out of this wave. It does look like a significant improvement.
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  6. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2021 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I'll agree with you on the missing BPs but other than that, this wave compared to 2020: 2020 (battlepacks excluded): 4 new molds, 3 new figures, 4 updated figures. 2021: 1 new mold (I'm pretty sure it is a new mold, the goggles on the minion are 4x4 and it's 3x3 on the x-wing), 2 new figures, 3 updated figures, without seeing the shuttle. So it will probably be less, unless there's a set the leakers don't know about or the shuttle has a few new molds and like, jerjerrod and a new ewok or something, but it's not exactly egregious. Yup. The most prequel heavy year, 2014, was long enough after the disney purchase that if they were ordering lego around (which they aren't/weren't) it would have been to create the sets that these people liked the best . And yeah, episodes 2 and three are mainly red/gray vs dark blue/gray. Not too different from mainly red/white vs grey/black of the OT, or blue/gray vs red/black of the sequels. 1. Because that's how it is in ANH, and he gets shot as a result. 2. If there's a 2x6 than yeah I think, though I thought it about the grey engine fronts as well. 3. looks like technic center-pivot with no rubber other words, very good. 4. I agree here. This was a calculated choice to make it the X-wing and TIE first, and then the shuttle was just due for a remake. I also agree that most of these ships just can't be made smaller, like the snowspeeder.
  7. Megbricks

    Lego Classic 2021

    It leaked... or was revealed over at the usual Place... à bit disappointing. Not that many transparent pieces. It is mixed with regular bricks. Then again this opens up the possibility of an eventual similar set with metallic bricks!
  8. Having R2 sit higher also makes it easier to remove him from the set, especially now that the sides of the droid socket are fully enclosed.
  9. In universe the droids do sit a bit higher than just the head exposed. (See below). He might be sitting a bit higher in the model but it's definitely a bit more accurate than just having the head exposed, which is what had been the case previously.
  10. dhc6twinotter

    [MOC] I4 engine with working crankshaft and valves

    Very nice! I like that you have the 1:2 reduction between the crank and cams, just like a real four-stroke engine. That is something that is often missed on engine mocs with working valves. Well done.
  11. karrit

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    When I first looked early this morning the Astronomy Tower was still in stock. By the time I was up and ready to order it was out of stock. Stopped at my local B&N this evening to ask if they knew if the GWP possibly might be available in store on Black Friday but they didn't know. Said they doubted it but it was possible. Said they won't know until that morning what the in store deals would be. They had at least a half dozen Astronomy Towers in the store as well as most everything else but no Hedwig.
  12. Ugly Step Sis Studios

    [MOC] Iron Man Inside Iron Man

    Wow man, this is amazing. I don't have many LEGOs, so I won't be able to make MOCs. But dang, this is so cool!
  13. Falconfan1414

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    There is no corrupt Nya
  14. AVCampos

    42124 Off-Road Buggy

    The 42065 has no gears whatsoever, yet I think it was fun to play with (and, to a limited extent, MOC with).
  15. Ugly Step Sis Studios

    Simplified Iron man Helmet..good or bad?

    I, for one, like the old helmet style that LEGO used in "Age Of Ultron," because of the fact that the helmet is actually movie-like. The new,...not so much. But I also think that the helmet is usefull for some things, like "Spiderm: Homecoming" vulture helmet. Oh, and also the MARK I and MARK II ironman helmets also fit with these designs. So does MARK LI, but not the other ones, especially not MARK LXXXV.
  16. Why is R2 sitting up perfectly as a target for Vader? Is the 2x6 tile a new piece? Most importantly, what is the wing folding mechanism? Enough about the X-wing. I don’t expect every other OT craft will be getting new smaller versions soon. As has been said, the Shuttle was due for a remake and the new version looks to scaled the same as the 2018 Sentinel. The Snowspeeder speeder is already small enough. Perhaps a TIE Interceptor? An A-wing with a shorter nose and longer engines would be enough.
  17. For long, I've wanted a small strong mini Lego Technic motor, smaller than an M-motor. As I recently learnt how to draw Lego parts and had the opportunity to use 3D printed nylon (using laser sintering) , I decided to try a small motor as well. As the PU motor stuff is getting big and heavy, this is my response: a small easy-mountable motor with a case of only 5 by 2 by 2 studs. 70% of the motors in Lego Technic models don't have to be large. Only the mount of this tiny motor is 2x3 studs. The mount is tailor made for Technic applications: if you build often with M-motors you will know that an M-motor always must be connected to a 1L beam to ensure that the gears won't slip and to mount the M motor securely. The mount design of this new motor eliminates the need for the beam, so that's one stud saved already. Because the motor is only 2 studs wide, 3 mini motors can be in the space of 2 M-motors. Also, 3 mini motors take up the space of one XL motor.. The exterior design is derived from a PF M-motor, because I like the design and want to keep using the PF looks. This is still a work in progress as I need to mount a 9V connector and insert the inner electric motor(already in stock here). I also need to do some more painting and sanding. Nonetheless, the printed parts are quite accurate. I will give an update soon when the motor is working. The motor gets internal electrics that work up to 12V so also third party remote control bricks will be allowed to use their boost modes. My big hope is that TLG understands that we need small motors and remotes, not big ones. The length of 5 studs makes this motor very easy to put in all kinds of leftover spaces. Thanks for reading. I'm open to design improvements!
  18. Boettner Builds

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    But the roof comment doesn’t make sense. The linked MOC Modular has the same roof as the Palace Cinema...
  19. msk6003

    42124 Off-Road Buggy

    But this set has only 7 gears,(5 12t bevel in differential, differential, 36t). at least 42109 has 12t(which can mesh with 36t) and 7L rack gear. So I think this set is very limited to make alternative model.
  20. Thedarkmaster2

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Ok so I decided to look at the leaked images and woza I have a lot to say so I guess I'll go set by set. Starting with the little packs which for the first time are actually stuff I wanna get as normally I skip the small "spinner esche" sets, 71730 Epic Battle Set Kai vs Skulkin. Ok i like the parts in this set, all the trans orange is gonna please moccists.The Skulkin is awesome I really like the redesigns they get. heck they've even improved upon the original legacy wave as they have more detail in the face with the grey lines.even if the box art is a little decietful with the grey armor. did anyone else notice that? Fire shrine pretty good, has a recolored leaf piece 71732 Epic Battle Set Jay vs Serpentine. Ok so I'm happy they they're bringing back a non-Venemari tribe of the serpentine as the green guys were always my least favorite. (Oh they spit stuff so scary) but did they have to try to standardize the Mezmo design. Like compared to the original it just looks so off. The unprinted cobra hood is the most problematic thing. it looks like a prototype like it needs more printing. Even the legacy Lasha had the printing. Also I never realized how bad sand blue looks on minifigures when it's unprinted. I actually like the face print it's not as derpy as Lasha no nostrals. Torso print is fine a bit odd that they're suddenly so muscular kinda off. Jay is perfect though and the parts are sweet. The cobra shrine is just fantastic 71731 Epic Battle Set Zane vs Nindroid Honestly the worst of them, the nindroid is nothing special dodesn't even get the hoodwrap. Zane also just a bit too busy in design. The small side builds are not even that memerable compared to the other small ones 71733 Epic Battle Set Cole vs. Ghost. IS THAT TRANS BROWN NEW COLOR ALERT!. The ghost is all spoopy and skeleton esche, though his choice of weaponry is a bit odd. Also is that a teal colored hotdog? Kinda odd. Cole is good, even if the orange bandanna is a bit much. The small build on the side is perfectly fine. 71737 Ninjago X1 Ninja Charger I really want this set, but I also want the Kai fighter, both have good amounts of Nindroids. not feeling the golden Cole,
  21. Aanchir

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I definitely love when sets in other themes feel especially livable — with places to sleep, eat, wash up, etc. But outside of themes like Friends and Creator 3-in-1 which tend to excel at that, it's usually impressive in its own right for a set to meet even just a few of those requirements, even if it falls short of meeting others. And frankly, even the most well-furnished Modular Buildings rarely manage to cover ALL those bases. The residences upstairs from the Fire Brigade, Pet Shop, and Parisian Restaurant all lack any sort of bathroom, whereas Pet Shop's neighboring townhouse includes ONLY a bathroom and living room, without anything resembling a bedroom or kitchen. Perhaps the designers see that as sort of an incentive to expand the sets with additional floors. But frankly, it seems just as likely that they've chosen to prioritize focused on making sure each building has enough unique and appealing features to set it apart from the rest than on ensuring they all fulfill the same minimum requirements. After all, if every set had to include a bathroom, a bedroom, and a kitchen, then not only would those features start to feel less new and exciting when they DO show up, but they'd take up space and pieces that could otherwise go towards more unique or surprising contents.
  22. Do1633

    DC Super Heroes Wishlists

    Atomic Skull fought the Flash on multiple occasions in the 1970s, and was not just a Superman villain. I didn't even know he was in the TV show. The comic industry itself credits Flash as having the 3rd most important, after Batman and Spider-Man. And it is not me saying Maxwell Lord is not a villain, it is the people who made the important decisions about him. The guy who made him a Wonder Woman villain said he would have never made him a villian if he knew it would turn out like this, and I quite literally talked to J.M. DeMatteis, one of his cocreators, about this, and he said that Maxwell Lord was never intended to be a villain, and isn't, in his eyes. I couldn't care less about this. It is not about how many enemies Flash has, it is about the quality, which is great. Boomerang has taken on more of an anti-hero role, Reverse-Flash is seen as one of the greatest arch enemies of all time, Heatwave had a really great reformation arc in the 70s, Captain Cold has an interesting moral code, etcetera. Flash's rogues gallery inspired half of the other ones, including Spider-Man's, and the creators of his rogues gallery has a prominent place in creating other ones, Batman included. Gardner Fox did a heck of a lot for the Batman mythos too. You did a quick search. I am quite literally dedicating my life to the industry, with becoming an archivist for that very reason. Also, Flash himself does not have a lot of vehicles, but his rogues do, and LEGO has started to make more buildings as of late. I agree that we need more characters in general though. I just was saying Flash is a prime example. Even though he has the 2nd most, he still only has like 4. I also mean no disrespect to you, I just get personally offended when someone discounts my boy Barry cause the show is complete trash.
  23. Vindicare

    What did you buy today?

    60233 Donut Shop Opening- grabbed it at 40%, which was pretty nice as there was no way I was buying this for $90. There’s only a few parts I plan on using(still haven’t bothered building the crane in Capital City) in my town.
  24. Markebear

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The description of the new modular does sound a lot like this... So not quite sure we have the mole we need. Especially if you look at the link to interiors, sculpture, tailor, wine maker and artist!
  25. Thedarkmaster2

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Wait have images been released? That is great! Is there a link The Overlord is a must buy as i've always liked him. The Corrupted Nya is nice I just think there needed to at least be a third minifigure. Could have been maybe a stone warrior? One's on the boxart anyway There actually was a cancelled set, and doesn't the fleshyness make it more memorable with how alien and elderich it is
  26. Thedarkmaster2

    Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitsu TV Show Thread

    Thanks I am a writer after all. I humbly apologize if the both of us have wronged this thread I'm not normally active here as much decided to try to come back. Speaking of you think they'll ever bring back the overlord I always thought he was the villian with the most wasted potential.
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